Olymp Trade withdrawal review

Olymp Trade withdrawal review – Olymp Trade is real or fake

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Olymp Trade: Want to become a trand and you can earn a lot of money by trading. We will give you some information about Olymp Trade. Here we will all know what is Olymp Trade and what are its advantages, what are the disadvantages of its company. We are going to tell you about all that in this post, just know about onlymp trade withdrawal review in detail.

What is Olymp Trade?

In today’s time, trading is done in very large quantities and people are earning a good amount of money from trading. Only those people who have some knowledge of trading are able to earn money by trading, be it share market trading, cryptocurrency trading or olymp trade.

Some people enter into trading without knowledge and lose their money, and call trading as gambling. So friends, we tell you that money can be earned from trading, but for that first you need to know a lot about trading. It is important, what is trading after all? olymp trade is also a part of trading. Before entering into it, we need to know a lot about it.

Olymp Trade real or fake
Olymp Trade real or fake

Olymp Trade Overview

Post NmaeOlymp Trade withdrawal review – Olymp Trade is real or fake
Official Websitehttps://olymptrade.com/
HeadquartersSt. Vincent and the Grenadines
Founded Year2014
Product OfferedCurrencies, Stocks, CFDs, Indices, ETF
Minimum Initial Deposit$10
Maximum Leverage400:1
Trading feesIt varies depending on the asset
Supported currenciesEUR, USD, CAD, NZD
Customer Support24/7 via Email, Phone, Live chat, and Help center

How does Olymp Trade work? How is Olymp Trade played?

For trading in this, you get the option to trade with very little money. To invest money in any stock, commodity, currency or forex, you are given two options. In these options you have to choose whether the graph will go up or down. To make this selection, you are given a time such as one minute, two minutes, or as much as you select.

If the choice you make is correct, your money almost doubles. And if your choice is wrong, all the money you invested goes to Olympus. This is how Olymp Trade works, further in this post you will know about Olymp Trade and how to earn money.

Olymp Trade is a company of which country?

Obviously, those people and new traders who want to trade by investing in a big Forex broker company like Olymp Trade, then they will also be excited to know which country and where Olymp Trade is actually a company from, so come. Know. olymp trade company was established in the year 2014

Headquarter of Olymp Trade Company is St. Vincent & the Grenadines, which falls in the Caribbean region. At present, Olymp Trade is spread in more than 30 countries, which include Russia, America, India, Japan. That means people in these 30 countries trade through Olymp Trade and earn money.

How to create an account in Olymp Trade?

  • If you are new to Olymp Trade and want to create a new account, then first of all you have to open the Play Store of your mobile and install the Olymp Trade app.
  • After the app is installed, you have to open it, after opening the app you will see two big buttons at the bottom. In this, the first button will be of Facebook and the second will be of Google.
  • You have to click on the Google button because it is quite easy. Click on the Google button, after this you will see the Google account created by you.
  • You can select any Google account as per your choice with which you want to create your account on Olymp Trade. After selecting Google account, as soon as you click, a new page will open in front of you.
  • In this page you will see the Gmail account chosen by you, also below it you will see the option of Register. You have to click on the Register option and your Olymp Trade account will be completely ready.

How to play Olymp Trade?

  • By the way, it is very easy to play in olymp trade, when you open olymp trade you will see a graph, which sometimes goes down and sometimes goes up, you just have to guess this graph by correctly assessing it. Now this graph will go downwards or upward.
  • For this, there are two big buttons just below the graph, the first of which is Down and the second is like this. There are P buttons, if you feel that now the graph will go down then without wasting time you will quickly select the time frame and click on the down button.
  • For example, suppose I have 200 rupees and now I want to invest this money in Bitcoin, now I have kept the time frame of 1 minute and now I think that the graph will go up, then I can invest in UP without any delay. I will click on that button.
  • If the graph remains upward for 1 minute, then I will win Rs. 200 that I have invested and I will get Rs. 160 on the profit curve, that is, my total profit is Rs. 160.
  • Similarly, if I now take another trade on the time frame of 1 minute, in which I would like to invest Rs. 500 again in Bitcoin, but now looking at the graph, I feel that the graph will go downwards, so I pressed the down button without any delay. Will click on.
  • If the graph remains downwards for 1 minute, then I will win Rs. 500 that I have invested and I will get Rs. 400 as profit, that is, my total profit is Rs. 400.
  • But on the contrary, if the reason behind the graph going down remains up during 1 minute, then I will lose Rs 500, hence trading is very easy, but it is a bit difficult to get a good profit through it.

Benefits of Olymp Trade App

  • Due to its very simple interface, it is quite easy to trade in it.
  • You can actually make money by trading in it.
  • You can send the money you earn directly to your bank account.
  • Because it is an international app, you can trade from anywhere.
  • 5Whenever you guess correctly, you will win and your money will be doubled

Olymp Trade Platform Fees

Monthly Fee

From the beginning, this broker does not charge any commission per trade executed on the Standard account. The platform charges $10 as a monthly fee if the trader does not execute any transactions for more than 180 days.

There is no commission initially and after 180 days you will have to pay 10$ for this platform.

Disadvantages of Olymp Trade App

  • Friends, where there is profit there is also some loss, similarly there are many losses in olymp trade.
  • When you trade on this and make wrong choices, you may even lose money.
  • In the pursuit of earning more money, you may also have to suffer losses.
  • Due to lack of understanding of trading, there can be loss.
  • Olymp Trading is not registered by SEBI, due to which there is a risk of ban on this app. As you have already known that this app is not Indian, due to this the Indian public does not contribute to the economy.

Olymp Trade withdrawal review

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