Anubandham Portal 2023: New Registration, Login & Apply Job

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Anubandham Gujarat Portal is an employment exchange that connects you jobseeker to an employer by providing training and skills. It is the No.1 employment exchange for giving jobs to youth in Gujarat.

Here we will cover what is Anubandham Portal, Registration, Login, Vacancies Notification, and Applying for vacancy jobs.

Before you jump on the portal guide you should know some overviews, definitions, and stats.

Anubandham Gujarat Rojgar Portal 2023

anubandham gujarat portal

“Anubandhan Gujarat” is an employment exchange or in simple words Rozgar Portal that provides training, skills, and placement support to the youth of the state who is looking for an employment opportunity.

When you (jobseeker) looking for an employment opportunity Anubandham Gujarat plays an important role. It enables you to log in and get training, skills, and placement support and services.

Anubandhan Gujarat Rozgar Portal works under DET that has two functions:

  • DET provides you (jobseeker) the Vocational Training and Employment Services through Industry Training Institute. Vocational Training is the training of certain skills that you need to do a particular job.
  • DET also registers job seekers for work and provides placement services to them through Employment Exchanges, which also keep track of prospective employers.
The Directorate of Employment and Training (DET) is part of the Gujarat government Department of Labour and Skill Development & Employment Department.

Type Of Organization For Job Opportunity

This is the list of organizations where you (job seeker) can get job opportunities. This organization has come together with employers to make possible the objectives of the Anubandham Gujarat Initiative.

  • Private
  • Central Government
  • State Government
  • Central PSU
  • State PSU
  • Local Bodies
  • Autonomous
  • Company
  • NGO
  • Partnership
  • Proprietorship
  • Autonomous/Others

Understand Anubandham Gujarat Rozgar Portal 2023

The Anubandham Rozgar Portal is an online platform that implements the objective of the initiative. It is a one-stop place for both employers and job seekers.

The portal allows industry employers to register them for hiring campaigns and job seekers to get employment opportunities.

Employer- provides the job and Job Seeker asks for job work opportunities.

The Anubandhan Portal functions and features have been divided between Job seekers and Employers. Both get different features when they register to the portal as Jobseeker or Employer.

Here is the table of features of the portal for job seekers and employers:

Job Seeker [who needs a job]Employer [who provides a job]
Access the PortalAccess the Portal
Log into the PortalLog into the Portal
View/Edit Jobseeker ProfilePost a New Job
Search JobsSearch Job Seeker
Jobs AppliedJobs Responses
My InterviewMy Schedule
Job PreferencesJob Preferences
Change PasswordChange Password
Job Fair participationView, register, and participate in the Job fair

How Can I Access the Anubandhan portal?

The official website of the Anubandham Portal is The Portal allows access to both job seekers and employers for various functions.

When you will visit the portal through the official website you can see the homepage where you can find all the information regarding it.

“हर हाथ को काम, हर खेत को पानी” Anubandham is platform to bring together Job Seeker and Job Provider at one place.

Shri Bhupendrabhai Patel
Hon’ble Chief Minister

The Portal works better on computers. Use a computer or laptop to access the Anubandham Portal.

Anubandham Portal New Registration 2023

Anubandham Register

The registration process for the portal is different for both job seekers and employers. You can only act on the portal after registration. Therefore Anubandham Portal Registration is necessary.

Here we will see the registration process for both Job Seeker and Employer. You can also download the PDF of the user manual on the website in the Information Wizard option.

Anubandham Registration For Job Seeker 2023

If you are a job seeker and want to get a job opportunity on Anubandhan then you must have to register and then log in with the portal. here is the step-by-step process for registration.

Step1: Register Yourself As a Job Seeker

anubandham register yourself
  • Firstly go to the official website of the Anubandham Portal.
  • On the home page in the top-right header section click on Register.
  • Now an account/signup page will open.
  • On this page do must select Jobseeker. Enter your email or mobile number.
  • Click on Next. You will get an OTP, enter it, and click again next.
  • Now you will jump on Application Forms.

Step2:Common Application Form

Anubandham common application form
  • After registering yourself you will get a dashboard.
  • Here in this common application form tab, you have to fill in the information
    • Person Details
      • First Name
      • Middle Name
      • Last Name
    • Basic Details
      • Address
      • State
      • District
      • CityPincode
  • Now fill out this form and click on Next.
  • After this, you will jump to the final registration details tab.

Final Step: Make a Password and Sign Up

Anubandham Registration Password Problem
  • In the final step, you have to fill in the Registration Details.
  • Here you have to provide again two different field;
    • UniqueID Details
    • Login Details
      • Mobile Number
      • Create a password
      • Confirm password
  • Finally, click on Sign Up. You are registered Successfully.
Anubandham Registration Password Problem:

If you do not follow the rule of making the password then only you can create a valid password for Anubandham Registration.

The set of rule for a password are;
1) The must contain minimum 8 character e.g. amanguptaboat
2) Only one CAPITAL letter e.g. Amanguptaboat
3) At least small character
4) At least a numeric character e.g. Amanguptaboat123
5) At least a symobilc character e.g. [email protected]

Anubandham Registration For Job Provider (Employer)

If you are an employer and want to start a hiring campaign on Anubandham then you must have to register on it.

Only after registration, you can take certain actions such as vacancy notification, employer search, schedule interviews, etc.

anubandham employer registration
  • As above the process of Jobseeker self-registration, you have to go to the official website of the Anubandhan Portal.
  • On the homepage above you can see the Register button. Click on it.
  • The register yourself form will open.
  • Select Employer. Enter your Email or Mobile number.
  • Now click on Next. You will jump to the Common Application Form.
  • The preceding process is the same as a job seeker registration.
  • You can go with the above-mentioned steps. Easy.

You Should Know About Anubandham Job Seeker ID 2023

anubandham acknowledgement letter example

Anubandham Gujarat Job Seeker ID is a unique id for the person who is looking for job opportunities on Portal. The Job Seeker ID contains 10 character id that begins with the capital letter J and then the number e.g J610162028.

When you register on the portal as Job Seeker then you must have a Job Seeker ID then only you can apply for vacancies that are offered by the Industry employer on Anubandham Portal.

Here is a step-by-step process of how you can get your Job Seeker ID.

How To Download Anubandham Job Seeker ID?

To get a Job Seeker ID you must have to register and log in to the Portal. If you have jumped to this part directly you can check the registration process above.

Here are the steps to get your Job Seeker ID.

Login and Edit Profile(Anubandham Profile Edit)

anubandham login
  • On the homepage of the Portal, click on Login.
  • A login page will open.
  • Here enter your Email ID and already created password.
  • Now click on Login. You are login.
  • You will get Dashboard. Click on Edit Profile.
  • Now you will jump on Edit Profile.
  • It is divided into 6 different parts:
    • Personal Information
    • Communication Details
    • Education & Training Details
    • Employment Details
    • Physical Attributes Details
    • Final Submission

First Part: Personal Information

anubandham personal information
  • On the My Profile tab, you have to fill in the Personal Information.
  • The Personal Information contains the following fields that you have to fill in.
    • Full Name- First, Middle, and Last Name
    • Upload your passport-size image.
    • Gender, Date Of Birth
    • Minority Details
    • Email ID, Mobile Number (auto Filled)
    • Unique ID type and Id number (Aadhaar Card)
    • Upload Aadhaar Card
    • Employment Status
    • Language Proficiency
  • Filling out Personal Details click on next. After successfully submitting you will jump to the second part Communication Details.

Second Part: Communication Details

anubandham communication details
  • In the above picture, you can see Communication Details.
  • It contains just simple your Address;
    • State, District, taluka
    • City/Village, Pincode
  • Click on Next. You will jump to the third part of the steps.

Third Part: Education & Training

anubandham user education details
  • In the third part of the My Profile, you have to fill in the following details.
    • Master, Specialization
    • Board/University, Institution name
    • Entry and Passing Year
    • Medium of education
    • Grades, Other qualifications
    • Certification
  • After filling in all these fields, click on Save and then Next.
  • Now you will jump to the fourth part of the steps.

Fourth Part: Employment Details

anubandham user employment details

In the employment details, you have to mention your early employment status means that where you have already.

  • In the employment details, you have to provide the following information.
    • Sector, Function Type, Employer Name
    • Your Job Opportunity, Designation, Nature of Job, etc
    • Responsibility, Reason for leaving the job
    • And Further Information
  • To complete this click on Next.
  • You will go further step.

Fifth Part: Physical Attributes Details

anubandham jobseekr physical attribution
  • In this part of my profile, you have to fill in the Physical Attribution details such as:
    • Weight, Height
    • Disability- type, partial, or percent
    • proof of certificate if disable
  • After this, you will jump to the Final part of

Final Part: Get Your Job Seeker ID

job seeker id
  • In the final step, you have to submit your Job Preference. The Job Preference contains the following fields:
    • Select Looking for a job? or another option
    • Desired Job
    • You can select availability days
    • Prefered Key Skills
    • Expected Salary
    • Education Qualification etc…
  • Now finally you have to right-tick the T&C and then click on Submit.
  • As you submit you will get your job with a pop-up tab.

Apply For A New Job On Anubandham Portal 2023

You can see the below data of Anubandham Job Seeker and Employer to get a fact you should apply for Anubandham Job.

Registered Job Seeker407666
Registered Employer43667
Job Posted302677

Here is the way of applying for a job on the Anubandham Portal If you have already registered on the portal.

Applying for a job on Anubandham Portal completely depends on User Wizard. User Wizard is a set of the following function:

anubandham user dashboard
  • Main Dashboard
  • My Profile
  • Employer
  • Search Job
  • Job Applied
  • My Interview
  • Job Fair
  • Service Request
  • Download

Step1: Register, Login, Generate Job Seeker ID, and Search Employer

  • Firstly you have to register, login, and generate a job seeker id to enter the User wizard. You can go with the above-mentioned guide for it.
  • Once you log in and generate a job seeker id. You can enter your Anubandham Dashboard. Search Employer.
anubandham choose employer
  • On the User Dashlet, you can see the Employer option, click on it.
  • A side will open with a Filter and a list of employers with organization/company names.
  • Clicking View Profile you can know the details of your employer such as type, address, and more.
  • Once you selected your preferred employer you can apply for a job.

Step 2: Search Job

anubadham search job
  • After selecting an employer and becoming able to apply for the job you have to choose your job.
  • On the user dashlet, you have to click on Search Job.
  • A tab with a job list will open.
  • Select your job by searching and filtering according to the sector, functioning type, etc.

Final Step: Apply For a Job

anubandham job application id
  • When you select your Job. You can see View Information and Apply for a Job.
  • Click on Apply for Job. Now it will show you the detail of the job and then ask for the final submission.
  • Click on Final Apply or Submit.
  • Finally, after a moment your application will be successfully submitted.
  • Now you will get the Job Application ID of 3 characters. It is necessary for an Interview.


What Is Anubandham Gujarat?

Anubandhan Gujarat is an Employment Exchange. It connects job seekers to job employers. You have to visit the online portal and register yourself on it so that you can provide a status to the job employer. In simple it is the same as LinkedIn but by the Govt.

Who can apply for Anubandham Gujarat?

The following are applicable under the Anubandhan Gujarat:
> Job Seeker
>Job Provider

Here are job seekers of any category: class 10, 10+2, graduate, post-graduate of any branch and stream can apply to respected employers using the Anubandhan Portal

What is Employment Exchange Gujarat?

Employment Exchange Gujarat is a portal that connects both Job seekers and Job Employers in a single place. For this time Anubnadhan Gujarat is the Number 1 employment exchange in Gujarat.

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