NadaKacheri 5.0 CV Online Apply For Income & Caste in 2023

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The Government of Karnataka has started the New NadaKacheri 5.0 Portal Under the Atalji Janasnehi Kendra Project. Citizens of Karnataka can apply, for approximately 44 online certificates from various departments of the Karnataka Government.

The NadaKacheri 5.0 has implemented DigiLocker, Samyojane Mobile Application, Citizen Certificate Verification Link Live, RI and VI Verification etc.

The government is providing digitalized certificates to their citizens which can be downloaded at any time on the official website of You can check your  NadaKacheri CV ( certificate verification), the status of your certificate, download Nadakacheri Certificate online, etc.

Today we will discuss with you the official website of Nadakacheri and its usage including the following process:

  • How to apply for an Income Certificate, Caste certificate
  • E Janma Certificate and other 44 certificates in the Nada Kacheri portal
  • How to check the status of the certificate, and verification the certificate on this portal?
  • What are the essential documents to apply for Nadakacheri certificates?
  • How to download and print your certificate from the Nadakacheri website etc in the below article

Background Of Nadakacheri -Atalji Janasnehi Kendra

The “Nemmadi” Project was launched in 2006 by the e-Governance Department via 802 Tele-Centres throughout the State using a Public Private Partnership (PPP) Model.

However, due to a number of issues, including a lack of control over the private partners, the Government decided to fully take over the Project and transfer it to the Revenue Department through this method.

The government planned to make all Revenue Service available to the general public by setting up special service centers at the HOBLI LEVEL using methods that were transparent, dependable, and reasonably priced.

A Hobli is a cluster of nearby villages that are managed collectively for tax and land tenure purposes.

According to a government directive dated 18.12.2012, these facilities were given the name “Atalji Janasnehi Kendras” and are intended for the electronic delivery of citizen services in rural areas.

The Atalji Janasnehi Project is run by 769 Atalji Janasnehi Kendras (Nadakacheries), along with new Front Offices when needed and as occasionally announced by the government.

Overview NadaKacheri 5.0 CV Portal 2023

Nadakacheri 5.0

The Karnataka government is very active in providing online services of various certificates to its citizens. Nada Kacheri’s e-portal is working under the use project of Atalji Aanasnehi Kendra. The project was started by the revenue department of Karnataka state in 2023.

Now they are providing online services to their schedule on this portal, you need not to go any department physically, only visit the official website and apply for your desired service.

Your application will be monitored and verified by the Taluk level, and district level and after the verification, you will get your certificate on the website.

You can download your certificates from anywhere which are legally accepted in any department, either government or private.

You can apply for services from your Android mobile also. Read our article to get every aspect of this website and services.

Nadakacheri Statistics (DEC)

Application Raised6,06,10,718
Applications Disposed6,01,81,483
eKshana Application Printed47,04,893
RTC Raised5,91,76,944
Mutation(MR) Issued9,71,816
Total Aadhar Enrolled56,29,839

Services under the new Nadakacheri 5.0 Portal

 There is a total of 44 online services which are available for citizens of Karnataka state. Citizens can apply online by entering their mobile number and avail of these services with minimum service charges.

We are providing you with a list of all the services which are provided by the Nadakacheri portal. The list will be upgraded after some time because the government is still updating and introducing new certificate services on the website.

S.No.Service Name
1Agricultural Family member cer
2Agricultural Labour Certificate
3Agriculturist Certificate
4Attestation of Family Tree Certificate
5Bonafide Certificate
6Caste and Income Certificate
7Caste Certificate (Cat-A)
8Caste Certificate (SC/ST)
9Domicile Certificate
10HK Region Residence and Eligibility Certificate
11Income Certificate for a compass for Employment
12Income Certificate for Employment Certificate
13Landholding Certificate
14Land less Certificate
15Living Certificate
16Income Certificate
17No Govt. Job Certificate
18No Re-Marriage Certificate
19Non-creamy layer Certificate
20Non-Tenancy Certificate
21OBC Certificate (Central)
22Population Certificate
23Residence Certificate
24Small / Marginal farmer Certificate
25Solvency Certificate
26Surviving Family Members Certificate
27Unemployment Certificate
28Widow Certificate
29Minority Certificate
30Income and Asset Certificate(EWS)
31Crop Certificate
32General Certificate (Arya Vysya)
33Caste Certificate (SC/ST-Migrant)
34Physically Dissable Person Pension
35Widow Pension
36Sandhya Suraksha Yojana
37National Family Benefit Scheme
38Indira Gandhi National Old Age Pension
41Anthya Samskara Yojane
42Acid Victim Pension
43Farmer Widow Pension
44Endosalphan Victim Pension

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Apply Online For Nada Kacheri CV eg. Caste Certificate

If you want to apply for any of above -mentioned certificates in Karnataka state, then you have to apply on The official website of Nadakacheri.

Step1: Visit

nadakacheri portal
  • After that, you will reach the dashboard according to the above image.
  • After that, you have to click on the online application.
  • Now you have to click on Apply online link.

Step2: Register to NadaKacheri with a mobile number

  • After that system will ask for your mobile number
nadakacheri registration
  • Once you enter your mobile number, you will receive a one-time password on your mobile number, you have to enter the OTP message. 
  • After that, you will reach the website where you can access various services of Nadakacheri.

Step3: Apply for a certificate

nadakacheri caste certificate
  • You have to click on new request, and after that click on caste certificate ( as shown in the above image).
  • After that, you will reach a new page where you have to enter your either ration card number or Aadhar card number.

Step4: Fill Certificate Form

nadakacheri certificate online form
  • After entering your Aadhar number, you have to enter your Taluk, district, Sub District, area category, and other details
  • Now enter your reservation category, and your name in English and click on the Aadhaar consent form printed.
  • Now enter the print Consent link.
  • After that, you will receive a printed application form on your device. you have to download it for further processing.
  • After that, you have to click on the search link and you will reach a new web page.
  • Your name and other details will be automatically fielded from your Aadhaar number.
  • You have to enter Your full name and other personal details as mentioned in the following image.

Step5: Upload All Documents

  • Now you have to upload your document. 
upload your documents
  • You have to upload the following document to your online application:
    • Ration card
    • Old caste certificate
    • Self-declaration certificate
    • Salary certificate.
    • Address proof
    • School certificate
  • After uploading your document you have to verify your Aadhaar card status.
  • You will receive an OTP message on your Aadhar registered mobile number.
  • You have to fill in the OTP on the screen to verify yourself.
  • After that, you can download your application form and check your details.
  • If all the details are correct, then you can proceed with payment.
  • After successful payment, your application uploaded successfully. 

How to Check Your Application Nadakacheri Status On Portal

  • Firstly you have to visit the official website of Nada Kacheri.
  •  After that, you have to click on the link online application
  • Now you have to select your application type and enter your application number
  • After this, you can click on get status.
  • Your application status will be shown on your screen.

Check NadaKacheri 5.0 Certificate Verification CV

You can check your certificate and other certificate validity on the official website of nadakacheri Karnataka. For this process, you have to follow the following steps:

  • Visit the official website of nadakacheri, Karnataka.
  • After that click on the link for the online application
  • Here you will get a link for nadakacheri certificate verification. Click on this link
  • After that, you will reach a new page where you have to enter the certificate number which you want to verify.
nadakachri cv verffication
  • After that, you have to enter your acknowledgment number and click on the show certificate details.
  • Now you will see the verification status of your certificate.

Check the procedure for getting a certificate

You can check the total procedure of your desired certificate which has been applied on the official website of nadakacheri.

The government has provided a flow chart Of its working system on its website. you can download this by clicking on this link 

Check All NadaKacheri Certificate: How-To Form Filling Videos Tutorial

If you are getting stuck in applying online,  then you can watch the videos of the Nadakacheri certificate form filling. 

The government has provided all the steps of every certificate on their official left side in the form of a video solution. you can download it and apply online for nadakacheri certificates:

  • First of all, visit the official site of nadakacheri.
  • After that, you have to click on the link for the online application.
  • Now you can see a link for the video gallery. Click this link to reach the video gallery
  • After that, you can access a video guide for applying online for Nadakacheri CV.

We are also providing a list of Video solutions to fill your online application on the official website of nadakacheri, Karnataka:

Video Tutorial List

Service Name Video Solutions
Caste Certificate (SC/ST)
HK Region Residence and Eligibility
Income and Asset Certificate(EWS)
General Certificate (AryaVaishya)
Income Certificate
Minority Certificate
Family Tree Certificate
Agricultural Labour Certificate
Bonafide Certificate
Domicile Certificate
Land Holding Certificate
Unemployment Certificate>
No Govt Job Certificate
Living Certificate
Income Certificate for compassionate
Caste Income Certificate
OBC Certificate (Central)
Surviving Family Members Certificate
Population Certificate
Residence Certificate
No Remarriage Certificate
Agriculturist Certificate
Caste Certificate ( Cat-A)
Landless Certificate
Widow Certificate
Crop Certificate

FAQs Nadakacheri New 5.0 Website

How to find Nadakacheri RD Number Check?

RD number or 15-digit GSC number is available on the acknowledgment receipt generated while you apply for a certificate on Nadakacheri. You can log in can see in your dashboard about this RD Number.

What is Nadakacheri Family Tree Certificate?

A family tree Certificate is an official document that verifies/certifies every member that can be traced in their genetic lineage as best as possible alive or dead. You can also apply for it online on the portal.

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