Upcoming Serials 2023 | New hindi serials 2023 list, Current, New, Latest (Upcoming TV Serials in India 2023)

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Upcoming TV Serials in India 2023: Friends, today we will all know about the New Hindi Serial 2023 list, if you like watching serials or like watching movies, then we are bringing you the list of very best upcoming serials 2023 for you, along with this you can also watch videos. You will get it from which you can guess what type of serial it is.

Upcoming Serials 2023

TV Serials in India 2023

Indian TV serials list is being presented in front of you, while you must be watching some serial in this list, if you like watching serials, this serial is a very good TV show and we have released the list of TV serials 2023, of which You can watch from your youtube or tv or gb prime it airtel tv or disney hotstar or vote or sony app.

Top Movie List 2023

Baatein Kuch Ankahee Si

The story of Baatein Kuch Unkahi Si is something like this, the story of a woman has been displayed on this, whose life is spent in commuting to Mumbai local everyday for her family and to nurture her family in India and the female characters of this story The 35th birthday comes in which she is seen cut but even after she is 35 years old she is single because she has not married yet and you can see the further story

  • Cast: Mohit Malik, Sayali Salunkhe, Vishal Nayak, Garvita Sadhwani
  • Release Date: 21-08-2023

Neerja Ek Nayi Pehchaan

Neeraj Ek Nayi Pehchan This is a drama serial but its story very much impresses people because in this story Neeraj salt mother daughter couple Pratima and Neeraj’s life is told Pratima is Neeraj’s mother but Pratima is a sex worker And she wants to send away from here for the future of her child and Pratima also sends Neeraj away but he is not from now and you can watch this story on Colors and if you want to watch online then many online There is a platform from which you can watch whether it is Sony Liv or Disney Hotstar or Amazon Prime.

  • Cast: Myra Vaikul, Sneha Wagh, Kamya Punjabi, Ayub Khan
  • Release Date: 10-07-2023
  • Air Time: Monday – Sunday 8:30 PM IST


Friends, Barsate is a story and we can call it one hundred. If you want to watch the story then you can watch it on Sony Live app or you can watch it from Disney Hotstar or Amazon Prime online platform.

  • Cast: Shivangi Joshi, Kushal Tandon, Anjali Tatrari
  • Release Date: 10-07-2023
  • Air Time: Monday – Friday 8:00 PM

Pyaar Ka Pehla Adhyaya Shiv Shakti

Now in this story the first chapter of love shiv shakti amidst the commotion manorama urges shakti to speed up her preparation and shakti takes a literary decision she leaves her home on the way to shiv’s house you can see below You can watch the video and if you want to watch the full serial sitting at home online, then you can watch Bijli Hotstar or Amazon Prime or Sony Liv at home.

  • Cast: Arjun Bijlani, Nikki Sharma, Nimisha Vakharia, Parineeta Borthakur
  • Release Date: 03-07-2023
  • Air Time: Daily at 7:30 PM

Shiv Shakti

Now you must have seen the serial named Shiv Shakti, because Shiv Shakti has started recently, here this story starts with Shiv Shakti and the glory of Shiva is so immense and mother Sati cremated herself at her father’s house. Shiva gets very angry due to which he does tandav but all the gods and goddesses try to persuade Lord Shiva and you can see the further story through this video.

  • Cast: Ram Yashvardhan, Subha Rajput
  • Release Date: 19-06-2023
  • Air Time: Every MON-FRI at 8:00 PM


Vanshj serials are very much liked by the people because the story of Vanshj is something like this, a special relationship of a childhood sweetheart happens at home, but there are many seriousness in it because a woman who is not even a part of the family. And she fights for her rights, you can understand the story of Vanshj through this video and if you want to watch online, you can watch it on Sony Liv or Disney Hotstar.

  • Cast: Mahir Pandhi, Anjali Tatrari, Puneet Issar, Gireesh Sahdev
  • Release Date: 12-06-2023
  • Air Time: Every Monday to Friday


Titli ki Kahani is also liked by many people and many people are eager to see it, if you want to watch online, you can watch it on Disney Hot Store or Amazon Prime or you can watch it on Sony Liv channel and we have given the video clip below. so you can understand this story

  • Cast: Neha Solanki, Avinash Mishra, Vatsal Sheth, Priyanshu Parashar
  • Release Date: 06-06-2023
  • Air Time: Monday To Friday at 11:00 PM

Do Dil Mil Rahe Hain

It has become the most running show, now two hearts are being found, this serial has been sitting on the hearts of people since its inception, this story is very exciting, if you want to watch it online, Disney Hotstar, Amazon Prime or You can watch on sony live channel

  • Cast: Sean Banerjee, Swarnava Sanyal, Srijla Guha, Preksha Saha
  • Release Date: 10-05-2023
  • Air Time: Monday to Sunday at 2 pm
  • Director: Lakhan Ghosh, Soumen Halder


If we talk about Suhagan serial, then this is the serial where all the families of the family live, the young sister, her aunt and her husband and all the families live in the family. This story is also an interesting story, if you want to watch, you can also watch online. Can watch from Disney Hotstar Amazon Prime or Netflix etc.

  • Cast: Aakriti Sharma, Kurangi Nagraj
  • Release Date: 02-05-2023
  • Air Time: Every Monday to Sunday at 6:30 PM

Hum Rahe Na Rahe Hum

If you hear the name of this serial, it will be strange because on this serial we are not there, we can guess from the name itself that what kind of story can be, do you know what kind of story can be? Can you tell by reading this name, if yes, then you can comment and tell us and if you want to watch this serial, then you can watch it on Sony Liv or online platform Disney Hotstar or Amazon Prime or watch on netflix etc.

  • Cast: Tina Datta, Jay Bhanushali, Kitu Gidwani, Chestha Bhagat
  • Release Date: 10-04-2023
  • Air Time: Monday – Saturday at 9:00 PM

Sapno Ki Chhalaang

I say that if you watch the serial, then you must watch this serial because the name of this serial is awesome, Sapno Ki Chhalaang, if you also want to make your dreams run, then definitely watch the serial and want to watch online. If yes then you can watch Bijli on hotstar or sony liv channel

  • Cast: Megha Ray, Kashish Duggal Paul, Simran Tomar, Fahmaan Khan
  • Release Date: 10-04-2023
  • Air Time: Every Monday – Friday 9:30 PM


Shalini Bhanot and Isha Singh have played their main characters in the uncontrollable serial and you will be able to watch this serial on Colors TV, if you want to watch online, then you can easily watch it from Reasoning Hotstar, Amazon Prime or Netflix.

  • Cast: Shalin Bhanot, Eisha Singh, Mona Lisa, Chetan Hansraj
  • Release Date: 18-03-2023
  • Air Time: Saturday and Sunday 9:00 PM

Baalveer 3

Baalveer apne naam sune hoga this serial because this serial is running from a long time ago recently Baalveer 3 is about to come Baalveer 3 is made after high demand of people and people like it very much India’s most favorite There is a serial in serial.

  • Cast: Dev Joshi, Aditi Sanwal, Adaa Khan, Behzaad Khan
  • Release Date: 18-03-2023
  • Air Time: Every Monday to Saturday at 8:00 PM
  • Director: Tushar J Bhatia, Sanjay Satavase


If you want to watch Chashni serial, then Amandeep Sindhu will be seen playing his character on this serial and this is a serial very much liked by the people, people are liking it very much, we hope you will like it too, but we There are only losses to the users, we are telling only for information, if you want to watch online, then you can watch it easily from Bijli Hotstar or Amazon Prime or Netflix.

  • Cast: Amandeep Sidhu, Srishti Singh, Sai Ketan Rao, Aryan Arora
  • Release Date: 09-03-2023
  • Air Time: 11:00 PM

Dhruv Tara – Samay Sadi Se Pare

We think that 2023 is going to be the best web serial because people are very fond of this serial and after its trailer came out, a different enthusiasm has arisen among the people. If you want to watch then you can watch online and watch the video by clicking below.

  • Cast: Ishaan Dhawan, Riya Sharma, Narayani Shastri, Yash Tonk
  • Release Date: 27-02-2023
  • Air Time: Every Monday to Saturday at 8:00 PM
  • Director: Vaibhav Vanshraj Singh

Molkki Rishton Ki Agnipariksha

Mulki Rishton Ki Agni Pariksha you can watch to know all information about this serial time duration star cast story real name click on the video given below to get all the information

  • Cast: Vidhi Yadav, Ashish Kapoor, Shahab Khan, Neha Chandra
  • Release Date: 13-02-2023
  • Air Time: Every Monday – Friday 10:00 PM
  • Director: Muzammil Desai

Friends, we hope that you have got all the information related to the serial and you have also understood the list, so if you have received the serial information till here and you have liked it, then you can share it with other friends or other people. Can help. Have a nice day. We’ll see you with another new post. Till then, thank you.


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