Threads Video Downloader 2024 : Paste Link and Quick Download

Sarkari Yojana
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Threads Video Downloader 2024: Recently, Instagram launched the Thread App which is a text, image and video-based social media app similar to Twitter. As people know about Instagram Downloader, now you can get Threads Video Downloader on this page.

Threads Video Downloader allows you to download any user videos and pictures easily with a share link. It provides you with fast and multiple selecting downloading options.

Let’s know how to download Threads Video:

Overview Of Threads Downloader App

You know well that there is a Downloader App for every social media such as YouTube, Twitter, Facebook, Snapchat, and Instagram to download images, stories, and videos.

Therefore now people are also searching for Threads Image and Video Downloader.

But you do not have to search more about it because we have brought the Threads Downloader on this website. You can easily use it for your downloading.

Threads Image Video Downloader is an Android application. But we have a website version too. So that iPhone users can use it well.

Downloading Threads images and videos using this downloader is very easy. Because you just need image and video links.

Paste your link and download.

Features Of Threads Video Downloader

Threads Video Downloader is trending this time within the time-spending people on Instagram Threads. People are sharing and resharing their images and videos on it.

Many people are searching- How to download appealing and favourite images, memes, and videos? And here the following features allow you to do so:

User Friendly UI

Threads Video Downloader contains a very easy UI. You will get a Link Paste Input Field and a Download Button.

Users have to just copy links from the Threads app, go to our downloader and paste and then click on download.

Download With Share Link

Yes. Very simple.

Find your favourite image and video. Click on the share button and then copy its link. Now go to Threads Downloader and paste the link on it. Click on Download.

Carousel Download

Threads app allows people to upload multiple images and videos up to 10. Therefore you can download all of them from one link.

Just copy your video link and paste it on the downloader. And then click on the download button.

Multiple Select

Also, the downloader allows you to select what you want to download from your carousel link. You can select and deselect and then download easily.

Quick Download

The downloader provides you single and simple download button. You will not get any extra jump or wait for a while like stuff.

Simply, quick and fast download.

MP4 HD Download

You can download the highest quality videos from it. It allows you to download it in MP4 format.

How To Download Threads Video Online?

There is no option for downloading videos on Instagram Threads therefore you must have to use Threads Downloader.

Step1: Go to Threads Video Downloader

  • Firstly, go to the official website
  • You will see a Paste Link option.
  • Here you have to paste your video link.

Step2: Copy Thread Video Link

  • Now you have to copy your video link.
  • Go to Thread.
  • Click on share and then click on copy link.

Step3: Paste Link On Thred Video Downloader

  • Once, you copy the link, you have to paste it on the Downloader
  • Come on to the website again and paste it on the field.
  • You will see the download button.

Step4: Select and Download Video

  • Finally, you will get the list of videos.
  • Click on the Download button.

About Instagram Threads App

Threads is a new Social Media App launched by Instagram, Meta on 5th July 2023. Within a week people start installing and now it become the first app on the planet that reach 30M in a day.

People are consistently using and spending time on Instagram Threads sharing Images, memes, news, threads, videos and meme.

The most unique feature of Threads is that you can easily make an account using your Instagram Account and you will get the same followers and following on it.

You can upload videos, and images and start a conversation with your friends, audiences and other people from the world with 500 characters which is double of Twitter.

Many people are finding Thread Downloader for downloading favourite and appealing memes, images, and videos so that they can reshare it on other platforms.

Install and Login Threads App

  • Open your Google PlayStore (Android) or AppStore (Apple/iOS)
  • Search Threads.
  • Click on Install or Get.
  • Wait for a successful installation.
  • Once it is installed, open and Login.
  • It is easy to understand and use.
  • You just want to know how to interact with people on apps by writing threads, resharing, sharing, linking and liking etc.
threads video downloader

FAQs Threads Downloader

What Is Threads Downloader?

Thread Downloader is an app that allows you instantly download any video, image/photo, or GIF from Threads to your device. Free Threads video downloader offers lightning-fast download speeds. To ensure high-quality playback, all videos are downloaded as HD MP4s.

How to use Threads Downloader?

>Enter the link/URL of the desired thread into the input field.
>Click the “Load Videos” button.
>Choose the preferred video quality from the options provided.
>Click the “download” button.
>The video will be downloaded in MP4 format to your device.

Is it safe to download videos from Threads Downloader?

Yes, you should ensure that all of the files you download from are secure and safe. User privacy is a top priority for Threads Downloader, which doesn’t keep any personal data on file. Additionally, every download link comes straight from the Threads App.

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