Laapataa Ladies Release Date

Laapataa Ladies Release Date, Cast, OTT & Review

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Laapataa Ladies Movie: Hello Everybody, welcome to our new article. In this article, we will talk about Laapataa Ladies Movie’s Release Date, OTT, Cast & their crew members. Upcoming Indian comedy drama directed by Kiran Rao.

Ravi Kishan, Pratibha Ranta are in the lead roles along with Sparsh Srivastav, Nitanshi Goel, Kanupriya Rishimum with other talented members. Divyanidhi Sharma is a Dialoger writer in this movie.

Aamir Khan and Kiran Rao produced Laapataa Ladies movie under the most popular Aamir Khan Productions, Zeal Z Entertainment Services, and Kindling Productions.

Laapataa Ladies Release Date

we are know Laapataa Ladies Release Date Laapataa Ladies is an upcoming Hindi movie scheduled to be released on 5 Jan, 2024

About Laapataa Ladies Movie

Drame NameLaapataa Ladies
DirectorKiran Rao
Release Date5 Jan 2024
WritersSneha Desai
CastSparsh Srivastav, Ravi Kishan, Nitanshi Goel
Plot SummaryIt’s a jolly mess when two young brides get lost from a train. Set in 2001, somewhere in rural India.
Runtime2h 2m
Producers Aamir Khan, Kiran Rao Production Aamir Khan Productions, Kindling Productions, Zeal Z Entertainment Services

Laapataa Ladies Movie Cast & Crew Members:

  • Atishay Jain Akhil
  • Water Seller
  • Gunjan
  • Tout(archive footage)
  • Kirti Shreeyansh Jain
  • Sushila
  • Chotu
  • Samarth Mahor
  • Bhaskar Jha
  • Durgesh Kumar
  • Dubey ji
  • Kanupriya Rishimum
  • Pardeep
  • Chhaya Kadam
  • Ravi Kishan
  • Bilas
  • Ram Singh Patel
  • Teasing Man
  • Pranjal Pateriya
  • Nitanshi Goel
  • Daood Hussain
  • Raghu
  • Pratibha Ranta
  • Bela ji
  • Vivek Savarikar
  • Hemant Soni
  • Satendra Soni
  • Sparsh Srivastav
  • Sudhir
  • Shivam Ghawariya

Laapataa Ladies Movie Release Date:

Laapataa Ladies is upcoming movie which is set to release on January 5, 2024. Before that we have got the trailer which let us knew most of things about the movie and the suspence still remains the same. The female actor Pratibha Ranta played very crucial role who also acted in many other indian tv shows along with many other actors & actresses.

Laapataa Ladies OTT & Cast By Google Image

Laapataa Ladies Storyline:

Laapata Ladies is story of two young early marriaged husbands whose wives get lost in the train when they were travelling.

With this incident they tried to complain on the police station where the police officer demands for the photo of the bride and heres the twist begins, the bride face was covered in that single photo, which shocked the police department overall they have mainted the fun part as well as the suspence in this trailler to make it more interesting to watch.

The trailer is out now which we have added in the below. You can watch it now.

Laapataa Ladies OTT Platform:

As we know, Laapataa Ladies movie is about to launch in the January but still it is not clear that which OTT platform buy its rights to let people watch Laapataa Ladies comedy drama online. While many big players like Amazon Prime Video or Disney+ Hotstar are in the line to buy the streaming rights but lets see which player takes the rights.

Laapataa Ladies Reviews

After the Trailer was released a month ago, the people are exited to watch it as we can see the IMDB rating for Laapataa Ladies is 9.1 out of 10 which leaves strong impression for the movie.

And second reasion is that the movie is produced by Aamir khan who a have very huge fan base in india, So all the movie lovers and Aamir Khan’s fans are waiting for this movie passionately after watching the Laapataa Ladies Trailer.


So in this article we have talked about many things including but not limited to Laapataa Ladies OTT Platform, their Casts & crew members, and most importantly Laapata Ladies Release Date.

Hope this article provided all the information about this movie. If Do share with your friends and family & specially Aamir Khan’s fans to ensure that they shouldn’t miss this Comedy Movie.

FAQs – Laapataa Ladies Movies

What is Laapataa Ladies Movie Release Date?

Laapataa Ladies is upcoming movie which is set to release on January 5, 2024.

Laapataa Ladies where to watch?

From the sources, its likely to be released on popular OTT Platforms(Amazon Prime or Disney+ hotstar ) who are in the line to purchase Laapata Ladies rights to stream the movie.

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