PM Kisan 14th Installment 2023 Date: Check Rs 2000 This Day

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PM Kisan 14th Installment List 2023 (Released) | Beneficiary Status @ The Ministry of Agriculture and Family Welfare will release the 14th installment of PM Kisan Samman Nidhi Yojana on 17th May 2023.

Here is a detail about PM Kisan’s Next Installment Release Date of 2023. But why is it so important to know the next installment? To know please read the introduction:

Pradhan Mantri Kisan Samman Nidhi Yojana is one of the important schemes of the government of India for farmers because it provides Rs 6000 every year.

And you should also know that the government provides this installment every year to 12 crores of small and marginal farmers.

Furthermore, you may wonder why these categories of farmers are beneficiaries under PM Kisan. The answer is the below image: 👇

PM Kisan Next Installments 2023

The government has provided PM Kisan's 13th Installment amount to beneficiaries' bank accounts by DBT on 27th February 2023. The government has benefited more than 8 crore farmers in this scheme.

The Installment Of Prime Minister Kisan Samman Nidhi Yojana is benefiting 12 crores of farmers every year.

Then you must know how they collect different data and publicize it on the portal.👇

InstallmentPhaseRelease Date (Month)Status
11thFirstApril, May, June, and JulyCompleted
12thSecondDuring Diwali 2022Completed
13thThird27th February 2023Completed

PM Kisan Portal Data Collecting Process

  • The state and district administration first approve Login Credentials.
  • List of farmers available on PM Kisan Portal. Find Via Block/Tehsil/Taluk level.
  • Farmers will also be able to use the search function.
  • Farmers can be traced on PM Kisan Portal through their name, Aadhar number, or mobile number.
  • The officials electronically sign the verified list at the district level or the block/tehsil/taluka level.
  • If the details of any farmer will not be found in the list then we will also create a new facility to add their details.
  • Chief State Officer eligible farmers will submit the list to DC and MW through PM Kisan Portal through the District Electronic Signature Portal.

PM Kisan Next 14th Installment Release Date 2023

As you can see above all previous installments listed, the government provides the amount every year on time and then release all information on the official portal for the public.

PM Kisan Yojana’s 13th installment was provided during this period. In this 13th Instalment, Rs 2000 was provided in the bank of 8 crore farmers.

You can see the above image that describes the installment of PM Kisan as per phase.

InstallmentPhaseRelease Date (Month)Status
14thFirstApril, May, June, and JulyComing Soon
15thSecondAugust, September, October, and NovemberComing Soon
16thThirdDecember, January, February, and MarchComing Soon

As of the previous installment record, the government will provide PM Kisan 14th Installment on 17th May 2023.

You can get the beneficiary amount of Rs 2000 of the 14th Installment between April 2023 and July 2023. And you can check the official announcement on

Though the government does not release the date officially, you must check your PM Kisan Payment Status on every phase.

PM Kisan Upcoming 14th, 15th & 16th Installments Phases

The amount of PM Kisan Samman Nidhi Yojana installment is Rs.2,000. Under the scheme, a total amount of Rs 6000 is provided in a year to the farmers in three phases after every four months.

This amount helps the farmers to purchase inputs. With this, they make their life simple and smooth, and they can increase their farming.

This total amount is distributed as follows:

Next InstallmentsInstalment PhasePeriod Of 4 MonthsAmount
14thPhase 1April-JulyRs 2000
15thPhase 2August-NovemberRs 2000
16thPhase 3December-MarchRs 2000
Total 3 PhaseComplete A YearTotal Rs 6000

All Previous PM Kisan’s Installments [1st to 13th]

Here below you can see brief information on PM Kisan’s Previous Instalments. The Government launched the scheme in 2019 and provided a total of 11 installments in 3 years.

We have created an installment list from 2019-2022 below. We have collected all data from the official PM Kisan Portal

#1 PM Kisan Installments2019

PM Kisan was implemented on 24 February 2019 and Prime Minister Narendra Modi provided the very first installment.

A total of 3.17 crore farmers got benefits in the first installment. From this December to March, a total of Rs 632.23 crore DBT was done in the first installment.

#2 PM Kisan Installments 2019-20

The second installment of PM Kisan was released at the end of April. The amount of this was given to the farmers in PM Kisan 2020 Phase 1: April-July.

A total of 6,63,50,022 registered beneficiaries were provided Rs 2000 in PM KISAN’s 2nd Installment.

In this installment, a total of Rs 13.27 thousand crores was given to the beneficiary farmers as income support.

PM Kisan Installment 2019-20PhaseTotal beneficiaries

#3 PM Kisan Installments 2020-21

PM Kisan Instalment 2021PhaseBeneficiaries
6th Second10,23,45,432

#4 PM Kisan Kist 2021-22

PM Kisan Instalment 2022PhaseBeneficiaries

#5 PM Kisan Installments 2022-23

PM Kisan Yojana’s 12th installment was provided during this period. In this 12th Instalment, Rs 2000 was provided in the bank of 8 crore farmers.

The government provided the 13th Installment to about 8 crores of farmers on 27 Feb 2023

PM Kisan Installment 2023Beneficiaries

You Can Lose The PM Kisan Next 14th Installment. Why?

Yes. You can lose your PM Kisan Next Payment. Here is a government official circular about it. You must have to follow it. Check.

The government has announced-“Every PM-Kisan Beneficiary must complete their KYC on time before starting of phase”.

We have already created a decent post about PM Kisan’s eKYC 2023. Do check it.

FAQ PMKY Next Installment

How many amounts will I get in PM Kisan installments?

You will get Rs 2000 in every phase of PM Kisan. There are 3 phases of equal four months for a year. Combining all stages you will get Rs 6000 every year.

When will PM Kisan close?

PM Kisan yojana is launched for Karj Mafi. According to information, the scheme will benefit the farmers till 2023.

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