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JKPAYSYS Salary Slip 2024: jkpaysys.gov.in is a Paymanager Portal for Jammu and Kashmir Government Employees and Administration for Payment System. Govt employee can manage their Salary Pay Slip, Generate various Bills such as GPF, GA55, and NPS, and also manages DA Arrears, Bonuses, Arrears, and Leave encashment.

In today’s post for JK Pay Salary Slip, we will walk you through the complete guide on how to Login To JK PaySyS, Download Payslip, Check DA Arrears, GA55, etc.

Read the complete guide to avoid mistakes.

JKPAYSYS Paymanager Payment System

The JKPAYSYS Payment System offers an HRMS facility for all government departments in Jammu and Kashmir. This is an online web portal that DDOs can access at @jkpaysys.gov.in.

If you are an employee then you cannot access this portal. The government employees of J&K have been provided with a different mobile application (Meravetan).

DDO (Drawing and Disbursing Officer) can create various bills through it online which are the following but we will not cover these in this guide.

  • Salary Bill
  • Wages/Re-Employee Bill
  • WDC Bill
  • Annual Increment
  • Advance Pay/Salary
  • D.A. Arrears
  • Salary Arrears
  • Due Drawn Statement
  • Leave Encashment
  • Medical Reimbursement
  • Nill Bill
  • Contributed Deposit Bill
  • Leave Travel Concession Bill
  • Children’s Education Allowance Bill
  • Over Time Bill Entry
  • Works Bill
  • Deposit Bill
We are writing for Employees therefore you should know more about MeraVetan than JKPAYSYS Portal.

JKPAYSYS Meravetan App For JK Pay Slip

JKPAYSYS Meravetan is a mobile application for Android mobile. You can only download it from the official website @jkpaysys.gov.in.

Former Lieutenant Governor of the Union Territory of J&K launched the “MeraVetan” a salary tracker app on 3rd June 2020 for government employees.

National Informatics Centre (NIC), J&K has developed this mobile app that will enable employees to easily access their salary and other details anytime, anywhere.

The employees must provide their centralized personnel information system (CPIS) ID, birthdate, GPF, and NPS subscription number after installing the app.

They can ask their DDO for this information if they don’t already have it.

Additionally, the JKPAYSYS MeraVetan App offers data on the pay stub, GPF/NPS subscription, allowances, deductions, GPF/NPS statement, income-tax statement, SLI statement, and other items.

Every month after treasury payment, the information on staff salaries will be updated.

The employees can immediately access their pay stubs, as well as the salary bill and any other documents related to their pay.

How To Download MeraVetan App and Install

  • Now, you will jump to the Google Drive page.
  • You can download it directly by clicking Download MeraVetan App
  • This is an APK file so your mobile phone will not accept it for installation.
  • For this problem, just go to mobile settings and enable Unknowns Source and then install.

Key highlights JKPaySyS Portal

PortalPayment System (PaySyS)
Developed ByNational Informatics Centre (NIC)
Developed ForUT J&K Government Department
ObjectivesHRMS Purpose
Access ByDDOs and Employees
BenefitsDocuments Or User Credentials
CpisID, Employee ID, and PasswordCpisID, Employee ID, and Password
Websitejkpaysys.gov.in and MeraVetan App

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How To Download JKPAYSYS Salary Slip 2024

If you are a J&K Government Employee then you have to manage your Salary Slip for Tax deduction purposes and more other.

To track this you have to Download a Salary Slip or Form-16 which you can do online on JKPaySyS and MeraVetan mobile app.

For this, every employee must contact their department DDO to get access credentials such as Employee Code, CpisID, GPF/NPS number, and Date Of Birth.

JKPaySyS salary slip download using @jkpaysys.gov.in portal 2024

  • Firstly, go to the official website of JK Salary Slip @jkpaysys.gov.in
  • You may not get any direct download links on the homepage.
  • Therefore, you can click here Download the Salary Slip Link
  • This link will jump you to the main page.
  • On the page, you have to select and enter the following details:
    • Employee code
    • First Name
    • Year
    • Month
    • Verification Code
  • Finally, you have to click on Submit button.
  • Now you will get the Download PDF button. Click on it to download Salary Slip PDF.
  • And the password may be your PAN number.

Check JK Salary Slip Details Using MeraVetan App

  • Firstly, download and install the MeraVetan App.
  • Open the app.
  • Enter CpisID, Date Of Birth, and GPF/NPS number.
  • Finally, click on Continue
  • Now you will see the complete Salary Track Details.

How To Get Your CpisID Online @jkpaysys.gov.in

  • Firstly, go to the official website jkpaysys.gov.in
  • On the homepage, click on Know Your CpisId
  • Now, you will jump to the CPISEMID page
  • Here you have to enter the following details:
    • Date Of Birth
    • PAN No.
    • GPF/NPS No.
  • Finally, you have to enter the captcha or verification code and click on the Show button.
  • You will get your CPISID.

How To Login Into JKPAYSYS.Gov.In

  • The employee must go to https://jkpaysys.gov.in, which is JKPAYSYS’ official website.
  • The home page will now show up. Go to the login section here.
  • Then click “Login” after providing your “User Name,” “Password,” and “Captcha Code.”

Create A User Login ID In JKPAYSYS & CPIS @ JKPAYSYS.Gov.In

  • Visit JKPAYSYS’s official website.
  • Select “Request form for Paysys Login (By PAO)” or “Request form for Paysys Login (By DDO)” from the “Notifications” section on the home screen.
  • Your desired document will be displayed on the following page after you make your selection.
  • You have the option of downloading the application form or simply printing it out.
  • After taking a printout, complete the form with the required data.
  • At the DDO or PAO office, double-check the details and submit the application.
  • The relevant officer will check the information and give the login information.
  • The employee will receive the login information needed to use the JKPAYSYS portal in this manner.

JKPAYSYS Login Password Reset Process @ JKPAYSYS.Gov.In

  • Visit JKPAYSYS’s official website at https://jkpaysys.gov.in.
  • Click the “Forget Password” button located beneath the login form in the “Login” section of the homepage.
  • Enter your “User Name”, “Email”, and “Captcha Code” on the Forget Password screen that opens, and then click the “Send OTP” button.
  • Your registered email address and mobile number will both receive an OTP.
  • Click the “Reset” button after entering the OTP in the appropriate OTP field.
  • Your email address will receive the reset link to establish a new password.
  • To finish the procedure, you must establish a new password and confirm it.
  • With your new password, accessing the JKPAYSYS Portal is simple.


How can I download the JKPaysys app?

You can download MeraVetan App for JKPaySYS.

Can I download the JKPaysys GPF statement?

Yes, you can download the JKPaysys GPF (General Provident Fund) statement from the official JKPaysys website.

Can I obtain a salary certificate from JKPaysys?

Yes, you can obtain a salary certificate from JKPaysys.

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