Kumari Srimathi Review

Kumari Srimathi Review and Story

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Kumari Srimathi is a web series that premiered on Amazon Prime Video on September 28, 2023. This series falls under the genre of family drama and revolves around the challenges faced by a woman. Through its narrative, the show indirectly conveys a powerful message of women empowerment, shedding light on the struggles and triumphs of the female protagonist.

The series consists of a total of 7 episodes. Among these, 5 episodes are approximately 40 minutes in duration, while the remaining 2 episodes are around 45 minutes long. Each episode likely delves into various aspects of the woman’s life, her struggles, relationships, and personal growth, contributing to the overarching theme of empowerment.

By depicting the journey and resilience of the main character, “Kumari Srimathi” aims to inspire and empower its viewers, promoting a message of strength and determination, especially among women. The series provides a platform to showcase the challenges faced by women and emphasizes their ability to overcome obstacles, fostering a sense of empowerment and self-belief among the audience.

Kumari Srimathi Story and Plot

This story revolves around Kumari Srimathi, an unmarried woman living with her mother and grandmother in a Sriram house that they rent. Srimathi works as a chef in a hotel, earning a low salary to sustain her household. The conflict arises when her uncle, Keshava Rao, files a case to claim the ancestral property in the village, intending to sell it for profit.

In Srimathi’s childhood, her grandfather had advised her never to sell the land. Both Srimathi and Keshava are now engaged in a legal battle over the property. Keshava presents a deed in court, stating that his father transferred the property to him. The court gives Srimathi a six-month opportunity to purchase the property.

During this time, Srimathi faces the challenge of raising a significant amount of money to buy the property. She also dreams of starting her own business eventually. The central questions of the story revolve around whether she can save enough money from her job, and if she will successfully buy her ancestral property within the given time frame.

The narrative creates suspense and intrigue, prompting the audience to wonder if Srimathi will overcome these challenges and preserve her family’s heritage. The resolution to these questions can only be discovered by watching the show, adding a layer of anticipation and excitement for the viewers.

Kumari Srimathi Review

NameKumari Srimathi
StarringNithya Menen
Release Date28 September 2023
Webseries NameKumari Srimathi
DirectorGomtesh Upadhye
ProducerPriyanka Dutt
Swapna Dutt
Camera SetupMulti Camera
WriterUday Aghamarshan
Jayanth Tadinada
Kaushik Subrahmanya
Srinivas Avasarala
Original LanguageTelugu
Running Time40 to 45 min
Original NetworkAmazon Prime
No. of Episodes7
No. of Season1
EditorSrujana Adusumilli
Story byBalabadhrapathruni
Production Co.Early Monsoon Tales
CreatorSrinivas Avasarala
Screenplay bySrinivas Avasarala
CinematographyMohana Krishna
Vijay BhaskarBhajagovindam
NareshVisweshwar Rao
Prem SagarKeshav Rao
Mahesh AchantaChanti
Nirupam Paritala Sriram
Gavireddy SrinivasDorababu
Usha SreeHema
Venu PolasaniPeddayya
Lakshmi VennelaValli
Madhavi LathaSwarnamma
Murali MohanPrabhakar Rao
Nithya MenenKumari Srimathi
Parneeta PatnaikKalyani
Akshay LagusaniSantosh
NaniHimself (cameo)
Sathya ReddySubba Rao
Jabardast DorababuBank Manager
Muhurtalu Pettukondi39 minGomtesh Upadhye
Saarochhaaru39 minGomtesh Upadhye
Kshemamgaa Thaagandi44 minGomtesh Upadhye
Taagipoduru Gaaka39 minGomtesh Upadhye
Laabhamgaa Thaagandi40 minGomtesh Upadhye
Rajnikanth. Abdul Kalam.
Itikelapudi Srimathi
36 minGomtesh Upadhye
Willa? Illa? Milla?45 minGomtesh Upadhye

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