CBSE Training Portal 2023: Teacher Registration, Fee, eCertificate Download

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Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE) has started a teaching training program for teachers to get quality teaching skills online and offline. This will help teachers to become more experienced, relevant and skill full. You can apply for it on CBSE Training Portal.

CBSE Training Portal provides a platform for all teachers to register online for training courses of CoEs. The Center of Excellence (CoE) is an entity that leads, guides research, supports and imparts training for a specific sector for example Teaching, Counselling, IT Support and more.

In this article, we will walk you through the complete guide about CBSE Training Portal 2023, Benefits, Eligibility, Registration, Fees, Exam, Training, and e Certificate Download etc.

Read the complete guide to avoid mistakes:

CBSE Teacher Training Certificate 2023

The CBSE has noticed the gap in teachers’ teaching methods which are not helpful for students’ understanding and learning of the subject. Therefore CBSE is trying to improve students learning by making good teachers through CBSE Teacher Training Certificate 2023.

One of the key goals of the Training is to keep educators up-to-date with the latest teaching methodologies, educational trends, and advancements in their respective fields through Capacity Building Programme (CBP).

By doing so, the CBSE aims to ensure that teachers are well-equipped to provide high-quality education to students. Also, it addresses the challenges faced by educators and schools, ultimately leading to an improved quality of education.

Benefits For Teachers to Get a CBSE Training Certificate

  • Enhanced Skills: CoEs training improves teaching methods, boosting classroom management and curriculum development for better student engagement.
  • Professional Growth: You gain updated knowledge, stay current with educational trends, and deepen your understanding of teaching theories.
  • Credibility: CoEs certificate showcases dedication to growth, lending credibility to your teaching expertise.
  • Career Boost: It opens opportunities for promotions, leadership roles, and career advancement within education.
  • Network Building: Connect with diverse educators, fostering a supportive professional community.
  • Adaptation Skills: Learn to integrate new methods and technology as education evolves.
  • Student Success: Effective techniques create a better learning environment, improving student engagement and performance.
  • Personal Fulfillment: Skill development brings a sense of achievement and job satisfaction.
  • Specialization: Explore specific interests or expertise through specialized training tracks.

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The Latest CBSE Training Fee Structure 2023

CoEs conduct various skill training online and offline in various cities. Teachers, Individuals, and Schools have to pay the following charges to gain training and a certificate of completion. But you can also join the Free Online Session. But the most time you may get a Full Seat.

S. No.Particulars of Capacity Building Programme(s) CBPsFee / Per day
A. General CBPs
1Life Skills Basic (1 Day )Rs.1000/-
2Classroom Management (2 Days )
3Career Guidance (2 Days )
4Inclusion & Inclusive Strategies (2 Days )
5Value Education (1 Day )
6Upholding Ethics and Integrity (2 Days )Rs.1000/-
7Gender Sensitivity (1 Day )
8Assessment for Secondary Classes (1 Day )
9Stress Management (1 Day)
10Adolescent Education (1 Day )
11Life Skills Advanced (1 Day )
B. Subject-Specific CBPs
1Social Science Secondary (2 Days )Rs. 1000/-
2Science Secondary (2 Days )
A. General CBPsMathematics Secondary (2 Days )Rs. 1000/-
4English Secondary (2 Days )
5Gujrati Secondary (2 Days )
6Hindi Secondary (2 Days )
7English Sr. Secondary (2 Days )Rs. 1000/-
8Accountancy Sr. Secondary (2 Days )
9Business Studies Sr. Secondary (2 Days )
10History Sr. Secondary (2 Days )
11Political Science Sr. Secondary (2 Days )Rs.1000/-
12Economics Sr. Secondary (2 Days )
13Psychology Sr. Secondary (2 Days)
14Gujrati Sr. Secondary (2 Days)
15Python Language Sr. Secondary (1 Day)
C. Prospective Resource Persons’ CBPsRs.1500/-
D. Induction Programme(s) for School Administrator(s) / Manager(s)Rs.2500/-
In Table ” means Rs. 1000 (Iteration)

CBSE Training Centers List 2023

If you want to get training in offline mode then COEs has integrated the training centers in the following cities. You can find cbse training centers on the portal by visiting here:

BhopalMadhya Pradesh
ChennaiTamil Nadu
Delhi EastDelhi
KakinadaAndhra Pradesh
PrayagrajUttar Pradesh
Delhi WestDelhi
NOIDAUttar Pradesh

Know About CBSE Training Portal

The CBSE Training Portal is an online platform developed by the Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE) to provide comprehensive training and professional development opportunities for various stakeholders in the education sector.

The portal offers training programs, workshops, and resources to enhance the skills and knowledge of educators and administrators, ultimately contributing to the overall improvement of the education system.

Login To CBSE Training Portal As:

  • School Management: Educational institution reps can log in to oversee the teachers’ program participation.
  • Individual Participant: Those seeking professional growth, like teachers and educators, can use the portal to join training sessions and courses.
  • Centre Of Excellence (COE): CBSE-designated COEs can log in to coordinate and oversee training initiatives.
  • Training Headquarters: Supervising training across multiple locations.
  • Training Administrator: Admins oversee training portal functions and user accounts.
  • Head COEs: Center heads access specialized admin functions.
  • DDO Login: Handles training-related financial transactions for Drawing and Disbursing Officers.
  • Resource Person: Individuals with expertise in specific areas who facilitate training sessions.
  • Venue Director: Individuals overseeing the training venue, logistics, and operations.
  • Academic Unit: The academic wing of the CBSE is responsible for curriculum-related training.
  • Skill Education Unit: A unit focused on training for skill development and vocational education.
  • State Directorate: State education directorates can access and oversee training resources and participation.
  • Bank: Authorized personnel responsible for handling payment-related processes.

Registration Process On CBSE Training Portal:

  • Select Schedule & Venue: Users can browse through available training schedules and venues to choose suitable options.
  • Register: Users fill out the appropriate registration form based on their role and desired training program.
  • Payment: If applicable, users make the necessary payment for the selected training.
  • Confirmation: Once registered and payment is confirmed, participants receive a confirmation of their enrollment.
  • Attend Training: On the scheduled date, participants attend the training session either physically or virtually.
  • Certification & Feedback: After completing the training, participants receive certificates and are given the opportunity to provide feedback on their experience.

CBSE Training Portal Registration Form:

  1. Registration Form For Resource Person: This form captures details about individuals who wish to contribute as resource persons, including their expertise and availability.
  2. Registration Form For Venue Director: This form gathers information about individuals willing to take on the responsibility of overseeing training venues, logistics, and operations.

Participation Type For CBSE Teacher Training Certification Program

  • Registered through Training Portal
  • Registered through the registration link provided by COEs/Training Unit
  • Certificates related to Skill Education
  • Foreign Universities Programmes
  • Online Quiz on NEP
  • Technology for Blended Learning
  • Storytelling as Pedagogy
  • Cyber Security
  • Online Prospective Resource Persons Training on Pedagogical Leadership
  • Literacy And Numeracy
  • Knowledge Sharing session on Careers and Skill in 21st Century
  • The integration of Arts and Culture organized by CBSE and Google for Education
  • Holistic Assessment organized by CBSE and Google for Education
  • Online Training by CBSE – COEs on Alternate Activities for Science Practicals
  • Five Days Online Training on Pedagogical Leadership
  • Conducive Learning Environment
  • 5 hours Training programme on 21st Century Skills

How To Register For Teacher CBSE Training Certification In 2023 On Portal

If you are a teacher and want to scale up your teaching techniques then you must register on CBSE Training Portal and you can do so using the following steps:

  • Go to and click CBSE WEBSITE.
  • Choose a program from CoEs and click REGISTER.
  • Existing users: Log in with User-id and Password.
  • New users: Fill out the registration form and click “Submit Details”.
  • Proceed for payment, choose a payment method, and click “Proceed to make Payment”.
  • Successful payment returns to portal; failure allows retry.
  • Download payment receipts in “My Account” > “Receipt for Online Payment”.
  • The workshop link will be emailed by CoE; contact CoE for link issues.
  • Attend the session, and mark attendance through the posted link in Chat Box.
  • The attendance link deactivates after the session.
  • CoE marks attendance on the portal and activates the feedback link.
  • Provide feedback with the portal’s Login ID and password.
  • E-certificate generated on the portal; download for reference.
  • For session issues, contact the relevant CoE for a quick resolution.
  • Always log out after using the online software.

How To Download CBSE Training Certificate Online 2023

  • On this page, you have to choose a participation option out of 17:
  • After this, you may get more other options:
  • Choose again and click on it.
  • Now you have to provide asked information.
  • Finally, you can download your e Certificate.

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