Anupama Written Updates 20th January 2024 What Will Today

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The TV show Anupama airs on Star Plus and Star Plus HD at 10 PM from Monday to Saturday. Repeat telecasts are at 9 AM and 11:30 AM. The show is also available on Disney+ Hotstar.

Anupama is a drama series that follows the life of a housewife who dedicates her life to her family. She is a devoted wife, mother, and daughter-in-law, but her efforts are often taken for granted.

In the below, we have provided Anupama Written Updates on 5th September 2023 Episode 1034. The following is only for Gossip purposes. We are giving today night’s Anupama episode spoiler to carve the eagerness to watch it completely.

Anupama Written Episode Update 5th September 2023

Episode: S1 Ep 1035 (5th September 2023)

Today’s Characters:

  • Anupama
  • Romil
  • Pakhi
  • Adhik
  • Barkha
  • Toshu
  • Kinjal
  • Vanraj
  • Dimpy
  • Baa
  • Babu ji
  • Anuj

Anupama 5th September Episode Situation:

In today episode, Anupama unravels the truth behind the false accusations against Romil and confronts Adhik and Pakhi about their devious actions.

Anupama Today 5th September Episode Situation:

  • Everyone leaves the hall. Adhik warns Romil about potential future consequences, leaving Romil hurt and insulted. Pakhi exits the scene.
  • Romil, sitting alone on the sofa, recalls Ankush’s advice to accept and apologize if he’s made a mistake. Anupama approaches him and shows her support, believing in his innocence.
  • Anupama mentions her motherly intuition and her ability to discern the truth. She shares anecdotes of raising her children and Romil’s trust deepens.
  • Anupama recalls Adhik’s attempts to prevent involving the police for the sake of family prestige.
  • Anupama confronts Adhik in the kitchen about his actions. Adhik tries to deflect blame, but Anupama questions his knowledge of the house’s emptiness when he takes the money.
  • Anupama distinguishes between cleverness and pretense, asserting that she sees through their actions.
  • Pakhi interrupts, accusing Anupama of interfering in her married life. Anupama warns Pakhi about her actions and their consequences.
  • Adhik calls Anupama, expressing fear of Pakhi’s anger. Anupama asserts her determination to protect Romil and expose Adhik’s deceptions.
  • Baa discusses Raksha Bandhan’s preparations, considering inviting Pakhi. Vanraj questions Baa’s stance on Adhik’s behaviour, prompting Kinjal to suggest tying rakhi to Adhik.
  • Anupama confides in Anuj, revealing Adhik’s manipulation and false accusations against Romil.
  • Adhik and Barkha discuss their plans to control Pakhi and take over the Kapadia empire.
  • Anuj is shocked by the revelation and recognizes the need for proof to expose Adhik.
  • Adhik remains determined to oust Romil and Pakhi from their lives as a gift to Barkha.

Anupama 5th September Written Update Summary:

In this episode of Anupama, Romil is falsely accused of theft, leading to confrontations and revelations about Adhik’s manipulative actions. Anupama stands strong in her quest for justice, determined to protect her family from Adhik’s deceitful schemes. Raksha Bandhan preparations are also underway, with tensions rising in the household due to Adhik’s actions.

Anupama Written Updates Today 5th September In Hindi

  • Sab hall chhod dete hain. Adhik Romil ko aane wale samay ke sanketon ke baare mein deta hai, jisse Romil ko chot pahunchti hai aur insult hoti hai. Pakhi scene se bahar nikalti hai.
  • Romil, sofa par akela baith kar, Ankush ke salahane ko yaad karta hai ki agar usne galati ki hai toh usse manna chahiye aur maafi mangni chahiye. Anupama uske paas aati hai aur uske samarthan mein hai, uske maasoomiyat par bharosa karti hai.
  • Anupama apni maa ke anubhav aur sachai pe vishwas ke baare mein batati hai. Uske bachchon ko badhane aur Romil ke vishwas ko gehra karti hai.
  • Anupama Adhik ke parivaar ki prestig ke liye police ko na bulane ki koshish karne ka smaran karti hai.
  • Anupama rasoi mein Adhik ko uske karyavaahi ke baare mein saawdhan karne ke liye samjhati hai. Adhik jimmedari se bachne ki koshish karta hai, lekin Anupama uske dhan ka pata lagane ke baare mein sawaal karta hai jab usne paise liye the.
  • Anupama chaturai aur nakli hone ke beech ka farak batati hai, apne karmon ke mukhya roop se gujar deti hai ki woh sab dekhti hai.
  • Pakhi beech mein aakar Anupama ko apne shaadi shuda jeevan mein dakhal dene ke aarop mein lagati hai. Anupama usse uske karmon aur unke parinaamon ke baare mein chetavani deti hai.
  • Adhik Anupama ko bulata hai, Pakhi ki gusse se darrta hua. Anupama Romil ko bachane aur Adhik ki dhokadhadiyon ko prakat karne ki uski drirh nishtha dikhata hai.
  • Baa Raksha Bandhan ki taiyaariyon ki baat karti hai, Pakhi ko bulaane ka vichar karti hai. Vanraj Adhik ke vyavhaar par Baa ka sthan ka vichedan karta hai, jisse Kinjal Adhik ko rakhi bandhne ka sujhav deta hai.
  • Anupama Anuj se gupt roop se batein karti hai, Adhik ki manipulativ karmon aur Romil ke khilaaf jhoothi ilzaamon ke bare mein batati hai.
  • Adhik aur Barkha apne yojanaon ko Pakhi ko kabu mein karne aur Kapadia samrat par kabza karne ke liye vyavastha banate hain.
  • Anuj is samvedansheel ho jata hai aur Adhik ko prakat karne ke liye saboot ki avashyakta ko pehchaanta hai.
  • Adhik Romil aur Pakhi ko unki zindagi se nikalne ka faisla karne mein drirh hai, yeh Barkha ko uphaar ke roop mein diya jayega

Anupama Written Episode Update 4th September 2023

Episode: S1 Ep 1034 (4th September 2023)

Today Characters:

  • Anupama
  • Vanraj
  • Kavya
  • Babu Ji
  • Baa
  • Kinjal
  • Romil
  • Adhik
  • Pakhi
  • Ankush
  • Barkha
  • Anuj

Anupama 4th September Episode Situation:

The episode starts with a tense atmosphere in the Shah family after the revelation of the missing money. Romil, newly married to Pakhi, has been accused of stealing the money, and tensions are running high as family members search for the missing cash.

Anupama 4th September Written Updates In Detail:

  • Vanraj confesses to Kavya that he loves her deeply but needs some time to process everything that has happened. Kavya understands his predicament and apologizes for giving her hope. They discuss whether she should leave, but Vanraj doesn’t want to be alone in the current stressful environment.
  • Meanwhile, Romil faces accusations from family members, particularly Adhik, who expresses doubt about Romil’s innocence. Anupama intervenes and suggests searching the rooms to clear any allegations. Romil agrees to the search.
  • Kavya contemplates calling Anupama but worries about troubling her further. She approaches Babu Ji, who is angry with her for her actions. Babu Ji advises Kavya that they should not discuss the matter and offers her a place to stay in the house.
  • Baa, still upset with Kavya’s actions, berates her and asks her to stay away from her sight to avoid raising her blood pressure. Kavya pleads for forgiveness, but Baa questions whether Kavya considered the family when committing the wrongdoing.
  • Kinjal tries to console Kavya but firmly tells her that she is responsible for her current situation. She advises Kavya to apologize without expecting forgiveness and accept the consequences of her actions.
  • Family members continue their search for the missing money. Ankush questions Barkha’s involvement in the situation, and she denies any knowledge of the money’s whereabouts. Ankush defends himself against accusations of spending the money, stating that Anuj provides him with a sufficient salary.
  • Kinjal advises Kavya not to cry and reminds her that she brought this situation upon herself. She suggests hoping for forgiveness rather than demanding it.
  • Adhik insists on searching Romil’s room, and Romil reluctantly agrees. Pakhi gets involved in the search and finds the missing briefcase containing the money in Romil’s room.
  • Romil vehemently denies stealing the money and accuses Adhik and Pakhi of conspiring against him. He claims that Adhik and Pakhi have been trying to frame him for some time.
  • Tensions escalate as Romil refuses to apologize and insists that Adhik is responsible for the missing money. Ankush loses his temper and slaps Romil, expressing disappointment in his actions.
  • Anuj steps in and threatens to involve the police if the matter isn’t resolved peacefully. Barkha convinces Anuj to let the issue go to maintain the family’s reputation, and Anupama suggests calling the police to clear the matter if they cannot resolve it internally.
  • Adhik, understanding the implications for the family, agrees to drop the matter, and Barkha emphasizes the importance of not tarnishing the family’s name further.
  • Anuj warns that their actions have tested his patience, and he cautions against any further disruptions within the family.

Anupama 4th September Written Update Summary:

In this episode of “Anupama,” tensions run high as Romil faces accusations of stealing the missing money. Family members engage in a heated search, and Romil vehemently denies the allegations. The episode ends with Anuj warning against further disruptions and emphasizing the importance of preserving the family’s reputation.

Anupama 4th September 2023 Written Updates In Hindi

Vanraj ne Kavya se apne gehre pyaar ka izhar kiya lekin use sab kuch samajhne mein thoda sa waqt chahiye jo ho gaya hai. Kavya samajhti hai uski sthiti ko aur khud ko umeed dene ke liye maafi maangti hai. Un dono charcha karte hain ki kya woh chale jaayein, lekin Vanraj abhi iss stressful mahaul mein akela nahi rehna chahta.

Is beech, Romil par parivaar ke sadasyon, khaaskar Adhik, ke ilzaam hain, jo Romil ke beghairat hone par sandeh vyakt karte hain. Anupama hastakshep karti hai aur kuch ilzaam dur karne ke liye kamron mein talash karne ki salah deti hai. Romil talash mein sehmat ho jata hai.

Kavya Anupama ko bulane ka vichar karti hai lekin usse pareshani dene ka dar hai. Woh Babu Ji ke paas jaati hai, jo usse uske karamon ke liye gussa hai. Babu Ji Kavya ko salah dete hain ki woh is mamle ko na chedkar aur usko ghar mein rukhne ki jagah dete hain.

Baa, ab bhi Kavya ke karamon se dukhi hai, aur usse apne nazro se door rehne ke liye kehti hai takleef na pahunchane ke liye. Kavya maafi ki bheekh maangti hai, lekin Baa yeh saval karte hain ki Kavya ne apne karamon ke samay parivar ko socha tha ya nahi.

Kinjal Kavya ko samjhane ki koshish karti hai lekin usse sakhti se kehti hai ki woh apni sthiti ka jimmedar hai. Woh Kavya ko salah deti hai ki maafi ki ummeed ke bina maafi maange aur apne karamon ke natije ko svikar kare.

Parivaar ke sadasye gayab paise ki talash mein jari rahate hain. Ankush Barkha ke shamil hone par sawaal uthata hai, aur woh paise ki sthiti se anjaan hone ka inkar karti hai. Ankush khud ko paise kharch karne ke ilzaam se bachata hai, keh kar ki Anuj use kafi saalana vetan deta hai.

Kinjal Kavya ko ro rahi hai aur usse yaad dilati hai ki usne apne aap ko is sthiti mein daala hai. Woh salah deti hai ki maafi ki ummeed rakhein aur use maangne ki jagah uske natijon ko svikar karein.

Adhik Romil ke kamre ki talash par insist karte hain, aur Romil maan jata hai, chahe bina dilchaspi ke. Pakhi talash mein shamil hoti hai aur kamre mein gayab paise ki bhari kees ko paati hai.

Romil zor se inkaar karta hai ki usne paise churae hain aur Adhik aur Pakhi ko apne khilaf sazish karne ka ilzaam lagata hai. Uska kehna hai ki Adhik aur Pakhi ne use kuch samay se blame karne ki koshish ki hai.

Gussa badhta hai jab Romil maafi maangne se inkar karta hai aur kehta hai ki Adhik paise ki gayab hone ke jimmedar hain. Ankush apne gusse mein aakar Romil ko thappad marta hai aur uske karamon par nirash hone ka izhar karta hai.

Anuj hastakshep karta hai aur dhamki deta hai ki mamla shaant nahi hua toh woh police ko shamil kar dega. Barkha Anuj ko parivaar ki izzat banaye rakhne ke liye mamle ko chhodne ki salah deti hai, aur Anupama kehta hai ki agar woh ise antarik roop se suljhane mein asamarth hain toh police ko bulane ki salah deti hai.

Adhik, parivaar ke liye iska mahatva samajhte hain, aur wah is mamle ko band karne ke liye sehmat ho jate hain, aur Barkha parivaar ki izzat ko aur kharaab na karne ki ahmiyat par zor deti hai.

Anuj tanik shantipurna hal nahi hone par unka sabr par imtihan liya gaya hai, aur woh parivaar ke bheetar aur adhik uljhan na aane ki chetavani dete hain.

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