BJP Manifesto 2024: Promises, Points, and Vision for India’s Future

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In today’s post we will all know more about the election manifesto. The BJP released its manifesto for the Lok Sabha elections on April 14, 2024, calling it Sankalp Patra. The party highlighted its achievements, such as the Jan Dhan accounts, Ujjwala scheme, building toilets, removing Article 370 in Jammu and Kashmir, constructing the Ram temple, and ending triple talaq. The party also emphasized the importance of passing the Women’s Reservation Act and the Nar Shakti Vandan Act.

BJP leader Rajnath Singh mentioned that the party always keeps its promises. This time, the party’s focus is on BJP’s resolve and Modi’s guarantee. The manifesto emphasizes support for women, youth, and poor farmers, promoting the slogan ‘Sabka Saath Sabka Vikas.’ Additionally, people over 70 years old will be covered by Ayushman Bharat, a promise made in the manifesto.

What is an Election Manifesto?

An election manifesto is a document that political parties release before elections. It tells voters what the party plans to do if elected, such as how they will manage the government and benefit the public. Political parties work hard on creating their manifestos because they present them to the public before elections. Each party forms a special team to choose issues that match their policies and public needs. These issues are discussed with party officials and other stakeholders, and then they create policies about economic, social, and other topics. The manifesto includes these policies.

Special points of  BJP Manifesto 2024

  • Service, Governance, and Welfare: In the next five years, there will be a focus on providing good services, governance, and support for the poor.
  • Free Supplies: Free food, water, and gas connections, as well as zero electricity bills from solar power for the next five years.
  • Health Care: Ayushman Bharat will keep offering free treatment up to Rs 5 lakh.
  • Housing and Health: Permanent houses for middle-class families and expanded health services.
  • Education Policy: A national policy to provide high-quality education to all citizens.
  • Olympics 2036: India aims to host the Olympics in 2036.
  • Job Opportunities: Many job opportunities for young people in areas like infrastructure, investment, manufacturing, startups, and tourism.
  • Women Empowerment: Creating opportunities for women and focusing on their health issues. Public places will have toilets for women.
  • Farmer Support: Efforts to improve farmers’ income, support with super foods and natural farming.
  • Fishing Industry: Fishermen will have boat insurance and better fish processing facilities.
  • Worker Welfare: Benefits for gig workers, migrant workers, taxi drivers, truck drivers, porters, and domestic workers.
  • Truck Drivers: Modern facilities for truck drivers on highways.
  • Yoga and Culture: India will certify Yoga and promote Indian culture globally.
  • Language Study: Higher education institutions will study India’s classical languages.
  • Tribal Pride: 2025 will be the Year of Tribal Pride, promoting forest products and eco-tourism.
  • Respect for Communities: Ensuring respect for OBC, SC, and ST communities.
  • Manufacturing Hub: India aims to become a global manufacturing hub.
  • Urban Development: Working on urban housing, transportation, water, air quality, and waste management.
  • Festivals and Heritage: Ramayan festival will be celebrated globally, and Ayodhya will develop.
  • Technology Expansion: Expanding 5G and working on 6G technology.
  • Corruption Control: Stronger actions against corruption.
  • Governance Reform: Perform, Reform, Transform in governance.
  • Judicial Code: Adopting a new Indian Judicial Code.
  • Election System: One Nation, One Election with a common electoral role.
  • Skill Development: Guaranteed training and credit for MSMEs and small traders to boost the market.
  • Economic Power: Aim to make India the world’s third-largest economy.
  • Railway Expansion: Adding new railway tracks and modern trains, improving stations, and ending waiting lists.
  • Infrastructure: Building new highways, airports, and metros, including underwater metros.
  • Bullet Train Feasibility: Studying the feasibility of bullet train corridors in different parts of India.
  • North-East Development: Continuing development in the North-East and creating master plans for different areas.
  • Leadership in Tech: Becoming a leader in space, AI, quantum, semiconductors, green hydrogen, and electric vehicles.
  • Energy Self-Sufficiency: Achieving energy self-sufficiency by 2047 and reducing petrol imports.

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