Dpboss Guessing 2024: How To Satta Matka [143 Tricks]

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The Satta Matka Guessing has become an exciting sea of opportunities with its online and offline availability, independent of government regulations in 2024. You can play on various platforms like websites, forums, social media, and messaging apps WhatsApp & Telegram. Plus, the results are available in the same medium, whether you play online or offline.

In today’s post, we will walk you through How is Satta Matka played, How is Matka Guessing done, what are Bazi, Bet, Combination, 143 tricks, etc.

Disclaimer: We are not promoting the game. We are fulfilling the internet demand. Also, we do not guarantee the given information completely. We have just collected various information and summed it up here in order. The result is AI-generated.

About DPBoss Satta Matka Guessing

Satta Matka Guessing is a number game in which you must guess the winning number as accurately as possible. You can estimate a variety of categories in this number system, including Open, Close, Jodi, Panel, Sangam, and Jackpot, among others.

The game is all about guessing the right combination of numbers when their bookies draw three cards. They have to play Bazi and guess the Open & Close.

There are different types of Bazi & Matka Bookies available in the offline and online markets. We have created a complete blog knowledge about the What Is History and Modern Of Matka Guessing also you can check the latest update about Matka Result.

Bazi1: Single Ank Bet Guessing

The player will choose/guess the number between 0-9. This guessing number will be the sum of the drawn cards’ value. And will place Bazi for opening and closing. And players Bazi will show like this:

Open | Single | 6X100 
Open | Single | 8X100 

Bazi2: Single Panna Guessing

Here is a guessing combination for Matka Single Panna Bet.

Single NumberSingle Pana Combinations

Double Pana or Double Patti Bet Guessing

A wager made on the potential outcome of an opening or closing pana where a number appears twice

A Double Pana wager is distinct from both Single Number and Single Pana wagers. Instead of using the total of numbers in the pana, it considers the entire pana. A specific number in the pana must also be repeated for a Double Pana bet to be accepted.

A Double Pana wager, for example, might be made on the Pana 133 appearing either in the final or first round. Such a wager would resemble the following:

Open | Double Pana | 1, 3, 3 x 100
Close | Double Pana | 1, 3, 3 x 100

When the three cards picked by the organizers create the Double Pana that the player chose, they win. Double Pana bets pay off at 270/1. When you win, you will receive Rs1 x 270 = 270 for every 1 you bet.

Every potential pana in a Double Pana bet corresponds to a single number (Ank) ranging from 0 to 9. There are 9 such panas for every single integer.

Satta Matka organizers who take this into account would offer you to bet 9 times the original Double Pana wager. For example, if you wish to wager Rs1 on 133, you may need to stake 1 X 9 = Rs9.

Single NumberDouble Pana Combinations

Triple Pana or Triple Patti Bet Guessing

A wager is placed on the possibility of an opening or closing pana where a number is repeated three times. Guessing this Matka number is one easy. Because there is a very limited combination.

In other words, every number in a legitimate Triple Pana bet is the same. A Triple Pana wager of 100 placed on the Pana 444, for example, might look like this:

Open | Triple Pana | 4, 4, 4x 100
Close | Triple Pana | 4, 4, 4x 100

Players win when the three cards drawn by the organizers form the Triple Pana they chose. The payout rate of a Triple Pana bet is 600/1. For every ₹1 you bet, you would get back ₹600 when you win. 

Now, every possible pana in a Triple Pana bet corresponds to a single number (Ank) from 0 to 9. However, for every single number, there is only 1 such pana. So, there’s no chance of organizers asking you to wager more than what you intend.

We have listed all the combinations in the table below.

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Single NumberTriple Pana Combinations

Jodi or Pair Bet Guessing

In simple terms, a Jodi bet in Matka involves betting on two digits (00-99) that result from adding the numbers in the opening and closing pana.

For example, if the opening pana is 123 and the closing pana is 234, the sum of the numbers would be 6 and 9, making 69 the Jodi for players to bet on. However, 96 would not be a valid Jodi in this case.

There are 100 possible Jodi bets, but only 90 of them pay out as winning numbers. Jodis with two identical numbers does not count for example 11, 22,33,…,99.

If you win a Jodi bet, the payout rate is usually 90/1, but some organizers may offer a payout rate of 95/1. This means for every ₹1 bet, you would receive either ₹90 or ₹95 if you win.

Half Sangam Bet Guessing

A bet placed on the Open Single Number combined with Closing Pana, or Close Single Number combined with Opening Pana

Sangam (संगम) is the Hindi word for confluence or merger. Since the merger here is between a Single Number and a Pana, it is termed Half Sangam. Let’s understand this with an example.

The sum of the numbers in an opening pana of 123 and a closing pana of 234 would yield 6 and 9 respectively. Therefore, a Half Sangam would be either of the following:

1, 2, 3 X 9 (Half Sangam A)


2, 3, 4 X 6 (Half Sangam B)

A total of 4400 Half Sangam combinations are possible in Satta Matka. A Half Sangam bet usually pays out at the rate of 1400/1. However, some draw organizers might pay as little as 1000/1. In other words, for every ₹1 you bet, you would receive either ₹1400 or ₹1000.

Sangam or Full Sangam Bet Guessing

A bet placed on the Opening Pana combined with the Closing Pana

As whole panas are taken into consideration for this merger, it is known as Full Sangam. In the above example, a Full Sangam would look like this:

1, 2, 3 X 2, 3, 4

A total of 48400 Full Sangam combinations are possible in a game of Matka. The payout is usually fixed at 15000/1. However, some organizers might pay you 10,000/1. It means you will receive either ₹15,000 or ₹10000 for every ₹1 you bet.

SP, DP, and TP Bet Guessing

Abbreviations for Single Pana, Double Pana, and Triple Pana bets

Organizers often use abbreviations to denote different bet types. As a player, you must be well-informed to avoid confusion during the lottery.

Cycle Pana or Cycle Patti Guessing

A combination of the last two digits of a pana

Considering a panel of 246, 46 would be its Cycle Pana (CP). Please note that the reverse, i.e. 64 isn’t a legit CP for this particular pana.


The difference between the numbers in a Jodi

Farak (फरक) is the Hindi word for Difference. If a Jodi is 46, the Farak would be 6 – 4 = 2.


The last digit of the sum of the numbers in a Jodi

The word Berji has been derived from the Hindi word Berij (बेरीज) which means summation. Here are some examples of how Berji numbers are calculated in Matka:

  • Jodi = 23, Sum = 2 + 3 = 5, Berji = 5
  • Jodi = 57, Sum = 5 + 7 = 12, Berji = 2
  • Jodi = 46, Sum = 4 + 6 = 10, Berji = 0

Cut Numbers

Jodi numbers with 5 as their difference

In Matka, certain pairs of Single Numbers are known as Cut Numbers if the Farak (difference) between them is 5.

These are some examples:

  • 0 and 5
  • 1 and 6
  • 2 and 7
  • 3 and 8
  • 4 and 9

Please note that no payment is made for Matka bets if the resulting Jodi in the draw contains Cut Numbers.

Matka Gambling Offline

In Maharashtra, the new Satta Matka Today is primarily being played offline under a different name. These are the names used in gambling:

  • Kalyan Matka
  • Worli Matka
  • New Worli Matka
  • Milan Day / Night Matka
  • Tara Matka
  • Matka 420
  • Matka Boss
  • Madhur Matka
  • Gali Satta
  • Desawar
  • Rajadhani Matka
  • Sridevi Matka
  • Supreme Matka
  • Time Bazar
  • Lotus Matka
  • Prabhat Satta Matka
  • Star Matka
  • Fix Wapka Matka
  • Bhootnath Matka
  • Star Matka
  • Tara Matka

DPBoss Matka Gambling Online

There are millions of hits when you search for “Matka Game” on Google. In other words, there are 99% more phony websites than legitimate ones.

This is the reason why individuals should be mindful not to become victims of cybercrime (particularly those who do not understand technology). People are stealing, misleading others, and utilizing false identities.

Since we couldn’t find any trustworthy websites while conducting our research, we are not giving you a list of Matka Online Websites here.

However, numerous news sources, such as news18, covered Matka Result:

  • DpBoss Matka
  • Kerala FF
  • Satta King
  • Matka King

Different Rules and Terminology In Modern Satta Matka

Term Or Bet TypeMeaning/Explanation
MatkaThe term for an earthen pot is where the word matka originated. The numbers were formerly drawn from such pots.
SingleThere are two aspects to the matka betting result. Open result refers to the first segment, while closed result to the second.
Jodi/PairAny two-digit combination between 00 and 99 is involved in matka (for example, 54).
Patti/PannaAny two-digit combination between 00 and 99 is involved in matka (for example, 58).
Open result / close resultThe cycle patti, or cp, is the last two digits of the patti (for example, if the patti is 128, the cycle patti is 28).
SP/DP/TPTriple Patti is referred to as TP, Single Patti is referred to as SP, and Double Patti is referred to as DP.
Cycle PattiThe cycle patti, or cp, is the last two digits of the patti (for example, if the patti is 128, the cycle patti is 28).
FarakThe cycle patti, also known as the cp, is made up of the final two digits of the patti (for instance, if the patti is 128, the cycle patti is 28).
BerijThe sum of the Jodi and the pair is completed by the Berij. (For instance, if a pair is 76, berij equals 7+6 = 13; the last digit is 3, so berij is 3).

How Is Satta Matka Gambling Played?

How is winner decided in Satta Matka

You can follow the instructions below to learn How To Play Satta Matka:

  • Step1: Pick your Satta Matka Lottery Category.
  • Step2: Choose a bookie.
  • Step3: Make a Satta Matka Lottery number calculation.
  • Step4: Select your Type of Bet.
  • Step5: Pick either the opening or closing bet.
  • Step6: Choose your number and place a wager.
  • Step7: Check your Matka Result.

Let us now deep down into each step:

Step1: Choose Satta Matka Type: Worli, Kalyan, DPBoss, Madhur

There are numerous Satta Matka lotteries in India, particularly in Delhi and Maharashtra. You can sign up offline as well as online.

Kalyan, Bhagat, Worli, Madhur, DPBoss, Madhur Day, Madhur Night, Main Ratan, etc. are some of the most well-known Satta Matka Lotteries.

In India, these games are forbidden. Play it risky.

Step2: Choose your Matka Bookie

You must pick the Bookie once you’ve determined the Satta Matka lottery you wish to play. A single person or group may operate as the bookie for the lottery games.

They are in public quite infrequently. We don’t know precisely where you can find Bookie.

However, a lot of websites online and WhatsApp groups claim to be Satta Matka Bookies. The cops detained a bookmaker last year.

Step3: Matka Guessing Rule: Panna/Single Ank/Panna

It is the initial step in the selection of a Matka and Bookie. This demonstrates the game’s rules. How to figure out, forecast, and guess the winning lottery number.

The Satta Matka Calculation Formula is this. Before placing a wager, you should better comprehend it.

Each calculation is based on the type of bet. You will catch the other when we finish describing the initial single (ank) wager.

Rule1: Understanding Matka Cards/Panna OR Patti

You must first comprehend what Matka Cards are.

An ordinary playing card is a Matka card. The distinction is that each card has a value in Matka. A deck of 40 cards with numbers A through 10 will be shuffled by the bookie. This is known as Panna.

You can see it in the table below.


In front of the player, the organizer chooses three cards. and displays the times of opening and closing. Before it, players must place a wager.

Players must wager before the opening time, for instance, if it is 11:00 am. The cost of betting might change depending on the type and bookmakers.

The game has no predictability whatsoever. Only during Opening and Closing will the bookie draw cards. Players will purchase wagers and predict the number till then.

Situation Of Bookie In Matka Single Ank Game:

1,2,3*6 X 2,4, A*7

From a deck of forty cards, the bookie will randomly select three. Afterward, choose the Win Number. Here is how it works:

>Bookie draws three cards. The cards are 2, 5 and 8.
>Sum all card values: 2+5+8=13
>Number will be 3.

Players will win if they choose 3 in the opening and close.

Rule2: Players have to Bazi/BET before opening and closing

After choosing the Matka and Bookie, the player must next pay the BETTING AMOUNT and place the Bazi. Although the sums will differ, everyone will employ the same Matka Number prediction.

Let’s examine the winning and losing scenarios given that the bookie’s drawn card number is 1,2,36 X 2,4, A7. So, the player who correctly predicts the number and card order will win the game.

  • Single Ank Bet [Players have to guess only calculated number]
  • Single Panna/Patti [Player have to guess the number when Panna are not repeated]
  • Double Panna/Patti
  • Tripple Panna/Patti
  • Jodi
  • Half Sangam
  • Sangam

Place Bazi will show like this:

Open | Bazi Type | Guessed Number X Price of bet
Close | Bazi Type | Guessed Number X Price of bet

Player Winner Price will be calculated:

Winning Price= Guessed Number X Price of bet

For example players have to guess the winning nuber 8. And a player guesed it right at Rs. 100 bet. Then this player will win 8X100=800 Rupee.

Step4: Check Result and Win

Your bookmaker will open the outcome in front of you if you play offline by drawing three cards. Whoever correctly predicted the value will triumph.

However, you must use the Satta Matka Panel Chart to examine it online. But consider this simple logic. You will receive the sum if you win. The bookmaker will give the winning wager credit. Simple.

DPBoss Madhur Day Satta Matka Result Today

Here is how the internet world shows the results of Satta Matka. It is not the actual result. It only samples:

How To Check DPBoss Madhur, Kalyan Panel Chart 2024

Because a single draw happens in two rounds, Open and Close, the result sheet will have special columns with the letters “O,” which stands for the Opening round, and “C,” which is for the Closing round.

The day and time of the draw will also be announced. The results of each drawing are arranged inside a box, with the columns for the opening and closing rounds on the left and right, respectively.

satta matka result panel chart

Each round’s Panas are written vertically to match the corresponding columns. The Jodi is positioned in the center.

If there are no drawings, the box is either left empty or marked as XX. Cut Numbers or the same numbers are represented by the Jodis highlighted in red.

Cut Numbers in Jodis are indicated on some result charts with half-red and full-red markings, respectively.

We have talked about how Cut Numbers does not pay Jodis. Jodis with the same numbers, even if they are highlighted in red, do, nonetheless, payout. Because of this, Jodis’ payoff is either 90/1 or 95/1.

Playing Matka isn’t difficult, as you can see. But we do not recommend playing. You may lose money because they may use Algorithms to understand your every step.

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