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Tamil Nadu TN EMIS School Login | EMIS TN School App for Students & Teachers Attendance at and 

Here is a complete User Manual Guide for TN EMIS School App and Portal. This guide helps teachers and schools how to use TN EMIS App online on their mobile.

In this guide, we will walk you through the full How To Use such as Download TN EMIS, EMIS School Login, Teacher Training, and Students Attendances, etc.

If you are a Tamil Nadu Government School Teacher then you must have to know how to log in to the emis school app and use it.

Before jumping to the guide, you should know essential information regarding it too.

What Is TN EMIS School Portal?

EMIS stands for Educational Management Information System. This system helps the government to collect educational data in districts.

MHRD, UGC, and NCERT these three EMISs only collect, analyze, and assess national-level education data and then mention it in Census India.

Due to this, the state governments do not get proper insights into their education systems and condition to take better decisions for it.

To solve this problem, most state government has their EMIS system to collect govt schools’ educational data and information to make it better.

And the Tamil Nadu state is solving the same problem by implementing the TN EMIS School portal and TNSED Schools App.

TN EMIS School captures and analyzes data across five parameters:

  • Standardized classroom observations
  • Professional development for teachers
  • Levels of instruction for students
  • Data support
  • Infrastructure management observations in Schools

The Schools Education Department conducts numerous inspections using TN EMIS.

The TN EMIS will be used to carry out several components, including classroom observation, civil inspection, KGBV, and others.

Administrative officers will also have access to basic data reporting via the app.

Key Highlights of the Tamil Nadu EMIS Portal

The table below includes the portal’s key features and technical details. The information provided in the table below is available for candidates to review:

PortalTN EMIS Portal School
State NameTamil Nadu
Academic Year2023-24
Objectivecollecting, managing, and analyzing student data (attendance, BMI) to take the best decision for them.
Beneficiariesschools, teachers, and students
Full-Form (EMIS)Educational Management Information System
Official AppTNSED Administrators

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Features And Uses Of TN EMIS School

There are very useful features in the TN EMIS school portal that can help schools in Tamil Nadu to collect data and analyze it to take better decisions:

TN EMIS Portal Features

Here is a list of features and their uses:

EMIS Data Collection

This TN EMIS feature allows the schools to provide information regarding student enrollment (class-wise and gender-wise) and teaching positions.

This data collection will make the app a virtual classroom where teachers can see student names, classroom, gender, age, health, and attendance.

Teacher Selection

The EMIS App allows teachers to assign and take student attendance. The app will notify that today “this teacher” is conducting the student attendance.

Using this feature, the system will assign a teacher to observe today’s class.

Also in a situation when the assigned teacher is not available, you can select and assign another teacher for this task.

Classroom Details

Teachers can get classroom information on two bases: Monograde and Multigrade.

In monograde class selection, you can get information on individual classes. While in the multigrade class selection, you can get multiple classes at a time.

Student Attendance

Teachers can take students’ attendance with this app. You can get two options “A”-absent and “P”-present.

The “P” option is the default. If a student is absent you can select “A”. After selecting the option it will store data and you cannot change it.

Teaching Learning Process

This is the most important feature for a teacher, student, and school. Because it helps in managing and tracking the student learning process.

The assigned observer-teacher will observe and enter the following various Teaching Observations of teachers. This will improve teacher-student learning relations:

  • Pre-observation Questions:
    • Learning outcome awareness, Completion of syllabus, Lesson plan
    • availability, Remediation record availability, Time table usage
    • Record maintenance
  • Lesson Execution:
    • Pedagogy questions, Teaching Learning Materials (TLMs) usage,
    • Student Engagement, Attention to children with particular needs
  • Classroom Management:
    • Student Engagement
    • Student Appreciation
  • QR Code/TNTP:
    • The teacher is using a QR scan from the book to know the book’s teaching guidelines.
    • Tamil Nadu Teachers Platform (TNTP) Access
  • Notebook Verification:
    • The observer will select 3 students’ notebooks.
    • Also, the observer will note down the last correction.

Student Assessment

It is like the student oral test. The teacher will select the term and last taught lesson. According to it, the teacher will ask and assign the student answer.

Who Can Use TN EMIS Portal?

Following the education department, authorities can access the TN EMIS App. Here is a list of the eligible person and their task:

Authoritative PersonWork With EMIS
School PrincipalA principal will maintain the school building, grounds, and student-teacher performances.
Chief Education Officer (CEO)CEOs supervise all government schools after an inspection.
Block Education Officer
BEO provide study resource, teaching aids, educational track, etc at Taluka Level.
District Education Officer (DEO)Similar to the CEO and BEO, the DEO is also responsible for the same but crucial work at the district level.
The Head MasterHeadmaster is a school staff member with more responsibility than the teachers.

TN EMIS School App Download 2023

TN-EMIS-CELL developed the mobile application for TN Educational Management Information System. You can download these on your mobile through PlayStore.

Here is the list of applications that TN-EMIS-CELL has developed:

TNSED Attendance App

This app is separate from the TN EMIS for more efficiency and better exercise.

Teachers can download, log in, and then take attendance online.

You can download it by visiting PlayStore.

EMIS Monitoring App

Conducting various inspections and monitoring activities by all authorities of the School Education Department, TN EMIS created the EMIS monitoring app.

The app will be used for activities, including classroom observation, civil inspection, KGBV, and more.

TN EMIS School App

Teachers, school leaders, and other administrative employees will use the app to record and track information about students, staff, and schools.

The app now features modules for inputting student and staff attendance, evaluating student health and recommending kids to doctors, detecting and tracking students who are not in school, and registering teachers for teacher training.

TNSED Parents

The Tamil Nadu State Education Department developed the app Parent to involve parents and the general public in the improvement of schools.

Parents have access to data on the attendance, academic, and co-curricular performance of their kids. Comment on the administration of the school, welfare programs, and available scholarships is welcome.

How To TN EMIS Teacher Login

If you are a teacher then your school HM will provide you with an 8-digit unique code with a password. It will help you to log in and submit different classroom data.

Here are steps on how you can log in to it.

  • Firstly, go to the official website of TN EMIS or you can download the app.
  • On the homepage you can see two options:
    • User Name and
    • Password
  • The user name is an 8-digit unique number that the headmaster provides every teacher.
  • After entering it, you can log in.
  • You will get your dashboard.
  • On this dashboard, you can check various information.
  • Also, you will be assigned different tasks that you have to complete using this EMIS portal.

TN EMIS Teacher Personal Dashboard

When you will teacher login, you will get your dashboard. Here is the list of features that you can get and tasks that you have to do on regular basis.

On the homepage of your dashboard, you have to go to the Menu option. Here is a list of options that you will get:

  • My profile
  • Training Attended
  • e-Content
    • Question Bank
    • Taxonomy
    • e-Content Review
  • Admin
    • Registers
    • Circulars
  • Academic Score
  • Students Marks
  • Clubs
  • Inbox


What is the full form of EMIS?

The EMIS full form is Education Management Information System.

What is the official website of TN EMIS school?

The official website of TN EMIS school is

How to EMIS teacher login?

For the EMIS teacher login, you have to visit and then enter your 8-digit unique username and password.

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