Digital 7/12 Mahabhumi 2023: Digitally Signed Satbara [Download]

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Maharashtra is a vast state with a large population in the country. The Government of Maharashtra has started the Digital 7/12 Online Mahabhumi Portal for the residents to get information related to land online. Through this, the citizens of the state can view their land records online.

Through this Online Mahabhulekh Portal, you can get the details of your Land Records (RoR), Digital Signed and Unsigned 7/12 extract, and Naksha.

Here is today’s post, we have provided all the important information regarding it so do read it till the end to avoid mistakes.

You can also read about it in Hindi: Mahabhulekh Portal Hindi

ऑनलाइन सातबारा बघणे Digital 7/12 Satbara

Through Digital 7/12 (OR Utara/Satbara 7/12 OR RoR) issued by the Government of Maharashtra, you can get various information related to a particular land of Maharashtra.

And now Digital 7/12 Online (after digitalization) is an important document when you plan land to buy OR sell. Before digitization, people were using it as Satbara on 7/12.

Gujarat state also uses Satbara 7/12 online word for the land record. You can check Gujarat AnyRoR 7/12 online portal.

Digital 7/12 consists of two separate forms (in a single paper): Form 7 and Form 12 which provide various information about your land parcel. 👇

digital 7/12 form

Form-7 tells about the legal account (Lekha-Jokha) of the land parcel. While Form-12 provides information regarding the type of land: whether it is for cultivation or industrial or commercial or residential.

Form 7Form 12
It consists of records of details of the land owner and his/her rights.It consists of the type OR the nature of the land.
You get information such as Payment of tax, disputes, old owners, loans on land, etc. in this Form 7You can get information such as the land is used in agricultural aspects.
You can also get all information about the past /previous owners of the land who had bought or sold the land.If the land owner rents it to another farmer for cultivation then you can get the information about grown crops also.
Digital 7/12 Online Form Information

So you can see the importance of Utara 7/12. But the question is how you can get it online, OKAY?

And here below section, we have provided the information on how you can get your Digital 7/12 Online on the portal.

Two Types Of Digital 7/12 Extract

There are two types of Utara 7/12 extract on the Mahabhoomi Portal that you can get by applying easily.

  1. Digital Signed 7/12 extract
  2. Digital Unsigned 7/12 extract

Digital 7/12 Mahabhulekh Mahabhumi

The Mahabhulekh Website is maintained by the Government of Maharashtra, in which a computerized sample of the land records of the state can be easily viewed.

Mahabhumi Portal contains “Maha-Bhu-Abhilekh” words in which Maha means Maharashtra, Bhu means Lands and Lekh means Records.

In this way, all the records related to the land of Maharashtra will be available on this website.

This scheme is being operated by the Government of Maharashtra by making six metropolitan centers in which these districts are included:

  • Pune
  • Aurangabad
  • Konkan
  • Nasik
  • Nagpur
  • Amaravati

The land records of their sub-district and village will also be available on this website.

Check Pune Land Records Online

How To Download Digital 7/12 Online Satbara On Mahabhumi

If you are using the Mahabhumi Portal for the first time and you want to download your “Digital Satbara 7/12″ then you have to follow these steps very first:

  • Register yourself on Mahabhumi Portal
  • Login and Recharge (Rs 15-1000)
  • Apply For Satbara 7/12 (Pay Amount)
  • Download digital 7/12

Step1: New Register On

If you want to download the Digital Satbara 7/12 Extract online then you have to register on digitalsatbara. mahabhumi.

Here are steps on how you can register for Digital Satbara:

digital satbara mahabhumi online new registration
  • When you will click on the above link you will jump to the registration page.
new user registration
  • Here on this page, you have to fill in the different information such as:
    • Personal Information
      • Full Name (first, middle, and last)
      • Gender
      • Nationality
      • Mobile Number
    • Address Information
      • Flat No, Floor Number, Building Name
      • Pincode
      • Street Road
      • Location
      • City Area
      • District
      • State
    • Login Information
      • Email ID
  • After filling out all the information correctly click on Check Availability.
  • When you will click on the form will extend.
  • Now, you have to create a Password. For further security Select Secrete Question and its Answer. ( It helps to get back the password when you forgot)
  • Finally, enter Captcha Code and then Submit.

Step2: Login To

If you want to register to make sure you have registered. Because when you register on it you use the email User ID and Password (what you have made).

Here are the steps to log in:

  • Firstly go to the official website of Digital Satbara.
  • On the homepage, you can see the Login Section.
  • There are two methods to log in:
    • Regular Login
    • OTP-Based Login (Easy. Recommended & Safe)
login to digital satbara mahabhumi
  • If you choose the Regular Login Method then follow this:
    • Enter your email id and password
    • Enter the captcha and click on Login
  • If you are choosing another OTP-based method then follow this
    • Just enter your Registered Mobile Number
    • Click on Send OTP
    • Enter received OTP.
    • Click on Verify OTP
  • Once you are login you can download satbara on 7/12.

Step3: Apply For Digital Signed 7/12 Satbara Online And Download It

Once you are registered and login you can easily download your Digital 7/12 online after paying the amount:

  • Firstly go to Digital Satbara’s official website and log in with your User ID and Password OR you can log in with your Registered Mobile Number.
  • Once you successfully log in, you will jump on your Personal Dashboard.
digital signed 7/122
  • Here in this dashboard, you can see the Digital Signed 7/12 form.
  • Filling out all asked information by selecting each such as
    • District Name
    • Taluka
    • Village
  • Must enter Survey or Gat Number
  • Now click on Send OTP. (This option is viewable only if you have “Recharge”)
  • You will receive an OTP.
  • Enter it and click on Verify OTP.
  • Now the amount will automatically be debited from your Mahabhumi Balance. And you can see the Download button.
  • You will receive a Digital 7/12 PDF. Download it by clicking on the print option.

Digital Satbara Related FAQs

What is Digital Satbara?

The Digital Satbara is an online form of Physical Satbara (RoR) that provides information related to your lands.

How To Recharge in Digital Signed 7/12 Satbara?

If you want to register to Digital Satbara, follow the following steps:
> Firstly, go to the official website
> Register on it by filling in information such as Personal Information, address, and Login Information (mobile number and email id)
>Again login and enter your Dashboard.
>On the dashboard you can see the “Recharge” option.
>Click on it. Now you will see a Payment option: Online Banking/Debit Card.
> Choose anyone and add an amount from Rs 15-1000 according to charges.
> Finally payment.

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