Randeep Hooda Wife, Age, Netwoth, Biography & more

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Randeep Hooda: Recently another woman has come into discussion a lot. Most people do not know his name. All people know is that she is Randeep Hooda’s wife, if you want to know about Randeep Hooda Wife. Then you have come to the right place.

Because today through this article we are going to tell you about the love story of Randeep Hooda and his wife. We are also going to tell you this. When was Randeep Hooda’s wife finally born? And how much does Randeep Honda’s wife earn?

And what does it do? So without much delay let’s start knowing about all the important things related to Randeep Honda’s wife.

Randeep Hooda Wife Biography

Talking about Randeep Hooda wife, his wife’s name is Lesh Ram. Things had been going on between these two for a long time. And their affair is now complete. She is married to Randeep Hooda.

And she has become his wife. Talking about his place of birth, he was born in Manipur. And she comes from Metai community. She also studied in Sophia College, Mumbai.

Not only this, she has also studied at Stella Hitler Studio of Acting in New York. This actress does both modeling and innovative work very well. Not only this, she is also an entrepreneur and runs her own business.

He has played very important roles in films like Om Shanti Om Mary Kom Rangoon. Apart from this, he has also worked in the movie Matru Ki Bijli Ka Mandola.

He had an important role in this also. This is evident from looking at their Instagram handle. That she is also an expert in hand made jewellery. They have good knowledge of it.

Randeep Hooda Wife Details Overview 2024

Post nameRandeep Hooda wife, Age, Netwoth, biography & more
Article Randeep Hooda Wife details
Randeep Hooda wife NameLesh ram
Randeep Hooda wife Net worth41 crore
Randeep Hooda wife Age39
Randeep Hooda wife Date of birth19 December 1985
Randeep Hooda wife Birth place Manipur
Randeep Hooda wife Love story Read this article
Randeep Hooda Wife Details Overview 2024

Randeep Hooda Instagram

Randeep Hooda Wife Age

Talking about the birth of Randeep Hooda wife Nilesh Ram, he was born on 19 December 1985. Which should be seen accordingly. So at present his age is around 39 years.

After reading this article till now, I have come to know about the date of birth and age of my Randeep Hooda wife Laishram.

Randeep hooda wife

After reading this article till now, you would have come to know what is the age of Randeep Hooda wife.

Randeep Hooda Love Story

All the love stories that have happened in Bollywood. They have been detected from somewhere else. But this is not the case with Randeep Hooda. No one knew about the relationship between Randeep Hooda and Les Ram.

Randeep Hooda himself has given information about this relationship through his Instagram profile. People did not even know that she had started coming into the limelight so much. That he will marry her so soon.

As soon as people saw the wedding photos of these two, their fans were shocked and happy. Because he had never heard his name before today. After reading this article till now, you have come to know about Randeep Hooda wife Love Story.

Randeep Hooda Wife Networth

This can be seen by looking at their actions. That their property is in good condition. If seen in American rupees, his wealth is around 5 lakh dollars.

If seen in Indian rupees, it is around Rs 41 crore. So after reading this article till now, I have come to know about my Randeep Hooda wife Net worth. We hope that now you will not have any other questions regarding this.


After reading this article till now, I have come to know everything about my Randeep Hooda wife Lesh Ram. Now you will not have any question about Randeep Honda’s wife.

Because in this article we have told you about his date of birth, his love story as well as his net worth. We hope that the hope with which you came to read this article must have been fulfilled.

FAQs:- Randeep Hooda Wife

What is the name of Randeep Hooda’s wife?

Randeep Honda’s wife’s name is Lesh Ram.

What is the net worth of Randeep Hooda’s wife?

His wife’s net worth is around Rs 41 crore in Indian rupees.

How old is Randeep Hooda’s wife?

Randeep Hooda’s wife’s age is 39 years.

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