PM Kisan 12th Instalment

Govt has provided 12th Instalment today.

Here are keypoints for PM Kisan Next Instalments

PM Kisan 12th Instalment Date

PM Narendra Modi released PM Kisan Instalment date on 17th October 2022.

PM Kisan Beneficiary

PM Kisan has provided about 8 crore small and marginal farmers in 12th instalment.

How Many Amount Government Provide in PM Kisan Yojana

Under PM Kisan Yojana government provides Rs 6000 in a year in three phases. Rs 2000 for each phase.

Rs. 2000 x 8 Crore Farmers Government has provided total Rs. 16 Crore to beneficiaries account in 12th account.

NOTE: The period of 12th Instalment is of 4 founth. If you do not get Rs 2000 this month you can get next month in November 2022

3 Key Points of PM Kisan Yojana for Next 13th Intalment

#1 Complete PM Kisan KYC.

You can lose your Rs 2000 beneficiary amount if you do not complete PM Kisan eKYC on time. It is mandatory by Govternment.

#2 Check Your Beneficiary Status

Yes. You should check your PM Kisan Beneficiary Status for every instalment. It ensures that you are getting benefits.

#3 Check PM Kisan Beneficiary List

And you should check your name in Every PM Kisan Beneficiary List. In this list, you have to check your name.

Complet PM Kisan KYC

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PM Kisan Next Instalment

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PM Kisan Benficiary Stattus

Check full details about PM Kisan Benefiicary Status