WBPDS Aadhaar Link (eKYC) Digital Ration Card Download 2023

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Everything is going online for security and user authentication purposes. Ans now West Bengal government is providing WBPDS Digital Ration Card for the same purpose.

As you know the government is linking every official document and scheme with Aadhaar Card and making them e-Documents for example linking your Aadhaar with your Bank Account, PM-Kisan, Health Card, and many schemes.

Now you can make your Digital Ration Card linking with your Aadhaar Number.

In today’s post, we have discussed why there is a need for a WBPDS Digital Ration Card, its Benefits, How You Can Link your Aadhaar, and Download an e-Card.

Know About WBPDS West Bengal

wbpds digital ration card life cycle mnagement

WBPDS Digital Ration Card is an electric form of your Original Paper Ration Card that is verified and implemented by the West Bengal Public Distribution System (WBPDS).

It is a working system of the Department of Food & Supplies Government of West Bengal. The department is the main reason for all ration cards, food, and grain supply in the state.

While WBPDS is a system that manages all ration cards and PDS shops.

The Department of Food & Supplies Govt of West Bengal provides e-ration cards while WBPDS provides Online Ration Card Life Cycle Portal– a one-stop platform for information and bring transparency by disseminating data, information, news, etc., related to PDS.

About WBPDS Aadhaar Seeded WB Digital e-Ration Card

In 2018, The government of West Bengal started the “Khadya Sathi” program for food security. Under this program, the government aimed to digitize all available and new ration cards in the state.

Under WBPDS, the state government has turned your old paper into a Digital and Smart Card for ease of regulation, implementation, and transparency.

west bengal digitised ration card

The term “E-Ration Card” refers to a unique PDF document issued by the Food and Supplies Department, Government of West Bengal, for the purchase of goods for public distribution and other goods for daily use as determined from time to time by the Government, from the fair pricing shops.

Digital and Smart Ration Cards are the same. You can access Digital RC online while Smart Card is in physical form. Both work in the same manner.

As you can see in the above image that there are many differences between old and new WB Ration Cards.

Features Of The e-Ration Cards Of West Bengal

When you link your Aadhaar Card with your Ration Card then it becomes an e-Ration Card and you can download it online from the official website (food.wb.gov.in) and manage it from WBPDS

  • A digital/smart ration card and an e-ration card both have the same rights and privileges.
  • The e-RC will be accepted by all relevant authorities on par with the Digital Ration Card.
  • Anyone can verify an e-RC online at any time by scanning the QR code inscribed in it or entering the e-Ration Card No. on the Department’s official website.
  • An owner of an e-Ration Card may download a copy of his card from the internet.
  • Beginning the next working day after approval, the recipients may visit the Ration Shop to purchase the food grains.
  • To receive food grains in a ration shop, the e-Ration Cardholder will not need to bring his Digital Ration Card in a physical or paper version.
  • To get the food grains from the ration shop, you can either carry a copy of the e-Ration Card printed on plain paper or display a soft copy e-Ration Card on his mobile device.

How Digital Ration Cards Are Different From Old

The old WBPD Ration Card was made of paper. You have to carry it safely. All your grain transactions are written with pen ink.

Once you lost it, you have to make rounds of government offices to get new back. You have to visit frequently of time to government office for adding new family members, make corrections, and renew the card.

But the new WBPDS Digital or Smart Ration Card solves all these problems because of its online and database configuration.

Once you link your Aadhaar Card Number with your Old Ration card, the Old RC becomes an e-Ration Card.

Now you can get the following benefits with your Digital RC:

  • You can access your Ration Card Online.
  • Your User Authentication is improved.
  • All your transaction is secure in the online database.
  • You can add new family members online.
  • You do not have to carry it all the time.
  • No worry to lose it.
  • Download any time.

WBPDS E-Ration Card Key Highlights

Name Of StateWest Bengal
InitiativeDigitized Ration Card
Initiative NameKhadya Sathi
Work under the Khadya SathiCreating e-Ration Card
BeneficiaryRation Card Holders
BenefitsYou get a smart ration card
How To Make e-RCLinking with Aadhaar Card
Where To Make e-RCWBPDS official website
Official Websitefood.wb.gov.in

In the below section, we have discussed How To Link Aadhaar With Ration Cards, Check the Application Status, and Download the e-Ration Card.

WBPDS Aadhaar Link Importance

The government brought the Aadhaar Card and unique ID for all citizens of India. Aadhaar Linking with different kinds of official documents provides user authentication, high-end security, and transparency of citizens for benefits.

link aadhaar with ration card
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The following are the benefits of Linking Aadhaar With a Ration Card:

  • Linking RC with an Aadhaar can eliminate duplicate of it.
  • It prevents fraudulent activities.
  • If there are multiple cards under the same name, then the government can verify the true cardholder and eliminate duplicates.
  • Aadhar has biometric data, so the PDS can easily find genuine cardholders with it.
  • It helps the government to prevent corruption.
To get an e-Ration Card, it is mandatory that you have linked your Aadhaar Card with Ration Card.

WBPDS Aadhar Link: How To Link WB Ration Card With Your Aadhaar Card Online 2023?

If you want to link your Aadhaar with your ration card then you should follow the following steps:

  • Firstly, go to the official website of the WB Ration Card.
  • On the homepage, you can see a Special Service section. [It is a very important section]
wbpds special services
  • You can see various options in this section.
  • Now you will jump on the WBPDS Aadhaar eKYC page.
  • On this page, you get two options for Aadhaar Linking:
    • Link Aadhaar with active cards
    • Link Aadhaar with deactivated/newly approved RC
  • Go as per your condition.
  • Now you have to fill in the following field:
    • Ration Card Category
    • Ration Card Number
  • After this, you have to click on SEARCH.
  • You will get your Ration Card details. And there will be an NA in front of the Aadhaar and Mobile Number field.
  • Now on the same page, you can see “Do KYC”.
  • Click on it, and you can easily complete your Ration Card eKYC by providing your Aadhaar Card and Mobile Number.
  • After providing the information, click on Verify.
  • Now you will receive an OTP.
  • Enter it and your eKYC will be complete.
  • You can download your e-Ration.

Download WBPDS Aadhaar Link E-Ration Card 2023 @

If you have completed your Aadhaar KYC for Ration Card, then you can check the status and download your e-Ration Card online.

Here are steps on how you can download it:

  • Firstly, visit the official website of the.
  • On the homepage, in the Special Service click on e-Ration Card.
  • A new page will open as below image.
  • Now click on “Click to download e-Ration Card
  • A new page will open.
  • On this page, you have to provide your Ration Card Number and select the category.
  • After this click on Download.
  • You will get OTP.
  • Verify and your RC PDF will download.

FAQs WBPDS e-Ration Card

If I have an old RationCard, can I also get a ration using it?

Yes. You can get your ration using paper-based RC. But you should soon move to your e-Ration Card.

How will PDS provide me ration with my e-RC?

The PDS will scan your RC QR Code, verify it with your OTP, and then will provide the ratio.

Where can I check my Ration Card Transaction History?

You can check your ration card transaction online on https://wbpds.wb.gov.in/(S(ejlswasgywf1ojjlw04ad3el))/RCTransactionDetails.aspx

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