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You and I, all have lost our phones at some time, but you should not take panic at the moment and take certain actions that can secure your Data. The CEIR Portal of the central government initiative can help with imei tracking India government.

CEIR Portal is a central government initiative to protect citizens from Data Vulnerability when they lost their phones.

Here in this post, we will discuss the Portal, how the portal works, and how you can register for it to see get status of your phone.

CEIR IMEI Tracker Portal India

The CEIR full form stands for Central Equipment Identity Register. The Department Of Telecommunication (DoT) of India started this initiative in 2017 and had done many pilot testing phases since 2019.

Finally, after a three or four-month, DoT with the Center for Development Telematics (CDOT), Delhi Police launched the CEIR publically.

Currently, the service is available for only two major cities- Maharashtra and Delhi. In the coming year, it will be opened across the country for all the states.

CEIR Portal provides the following service:

  • Provide the Status of the Lost Phone
  • Block Your Phone
  • Unlock Your Phone

Highlights about CEIR

Portal NameCEIR Portal Gov Of India
CEIR Portal Full FormCentral Equipment Identity Register
Launched ByDepartment of Telecommunication
BeneficiariesCitizen of India
ObjectiveTrack Lost or Stolen Phone
Official Websiteceir.gov.in

How Does CEIR Online IMEI Tracker System Work?

how ceir portal started

Simply CEIR is a Database of IEMI lists of stolen or lost phones.

All data stored on your phone and the phone is connected to the cellular network of MNOs-Mobile Network Operators such as Jio, Airtel, Vodafone, BSNL, etc.

When you lose your phone and ask the GSMA (who generates the IEMI for mobile) to block it, GSMA could not block it without cellular provider permission.

The GSMA sends the IEMI list to respective MNOs to block the Mobile Phone. But the problem is occurring here in the step to block the phone.

Once the mobile phone is blacklisted, it cannot be used on a large number of cellular networks, which means that the stolen/lost mobile phone will become meaningless or useless.

And this can cause huge losses/disadvantages to Cellular Network providers such as Jio, Airtel, and others.

So GSMA asks the country for this solution and the new National IMEI is added to the ERI-Equipment Identity Register that can directly blacklist the phone from the Cellular Network.

This ERI is known as CEIR -Central Equipment Identity Register which the government regulates.

Though CEIR acts as a central system for all MNOs when a citizen asks to Block His/Her Phone through it, the CEIR share the blacklist (collected IMEI through citizen) to a respective cellular provider to block the phone.

Further, once the phone is blocked, if the theft will connect to another sim, the phone will not even work for connection. 

Note: The CEIR cannot prevent the phone to be tracked by the Police.

Track How Many SIMs are Active On Your Aadhaar Number: Block Unknown

Some Salient Features Of CEIR Online IMEI Tracker

The following are the salient features of the central equipment identity register.

  • Generally, CEIR means a database of blacklisted IMEI.
  • The government regulates the system.
  • The doT implementation department of the CEIR acts as the central system for all Network Operators such as Jio, Vodafone, Airtel, BSNL, etc.
  • The system can block the phone without the permission of your cellular provider.
  • Once the phone is blocked, it will never connect with any Cellular Network.
  • Though the phone cannot connect to the network, it becomes completely useless.
  • Theft can never use another SIM card for this blacklisted phone.
  • The CEIR also provides an application to help with Mobile chat.
    • Know Your Mobile
    • IEMI Verification

How To Request CEIR Online IMEI Tracker Portal For Lost Phone 2023 @ceir.gov.in

Here are the steps to Request On CEIR for blocking your phone. Before requesting it please make sure you have completed these two essential steps.

  1. FIR Nearest Police Station: You must request FIR for the loss or stealing of your phone to the nearest police station. Because you must have to upload a copy of the FIR on CEIR Portal.
  2. Collect Essential Documents: Invoice of Mobile, FIR Copy, Identity Proof (any of Aadhaar Card, PAN Card, and Voting Card)

Step1:Visit New CEIR Portal: Sanchar Saathi

Visit CEIR Portal
  • Firstly go to the Central Equipment Identity Registry official website- ceir.gov.in (Now SancharSaathi)
  • On the home page of the website click on the CEIR Service option.
  • Now click on the Block Stolen/Lost Mobile option. Or direct click on Block Stolen/Lost Mobile
  • You will jump to the request form.

Step2: Fill out The Form For the Application

  • The application Form contains three sections:
    • Device Information
    • Lost Information
    • Mobile Owner Personal Information

Device Information

Device Information

The Device Information in the CEIR Application form contains the following fields that you just need to fill in.

  • Mobile Number 1 (of your lost phone- mandatory)
  • Mobile Number 2 (to collect the OTP)
  • IEMI1 and IEMI2 (if you have dual SIM) – you can get the IEMI from the box of the Phone and the Invoice.
  • Device Brand
  • Device Model
  • You must upload the Invoice to your Mobile (Mobile Purchase Invoice)

Mobile Lost Information

Mobile Lost Information

After filling out the Device Details you have to fill in the Lost Information that contains the following fields.

  • Lost Place
  • Lost Date (choose from the given calendar)
  • Select Your State/UT
  • Select District
  • Enter the Police Complaint Number
  • Select The Police Station
  • Now upload your Complaint Letter (you can add more)

Final Step: Submit Form

Now you have to provide your Personal Information to CEIR Portal. The information contains the following fields:

get your request id after OTP verification and Submit
  • Owner Name
  • Address
  • Proof Of Identity (Aadhaar, PAN, or Voting)
  • Identity Number
  • Email ID
  • Upload Your Identity (Aadhaar, PAN, or Voting)

To fill out the above field you have to first click on Get OTP before submitting. When you will click on it you will get an OTP number on your mobile number 2.

After entering the OTP you will get a Request ID. Once you are verified. Click on Declaration. And finally, submit the form.

Now you can check the status of your Request Of Blocking your Phone.

Check CEIR Status Of Lost Mobile Request

check ceir lost mobile reqest status
  • Firstly go to the official website of the central equipment identity registry official website.
  • On the homepage, click on Check Request Status.
  • Now you will jump to the check status page.
  • Here you have to enter your Request ID.
  • Finally, click on Submit.
  • A dashboard will open with the status of your request to track your lost mobile phone.

Request to Unblock the phone on CEIR

When you lost your phone and requested to Block the phone on CEIR then only you can request to unblock it.

  • Firstly, go to the official website of the CEIR Portal.
  • On the homepage of the portal click on Un-Block Found Mobile.
  • Now a Request for un-blocking recovered/found mobile page will open.
  • Here you have to fill out the following fields.
    • Request ID
    • Mobile Number 2 (to get OTP)
    • Reason for unblocking
  • Now click on Get OTP. You will receive an OTP.
  • Enter it and click on Submit.
  • Your unblocking of the phone will be done within an hour and you will be notified.

IMEI Tracking India Government- CEIR

Now you can track your IMEI through the Indian government initiative of CEIR. Here is some method by which you can track your IEMI and can prevent some mistakes:

#1:Know Your Mobile

The KYM is a cross-application. It provides the services so that you can Know Your Mobile. It provides the service to check the real validity of your phone. Even before buying the new phone.

Know Your Number can aware not to buy:

  • Black-listed phone
  • Duplicate phone
  • Already In Use Phone

Download the Know Your Number App

  • Firstly go to the Google PlayStore.
  • On the homepage click on the search bar.
  • Enter the app name.
  • Install It.
  • Super easy.

#2:Validate IEMI through SMS

  • Firstly, open your Inbox.
  • SMS KYM[15-digit IEMI number] to 14422.
  • You will get soon your validity of IEMI.

#३: CEIR IMEI Verification-WebPortal

iemi verification

The IMEI- International Mobile Equipment Identity is a unique identification number of your phone.

If you verified the IMEI number you can avoid duplicated, and already in-use phones to buy.

  • Firstly go to the CEIR official website ceir.gov.in.
  • On the homepage click on the Web portal.
  • A new C-DOT CEIR IMEI Verification page will open.
  • Here first enter your mobile number and then click on get OTP.
  • Verify your 4-digit OTP number.
  • Enter your IMEI number (you can find it on the box and invoice mobile)
  • Finally, click on check. You will get the following details for your mobile:
    • IEMI Number
    • Manufacturer
    • Brand name
    • Model name
    • Device Type

CEIR Portal Related FAQs?

Is Police FIR important for CEIR Portal IMEI tracking India Government Service?

Yes, it is mandatory to have Police FIR before tracking your lost phone using CEIR Portal.

When was CEIR Portal launched?

The CEIR Portal was launched in 2017 by the Department Of Telecommunication (DoT)

What is the Full form of CEIR?

The full form of CEIR is the “Central Equipment, Identity Register“.

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