National Cyber Crime Portal 2023: How To Report Online In India

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National Cyber Crime Portal: You didn’t know that Aadhaar Database was breached in numerous attacks in 2018. In this, India had to compromise with 1.1 billion data. Criminals were selling data. Thus the government invested in Technology to secure Indian Data.

There are many Cyber Criminal in India. You would have seen the Jamtara Case, how village boys-girls can even fraud with the simple using calling.

So, when you will come under fraud with technology then it will even be hard to understand how I am frauded.

Once you are frauded under cyber, you cannot take instant action to prevent it. But you can stop it in the future. You can provide information about cyber criminals to the government so that they can find them and arrest them.

Here is a complete guide on How you can file a complaint on National Cyber Crime Portal easily step-by-step online.

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What Is National Cyber Crime Portal

The Nationa Cyber Crime Portal is a complaint portal against cyber crimes, including online fraud, hacking, phishing, and identity theft.

The Ministry Of Home Affairs launched the cybercrime portal on 30th August 2019. The government launched it to secure the data of citizens.

There were different reasons to launch it such as online financial fraud, social media-related crimes, cyberbullying, and hacking on the rise.

But there were also big incidents for instance Nation Payment Corporation of India (NPCI) breach (2016) and the WannaCry Ransomware Attack on telecom and banks (2017).

And this also concerned government to have strong Data Security Technology. Thus the government launched many programs, centers, and complaint portals.

Objective Of the National Cyber Crime Portal

The main objective of the National Cyber Crime Portal (NCCP) is to provide a platform where citizens can complain about cybercrime fraud, online financial fraud, social media-related crimes, cyberbullying, and hacking. So that government can take strong actions to stop them and make a secure data environment for citizens.

The portal accepts CPRGR, Cyber Crime, and Financial Cyber Fraud. You can file cyber crime on the official website OR helpline number 1930 (24×7)

Key Highlights Of Cyber Crime Portal

PortalNational Cyber Crime Portal
Launch Date30th August 2019
Launched ByMinistry of Home Affairs (MHA)
Objectiveaction against cybercrime comlaint
Complaint ModeOnline/Helpline Number
Help line Number1930 

How TO Complaint Cyber Crime In India

You can complain online about cyber-crime and online fraud in India using the government reporting portal

You can complain against CPRGR, Cyber Crime, and Financial Cyber Fraud. Here is a basic overview of the steps to file a complaint:

Steps for reporting financial cyber frauds:

  • Banks and payment intermediaries, as well as victims of financial cyber fraud, can report instances by dialing 155260 or visiting
  • Aside from the transaction ID, account/wallet/merchant ID, and screenshots, you must provide specific information.
  • Victims who report an incident are given a login ID and an acknowledgment number. Registration must be finished within 24 hours.
  • In order to stop the money used in the scam, the police will confirm the incident and inform the bank or payment intermediary.
  • The taking of legal action will assist victims in recovering their money and identifying fraudsters.

Steps for reporting Cybercrime

  • Go to
  • On the homepage, click on File a Complaint.
  • Accept T&C
  • Complete registration and then log in.
  • The complaint Reporting Screen will appear
    • Section A Incident Details
    • Section-B SuspectsDetails
    • Section-C Complainant Details
    • Section-D Preview & Submit
  • Confirm and Submit

How To Report Cyber Crime On National Cyber Crime Portal Online

If you want to complain or file cyber crime in India then you can use the portal. Here are complete steps on how to do so:

Step1: Visit and find Report Other Cyber Crime.

  • Click on it.
  • You will jump to a new page.
  • Here you have to click on “file a complaint”.
  • After this, you have to “Accept” the term and conditions.

Step2: Register for Cyber Crime Portal

  • Now you will jump on Login but you have to click on “Click here for new user”.
  • After this, you have to provide the following information:
    • Select State
    • Login ID (Preferably your Email id.)
    • Mobile No.
  • Once you enter your mobile number, click on Get OTP.
  • Verify OTP.
  • Enter the Captcha code and then Submit.
  • You will be successfully login into the portal.

Step3: Provide complain report details

  • On this page, you have to provide different information regarding your complaint.
    • Incident Details
    • Suspect Details
    • Complainant Details
  • As you will go in each step you have to provide additional information.

Step4: Finally, preview and submit

  • In the final step, you have to submit the form.
  • Preview the form and confirm.
  • Submit.
  • You will also receive a message and e-mail on the registered mobile number and e-mail ID once the complaint is successfully submitted on the portal.
  • Make sure you download the Complaint Acknowledgment Letter.
  • Also, you can check the status.

Check Your Cyber Crime Portal Complaint Status

  • Firstly, you have to go to the official website again.
  • On the homepage, click on Track Your Complaint.
  • A new page will open.
  • Enter the Acknowledgement Number.
  • Click on Get OTP.
  • Verify OTP.
  • Finally, click on Submit.

How To Protect Your Self From Cyber Fraud

You do not control on Cyber Crime and criminal. But you have control over how to safeguard from them. Here are essential and effective way to protect yourself:

Up To Date Your Software: Yes. You have to update your software periodically. Old software are easy to hack because they understand how do they work. Also make sure you are updating it with official.

Use strong password: You should not use easy password such as your name, easy regual numbers, age, DOB. Instead you should use Salt Sprinke method for it for example. This type of passwords are very difficult.

Enable two-factor authentication: Enanle your Social Media and Gmail as two factor authentication. In this you have to verify that the user was you while loging.

Do not use public WiFi: Yes. Be aware of Public WiFi near you. It may open to just hack your account details.

Avoid visiting miscellaneous website: In the search of pirated softwares, movies and games, you may lost your Data.

FAQs National Cyber Crime Portal

Will I have to FIR after Cyber Crime Portal?

No. You just have to submit complaint on portal.

What is the fee for complaining cyber crime?

There is no any cost or fee for complaining in cyber crime portal.

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