Balaram Yojana 2022 

Balaram Yojana is a state program that focus on rural Bhoomihinha farmers of the state

The scheme provides loans to JLGs under the scheme.

Full form Of Balaram Yojana

The Fullform Of Balaram Yojana is:

Bhoomihina Agriculturist  Loan And Resources Augmentation Model

Balaram Yojana Launched Date

The Govt aims 7 Lakh landless farmers to be covered under the scheme by 2022.

The Bhoomihinha Agriculturist Loan And Resources Augmentation Model (BALARAM) launched on 02 JULY 2020 by the CM Naveen Patnaik.

Objectives of Balaram Yojana 

There are about 7 lakh landless farmers in the state.  The scheme follows a model for providing low interest/no interest loans through banks.

The main objectives of the BALARAM YOJANA is to provide loans to landless farmers so that they can farm.

How much loan will a farmers get under Balaram?

The Balaram Yojana does not provide loan a single farmers. The scheme follows an unique model of JLGs. Balaram Yojana provides Rs 1.60 Lakh as loan to JLGs through RBI approved banks.

What Is JLGs In Balaram Yojana

A Joint Liability Group (JLG) is an informal group of four to ten people who come together to apply for bank loans on an individual basis or through group methods in exchange for a joint guarantee.

How To Apply For Balaram Yojana 2022

Keep in Mind that there is no any "Balaram Yojana Online Apply" method.

Though ther is a need of JLGs under the scheme therefor you have to apply it offline to your neares Block Office or Gram Panchayat

We have Provide the steps on How Balaram Registration Process is done...

Registration Process Of Balaram Yoajan in 2022

The complete registration process of Balaram Yojana occurs in 4 Steps: 1) Formation Of JLGs 2)Asign these JLGs to nearest Banks 3) Submit COC Form 4) Finally Benk Issue a KCC Loan to applicants

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