EPM JK Portal 2023: epm.jk.gov.in Login & Sandes App Download

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EPM Jammu and Kashmir (JK) Portal: Today’s article is about the JK EMP Portal 2023. It’s a new website by the Jammu and Kashmir government. This site, epm.jk.gov.in, helps check how well government employees in the state are doing their jobs. All government workers must have to update their information on this site by the 7th of each month, or by August 7, 2022.

About EPM JK Portal 2023

The Jammu and Kashmir government made a new website called the Employee Performance Monitoring (EMP) Portal

This site, epm.jk.gov.in, helps the government keep track of how well its workers are doing their jobs. Employees need to submit their info by the 7th of each month. The government will review the portal by 15 March 2022.

Only Jammu and Kashmir government workers can use this portal. They can sign up on the website. It helps bosses monitor employee performance and manage human resources better.

To use the portal, workers need to create an account and then log in with their given credentials. Also, they should get the SANDES Mobile app from the Google Play store to stay updated. 

The portal lets workers check their report status and supervisors can keep an eye on them. This makes employees work harder when they know bosses are watching online.

JK EPM Portal Details in Highlights

Name of PortalEPM Portal 
Launch Year2023
Launched ByChief Secretary of Jammu & Kashmir
ObjectiveKeep track of Govt workers
StateJammu & Kashmir
BeneficiaryGovernment Employees of J&K state only
Application ModeOnline Only
Official Websitewww.epm.jk.gov.in

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JK EPM Portal Objectives

  • Efficient Performance Tracking:
    • Create a streamlined system to monitor the monthly work performance of Jammu & Kashmir government employees and officers.
  • Structured Appraisal Process:
    • Enable Reporting/Controlling Officers to assess and evaluate their subordinates’ performance systematically.
  • User-Friendly Registration:
    •  Allow employees to register using CPIS ID and password, simplifying account creation.
  • Reporting Officer Mapping:
    • Establish clear reporting relationships by linking employees with their respective Reporting Officers.
  • Monthly Performance Reports:
    • Provide employees a platform to submit Monthly Performance Reports via the “Submit Activities” section.
  • Visible Submitted Reports:
    • Enable employees to review their submitted reports under “View Activities -> View Report.”
  • Reporting Officer Dashboard:
    • Allow Reporting Officers to review subordinates’ reports through the “Review Subordinates” section.
  • Colour-coded Status:
    • Use colours (red, green, blue) to indicate report submission and review status.
  • Grading Reports:
    • Allow Reporting Officers to view grades and feedback for subordinates through “Review Submitted Reports -> View Grading Reports.”
  • Performance Evaluation:
    • Facilitate structured assessment and feedback to recognize strengths and areas needing improvement.
  • Print Hard Copies:
    • Provide an option to print hard copies of submitted reports for documentation.
  • Secure Data Hosting:
    • Host the portal at the NIC Mini Data Centre in Jammu to ensure data security and reliability.

JK EPM Portal Benefits

Using the EPM Portal offers these advantages:

  • Employee Monitoring: Efficiently track government employees’ work status.
  • Grievance Management: Resolve employee complaints and maintain a harmonious work environment.
  • Online Convenience: Easy access and management due to the online platform.
  • Performance Evaluation: Allows supervisors to evaluate government employees’ performance.

JK EPM Portal Eligibility

To use the portal:

  • Users must be associated with Jammu and Kashmir.
  • Users must work for the government.

JK EPM Portal Documents

Before registering, gather these documents:

  • CPISID: The unique identification CPISID is necessary.
  • Active Mobile Number: An operational mobile number is required.

JK EPM Portal Registration Process

Register as follows:

  • Visit epm.jk.gov.in.
  • Click “Registration/Login.”
  • Select “New User.”
  • Enter CPISID, and click “Get Details.”
  • Complete the sign-up and choose “Send.”
  • Your login details will be sent via SMS.

JK EPM Portal Login

To log in:

  • Go to epm.jk.gov.in Login Link.
  • Click “Login.”
  • Enter username, password, and verification code.
  • Click “Sign in.”

Download the EPM JK Portal Login Sandes App

For Downloading Sandes App:

  • Find “Sandes App” on Google Play.
  • Tap “Install.”
  • Launch and choose the phone number login.
  • Enter OTP.
  • Provide details like name, gender, and photo.
  • Sync contact list for app functionality.

FAQs EPM JK Portal 2023

What is the EPM JK Portal 2023? 

The EPM J&K Portal 2023 is a website created by the Jammu and Kashmir government to monitor the work performance of its employees. It can be accessed at epm.jk.gov.in.

What is the purpose of the EPM J&K Portal?

The EPM J&K Portal aims to help the government keep track of the performance of its employees. It allows employees to submit their information and performance reports on a monthly basis.

Who can use the EPM J&K Portal?

Only government employees of Jammu and Kashmir can use the EPM J&K Portal to update their information and submit performance reports.

How often do government employees need to update their information on the portal?

Government employees need to update their information and submit performance reports by the 7th of each month.

What is the deadline for updating information on the EPM J&K Portal? 

The deadline for government employees to update their information on the EPM J&K Portal is by the 7th of each month, or by August 7, 2022.

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