Narendra Modi’s PM SHRI School Yojana Can Change Education

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Prime Minister of India Shri Narendra Modi has started a new initiative regarding school education in India. Prime Minister has launched the PM SHRI Scheme on the occasion of Teacher’s day 2022.

Teachers’ day celebrates every year on 5 September in India. The Prime Minister informed this about this scheme through his tweet on Teachers Day 2022.

The government has launched the SHRI Scheme for National Education Policy 2022. The scheme will cover 14500 schools all over India.

The central government is 100% sponsoring the scheme. Which is inviting all the states with the Centre Government.

Central and state governments will provide financial assistance to all the selected schools to improve their furniture, structure and other details.

Today we will discuss this scheme and give a quick review of the scheme below. 

PM SHRI School 2022-23

PM SHRI stands for Pradhan Mantri School for Rising India. Mr. Narendra Modi introduced this scheme on 5 September 2022.

This scheme is developing schools according to NEP 2020.

All the Central schools i.e KVS, NVS and other State/UT level schools, and local bodies schools will get the benefit from this scheme.

The NEP has suggested providing experiential learning, learning by doing, which provides holistic and all-around development of children.

PM SHRI is an action of the implication of these features in India. The website has said that approximately more than 20 lakh students will get the direct benefit of this action in 14500 schools in India.

We can call it a pilot project to implement NEP in India till 2027. The government has decided on guidelines for 5 years to implement this scheme. 

The Objective Of The PM SHRI School

We are listing the main objectives of this scheme in the bullets below. You can read these and get an insight into the PM SHRI school.

  • Implement the provisions of NEP all over India. National Education Policy has been prepared to guide educational institutions for the next 10 to 15 years. This scheme is one of the first steps toward implementation. 
  • The government is aiming to provide holistic development of students in school by following various new interactive methods. Such as experienced learning, Discovery oriented learning and other learner-centred approaches.
  • Prepare sportsmen in schools. We are continuously watching the news about various sports persons nowadays who are winning medals for India.
  • The education system was not directly supporting sports activities on campus. But now, it will focus on sports also. 
  • Establish Technology based education in all the schools. The scheme will improvise the school infrastructure and modify it.
  • They will implement the concept of smart classes. It means teachers will teach students through digital boards, and projectors, and use various ICT Technologies to teach students.
  • This is a technological era India is a hub of service providers in the technology field all over the world.
  • They are aiming to prepare students Who bring revolution to the field of Technology.
  • These schools will help to produce brilliant students for IITs or other Technical Institutions in India. 

Key Features Of PM SHRI School

  • These schools will become role models for other schools to implement provisions of NEP 2022. 
  • PM SHRI schools will become eco-friendly. They will use solar panels to generate electricity for the school and use LED lights which are more nature friendly than tube lights.
  • They will also prepare a waste management system in their schools and enable traditional practices for farming, water conservation etc.
  • The school will also become a plastic-free campus.
  • Learner Centre pedagogical approaches will be used in these schools. such as students will learn through learning by doing, Discovery oriented method, and Experience-based method of teaching.
  • These practices will enable the Holistic development of students. 
  • The teacher will focus on learning outcomes. they will evaluate the students from their conceptual knowledge as well as the implementation of their knowledge in the real world.
  • The curriculum will add new employment skills for students. Such as they can introduce any technological skill i.e coding, HTML or other handicraft skills. This will enable them to get employment after completing their education.
  • Schools will receive an annual grant to develop and maintain the library, Sports, Labs, and other mandatory functions for schools.
  • PM SHRI Schools will have Science labs, MatLab, vocational Labs, ICT labs, smart boards, smart classes, digital libraries, smart libraries, science kits, maths kits, etc.

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Implementation of PM SHRI school

The cabinet successfully conducted a meeting on PM SHRI on 7th September 2022.

According to the meeting, there are three studies to implement this scheme in schools which are the following:


In this stage, the central government and state government will sign the MoU of PM SHRI.

In this stage, both authorities will decide on Strategies to implement national education policy through PM Shri schools.


The state will identify suitable schools according to their benchmarks for this scheme. They will conduct Pool through UDISE + data of school.


All the schools which have been selected from the pool in stage 2, Will participate in this stage.

The state KVS/ JNV will decide the selected schools for implementation of PM SHRI of a scheme according to fulfilling the eligibility criteria. The eligibility criteria will be provided to their schools.

In the end, a special committee will elect the desired school for applying to the PM SHRI scheme in the school.

There will be two schools in every block all over India. 18 lakh + students will get direct benefits from this initiative.

Prime Minister’s tweet

Prime Minister Narendra Modi generated 3 tweets on 5 September 2022.

We are listing all the tweets in the section below to provide you with an official statement from the prime minister about this scheme.

Prime Minister has tweeted “Today, on #TeachersDay I am glad to announce a new initiative – the development and upgradation of 14,500 schools across India under the Pradhan Mantri Schools For Rising India (PM-SHRI) Yojana.

These will become model schools which will encapsulate the full spirit of NEP.”

After that, he included that “The PM-SHRI schools will have a modern, transformational and holistic method of imparting education. Emphasis will be on a discovery-oriented, learning-centric way of teaching.

The focus will also be on modern infra including the latest technology, smart classrooms, sports and more.” 

Budget Decided For School For Rising India Scheme

The government has launched this scheme for 5 years. This is a centrally sponsored scheme. Both Central Government, as well as the state government, will contribute to implementing this scheme in their state.

The PM Shri Yojana will spend about a total of 27360 crore Rupees fulfilling this purpose. Central Government will contribute 18128 crores And another part will spend by the state government.

The scheme has decided budget for the next five years 2022-2027.


What is PM SHRI?

PM SHRI is a centrally sponsored initiative to implement the features of the National Education Policy 2020. It will improvise the system of schools under center/ state/ UT/ local bodies.

When PM SHRI Scheme was launched?

It was announced on 5 September 2022, the day is celebrated as Teacher’s Day in PAN India.

How useful is PM SHRI for schools?

This scheme will improve the structure of schools such as furniture as well as mechanism. Smart labs, sports arrangements, math labs, and Digital classrooms will be structured in 14500 schools within 5 years. These schools will play the role model of NEP schools for others

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