Nikki Tamboli husband, Biography, Age, Height, Weight, Boyfriend, Family, Net Worth & more

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Nikki Tamboli Biography :

At present, Nikki Tamboli is being discussed everywhere. If you have seen them or heard their name. So you must have been curious to know about them. If this curiosity has arisen within you.

Then you have come to the right place. Because today through this article we are going to give you information about all the important things related to Nikki Tamboli.

After reading this article, you will no longer have any questions about Nikki Tamboli. So without wasting much time let us discuss all the important things related to Nikki Tamboli.

Nikki Tamboli Biography

Talking about the birth of Nikki Tamboli, Nikki Tamboli was born inside India, she was born in Aurangabad located inside Maharashtra. Then gradually his inclination turned towards acting.

So he grew up and learned acting and then he started working in Telugu films. He has also worked in the Telugu film Chikati Gadilo. Not only this, she has also been a contestant of India’s biggest show Bigg Boss.

He was born in this family. Talking about his father’s name, his father’s name is Digambar Tamboli. His father works as a sales executive in HDFC Bank.

His mother’s name is Pramila Disha K Tamboli. He also has a brother, his brother’s name is Jatin Tamboli.

Nikki Tamboli Age

If you are a fan of Nikki Tamboli. So you will definitely be curious to know this. After all, how old is he? And when does his birthday come?

Nikki Tamboli networth

So his date of birth is 21 August 1996. Let it be seen accordingly. So his age at present is around 28 years.

Nikki Tamboli Biography overview

PostNikki Tamboli husband Biography, Age, Height, Weight, Boyfriend, Family, Net Worth & more
NameNikki Tamboli
Date of birth21 August 1996
Birth place Maharashtra Hoshangabad
Married not
Networth100 Crore
Per month income 1 crore
Nikki Tamboli overview

Nikki Tamboli Height & Weight

There are so many actresses. They all have different heights and they all have different weights. Talk about Nikki Tamboli Height

So his height is around 5 feet 5 inches. Talking about Nikki Tamboli’s weight, her weight is around 56 kg.

Nikki Tamboli Husband

Nikki Tamboli is not married with anyone yet. So that clearly shows. That she does not have any husband, yes although she has an affair. There are many rumors out there regarding this.

Nikki Tamboli Boyfriend

Nikki Tamboli has not said anything about it. But there is some rumor on the internet. It has been revealed that her boyfriend’s name is Rohit Gida.

Because they have been seen together a lot in the past, due to which people have started believing this. That maybe he is her boyfriend. But both of them have not made any announcement about their relationship.

Nikki Tamboli religion

Talking about Nikki Tamboli’s religion, her religion is Christian. They follow this religion. And we imitate the same also. So this clearly shows that they must be consuming meat and fish and also consuming alcohol.

Nikki Tamboli Career

Different actresses have different stories. Same is the case with them also. She started working as a model in TV commercials in her early days.

Then from there he got an offer for a Telugu film. So they worked inside him. From there his fortunes gradually changed. And gradually she became more and more famous, then she worked in three films one after the other.

Nikki Tamboli Networth

After hearing the name of Nikki Tamboli, this question must have arisen in you. What is his net worth after all? How much does it ultimately earn? If this question has arisen in you. So now you are going to get the answer to your favorite question.

Official figures should be seen. So his total net worth at present is more than one million dollars. If seen in Indian terms, it is around Rs 100 crore.

If we talk about Nikki Tamboli’s monthly earnings, she earns at least one crore rupees every month.

Nikki Tamboli Car Collection

All famous people have their own different cars. So it is the same with Nikki Tamboli also. He also has a very favorite car. And he has only one car. Its name is Audi. And its price is more than Rs 50 lakh.

Summery: After reading this article till now, I have killed myself. After all, where was his Tamboli born? How old is he? And how much does it earn in total?

After reading this article, you will no longer have any questions about Nikki Tamboli. We hope that the hope with which you came to read this article must have been fulfilled.

FAQ : Nikki Tamboli Networth

How old is Nikki Tamboli?

His age is 28 years

What is the total net worth of Nikki Tamboli?

His total net worth is around Rs 100 crore.

Nikki Tamboli is married

No, they are not married yet.

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