UDISE Plus 2022-23 PDF Data entry and Report (Download DCF)

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UDISE is the most extensive Management Information System (MIS) for school education. The ministry of education started UDISE Plus for elementary schools and SEMIS for secondary schools in India.

The UDISE+ collects data from different schools across India and helps measure the education parameters from classes 1 to 12.

Here is today’s post, we will walk you through the basic information about UDISE Plus, how this MIS works, how to do data entry on it etc.

Please, stay here till the end so that you do not stick in Data Entry Module:

What Is UDISE Plus 2023

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UDISE’s full form is the Unified District Information System for Education. This is a Management Information System(MIS) for school education.

This was developed by the ministry of education of India in 2012-13. Now the system has been upgraded to UDISE+.

This is the largest database of about 15 lakh schools in India.

The UDISE PLUS collects different information regarding a school from class 1 to 12 and provides them with educational categories and types.

This portal helps the government to measure the education parameter of districts, states and nations so that the govt can bring schemes and opportunities for a better education system.

Here in the below section, we will get the information regarding it such as Benefits, School uses and outcomes of the UDISE.

Launched ByThe Ministry Of Education
Launched Date2012-13
BenefitsHelps in Education Parameter
Official Websiteudiseplus.gov.in

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The Objectives of Udise Plus

The main objective of UDISE Plus is to collect data from different schools in India and measure the parameters of education so that the government can improve the education drawbacks and create opportunities for students.

The UDISE+ collects the following data regarding a school that can benefit from the improvement of education:

  • Number Of Schools, Teachers and Students
  • Gross Enrollment Ratio
  • Dropout Rate
  • Transition Rate
  • Pupil-Teacher Ratio
  • Schools with Toilet
  • Schools with Drinking Water
  • Schools with Electricity Connection
  • Schools with Library
  • Schools Received Textbooks
  • Gender Parity Index (GPI)
  • CWSN Enrolment
  • Schools with Ramp

Features Of UDISE PLUS 2023

The education MIS has many features that benefit governments, schools, students, teachers and researchers for the education of India.

Here are some of the best features in brief:

School Directory Management (SDM)

This feature is specifically for schools in India. school management hands it over to the headmaster or principal. So that the principal of the school uses this UDISE+ feature.

  • He/she can register for school on UDISE.
  • Upload and update the status of the school such as:
    • Location
    • The number of classes, toilet, playground, library etc.
    • Staff information
  • The system works on the mobile number and OTP-based login of the principal.

UDISE+ School Data Capture (DCF)

This feature provides information regarding school management in real time. This feature is also available only for schools.

Data is collected for schools, teachers, enrolment, and vocational education as per the Data Capture Format (DCF) uploaded on the website.

This feature allows schools to upload and download information online. Schools can download directly from the official website udiseplus.gov.in.

We have provided the DCF PDF Link Below Section.

Download All Important UDISE+ 2022-23 DCF PDF (Link)

Here below I have listed all important form that is important for a school. This is a blank Data Capture Format the school has to fill out and upload on UDISE+.

Download DCF Form 👇

UDISE PLUS 2022-23 PDF 1 Blank Form (Marathi)Download

UDISE PLUS 2022-23 PDF 2 Blank Form (Marathi)Download

And UDISE+ 2022-23 PDF 3 Blank Form (English)- Download

The above link is the instant download:

Know Your School

This feature is public for students and citizens to get the details of any school in India. One can check, see and download all the necessary information available on DCF.

Every school has a unique UDISE Code. Using this code you can get different information regarding the school.

You can get the following information about the school using it:

  • Complete Address (State, District, Block, Cluster etc)
  • School Category, Management and Type
  • Medium of Instruction (Hindi/English OR regional)
  • Year of Establishment
  • Total Class Rooms
  • Facilities Information: Toilets, Drinking Water
  • Library Availability
  • Teacher and Qualification of teachers

UDISE+ Dashboard

The dashboard is the insights and visualization of all data. The dashboard provides an idea of how elementary and secondary schools are performing.

You can get different parameters of school education. Some of them are as follows:

  • Gross Enrollment Ratio
  • Dropout Rate
  • Transition Rate
  • Pupil-Teacher Ratio
  • Gender Parity Index (GPI)
  • CWSN Enrolment

The GIS Mapping

The GIS Mapping (Geographic Information System) helps you locate the school information using Map.

You can use it to find your school on the map. You can use it in different manners such as

  • 3D Visualization
  • Zoom in
  • By name
  • UDISE Code

How To Check School Report On UDISE Plus 2022-23

If you want to know the information of the school on UDISE+ then you can use the Know Your School module of it.

Here are steps on How You Can Track Your School:

  • When you will click on it, a new page will appear in front of your screen.
  • On this page, you get three options to search for your school:
    • Name
    • By Pincode
  • The above two options can provide you with the exact information while the third will provide a list of schools.
  • Enter the captcha code and click on submit.
  • You will get your school.
  • Now in the action tab, you can get three options:
    • School Information
    • Report Card
    • Track Your School
  • Click on Report Card.
  • You will get the school report card pdf.

UDISE PLUS Report 2022-23 PDF

The government collects school data (Class 1 to 12) and then creates insights and visualization from it then launches every year.

You can see this UDISE Plus 2022-23 report on the officials’ website. Now the government has launched the USIDE Report 2021-22.

Here are all details about the reports:

#1: UDISE School Report

UDISE Plus Report 2021-22 (Nation)

In the above picture as per UDISE 2021-22 report you can see the data of the number of schools, teachers, and students and the proportion of their categories:

ParametersReportProportions (in %)
Number Of Schools14.89 LakhGovt. (51.1), Aided (29.3), Private (10.1), Other (9.6)
Number Of Teachers94.88 LakhGovt. (25.6), Aided (28.9), Private (17.1), Other (28.5)
Number Of Students26.52 CroreGovt. (22.9), Aided (28.3), Private (15.6), Other (32.2)

#1: UDISE School Jharkhand Report

In the above picture, you can see UDISE Plus Jharkhand Report. The above picture information is described in the below table:

Number Of Schools4.48 Lakh
Number Of Teachers2.10 Lakh
Number Of Students7.97 Crore


What is UDISE+ 2022-23 PDF?

UDISE+ 2022-23 PDF is a special form that a school has to fill out and upload. These forms are called Data Capture Format (DCF)

What is Data Capture Format?

The Data Capture Format is a special form that a school must have to fill out and upload on UDISE+ Portal. This helps the government to collect the facilities of schools and understand the education system so that can take better steps.

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