Homes for sale in florida under $5 000

A Beginner’s Guide to Mobile Homes for Sale in Florida – Mobile homes for sale in florida under $5 000

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Florida mobile homes under $5,000 for sale: I am aware that it might be challenging to locate the top ten used mobile homes under $5,000. For you, we have some beautiful solutions. This is a brand-new mobile home with all the amenities. This will not provide you with affordable mobile homes nearby.

Homes for sale in florida under $5 000

This San Antonio single-wide trailer is for sale. It costs about $5000 and features two bedrooms and one bathroom.

A Beginner’s Guide to Mobile Homes for Sale in Florida

Due to their higher average price, it might be difficult to find mobile homes for sale in Florida for less than $5,000. Nonetheless, some older or fixer-upper mobile homes may be found for this amount of money, especially in remote locations or from private sellers.

In order to find Florida mobile homes that fit your budget, consider the following options:

Online Classifieds: Mobile home listings may frequently be found on websites such as Craigslist ( or Facebook Marketplace ( These platforms allow you to look for mobile homes in Florida that are within your budget.

Local Newspapers: Look through the classified sections of Florida local newspapers; there are frequently postings for pre-owned mobile homes there. Tampa Bay Times, Orlando Sentinel, and Miami Herald are a few of the state’s well-known publications.

Dealers of Mobile Homes: You may be able to locate older or more affordable mobile homes within your price range by getting in touch with your neighborhood dealerships or by visiting their websites. They can have stock or details about mobile homes that are up for grabs.

Recall that it’s crucial to do a detailed inspection of the property, account for any additional expenses related to repairs or modifications, and make sure you abide by all local rules and regulations before buying a mobile home.

Please offer additional information if you have any particular queries about the code, and I’ll be pleased to help.

Mobile homes under $5,000 near me

Sub $5,000 mobile homes in the vicinity of your place. But I can provide some broad guidance on locating reasonably priced mobile homes:

Online Classifieds: You may find postings for mobile homes at different price points on websites such as Craigslist, eBay Classifieds, or local classified ad websites. These services allow you to look for mobile homes under $5,000 in your region.

Local Dealerships: Get in touch with or visit your neighborhood manufactured home or mobile home dealership. They might be able to direct you to alternative resources or provide you reasonably priced choices.

Mobile Home Parks: Get in touch with local mobile home parks to see if they have any pre-owned mobile homes available for purchase that are within your price range.

Auctions: Look for local, online, and live auctions; sometimes, they feature mobile homes for sale at reduced costs.

 Image Source Mobile Homes For Sale Under $5000
Image Source Mobile Homes For Sale Under $5000
  • Location: 4210 South Zarzamora Street, San Antonio, TX
  • Property ID: 1162024
  • Purchase Method: Seller Financing

This mobile house is priced at $4000 below your budget and features a deck, one bedroom, one bathroom, and measurements of 12 feet by 35 feet.

 Image Source Mobile Homes For Sale Under $5000
Image Source Mobile Homes For Sale Under $5000
  • Location: 3331 Gall Boulevard, Lot 196, Zephyrhills, FL 33541
  • Property ID: 1129424
  • Model: 1986 FRAN

This 1977 Homette WZ ll, measuring 12 feet by 36 feet, with one bedroom, one bathroom, and 432 square feet of living space, has to be moved. Its price is only $5000 less than what you can afford.

 Image Source Mobile Homes For Sale Under $5000
  • Location: 282 Barnard Blvd. N, St. Petersburg, FL 337031
  • Property ID: 1074045
  • Model: 1977 Homette

This 1977 single-wide home, measuring 12 feet by 40 feet, has one bedroom, one bathroom, and is priced for just $3,500. It needs to be moved.

 Image Source Mobile Homes For Sale Under $5000
Image Source Mobile Homes For Sale Under $5000
  • Location: 5442 3rd Way N, St. Petersburg, FL 33703
  • Property ID: 1037349
  • Model: 1977 Homette

This 1972 Rama, which is priced at about $3,500, has two bedrooms, two bathrooms, and dimensions of 24 feet by 36 feet.

Yes, you get this mobile home with land and the good thing is that you get a very large area in it. Its area is 864 Sqft and its dimensions are 24 Ft x 36 Ft.

 Image Source Mobile Homes For Sale Under $5000
Image Source Mobile Homes For Sale Under $5000
  • Location: 6323 Birch Lane, Lantana, FL 33462
  • Property ID: 1178098
  • Model: 1972 Rama

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Used Mobile Homes for Sale

Pre-owned prefabricated or modular houses that are up for sale are referred to as used mobile homes. For those searching for cheap living, these houses might be a viable alternative because they are usually less expensive than brand-new mobile homes.

It is advised to go through local classified advertising, internet marketplaces, and specialist websites that sell mobile homes while looking for used mobile homes for sale. The following well-known websites include listings of pre-owned mobile homes for sale:

  • Zillow movies/mobile/
  • is the URL of MHVillage.
  • is the URL for Mobile Home Village.
  • Trulia
  • is the URL of

Please be aware that based on where you are, pricing and availability may change. Before making a purchase, it is usually important to perform a comprehensive inspection and due diligence on the mobile home.