Warehouse Subsidy Scheme 2023: No 25-33% Subsidy Now [Myth-Bust]

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The government always tries to help the farmers of the nation. They bring different schemes to help them. But then in 2022, people are still searching for the scheme that had been closed since 2012: NABARD Warehouse Subsidy Scheme.

Here in this post, we will walk you through some proofs and facts so that you can get an understanding that the scheme has been closed.

Let see…

What is NABARD Warehouse Scheme

The farmer works very hard at farming to produce important grains. But occasionally, a lot of grains spoil since there isn’t enough storage capacity. Building a warehouse to store these grains is expensive.

The national government has constructed warehouses under the Warehouse Subsidy Scheme for all farmers to keep their harvests, and where they have not yet been constructed.

They will be constructed so that the farmer may get the best price for his product and store it without it spoiling.

The government offers an affordable credit option to the farmer to build the warehouse if he stores and constructs it himself.

Farmers would benefit greatly from the Warehouse Subsidy Scheme launched by the Central Government on 1 April 2001.

Through this program, the state and nation’s farmers received a 25–33% subsidy to construct a grain storage facility. But…

Warehouse Subsidy Scheme’s Interest Rate

There are some rules of subsidy under the Rural Storage Scheme which are explained in the new update.

Certain conditions have been set by the government for providing subsidies under the scheme.

SubsidyWho could get a subsidy?On Maximum Ammount
25%The farmer who is a graduate wants to work on a specific project in his area, subsidy on loan.2.5 crore
15% (Of full cost)If the farmer takes a subsidy from any institution, corporation, or company1.35 crore
33%Hill Areas, Scheduled Castes, Scheduled Tribes3 crore

Key facts of rural storage scheme

  • Godowns constructed under the Kisan Burner Scheme must adhere to all engineering standards.
  • The warehouse ought to be situated outside of any local corporation’s boundaries.
  • The candidate must own his land for a warehouse.
  • The applicant should have the construction of scientific storage under the Warehouse Subsidy Scheme.
  • The warehouse’s height should be at least 4 to 5 meters.
  • If your warehouse has a capacity of more than 1000 tonnes, you must first obtain CW recognition.
  • The warehouse ought to be free of pathogens.
  • Every window and door must be airtight.
  • For warehouse facilities, you must be on the side of a paved road.
  • There will be arrangements for carrying and unloading the products if there is a pucca roadside.

Gramin Bhandaran Yojana (Warehouse Subsidy Scheme) closed?

(allhindiyojna.in) We and our articles always try to provide you with correct information.

When we searched this article again in detail, we came to know that there is no online official information on the scheme available.

Other websites have provided only this information, but all those information is only about the scheme.

But let us tell you that this scheme is no longer working. It was closed in the year 2012.

When we explored this Warehouse Subsidy Scheme in detail, we concluded that the scheme has been delayed for many years.

We have collected the most important articles, and news received about the scheme using Google’s History Search Features and are providing you with this information:

An Overview Of the NABARD Warehouse Scheme

SchemeWarehouse Subsidy Scheme
Launched Date01 April 2001
Launched ByNABARD
Benefits25-30% subsidy for constructing a warehouse
Scheme Closedin the year 2012
Official Websitewww.nabard.org

1st Proof

grameen bhandaran yojana an evaluation study in Haryana 2011

The first proof which shows that this Warehouse Subsidy Scheme has been closed comes from the NABARD official 2011 case study.

You can see in the article that the Warehouse Subsidy Scheme was started on 1st April 2001, and this scheme will be closed only in the year 2012 after the end of the 11th Five-Year Plan.

You can read this article by clicking here: Proof 1

2nd Proof

Amar Ujala news about warehouse subsidy scheme

You can read this Amar Ujala article. Additionally, it has been said that the 12-year plan has come to an end.

And, if you visit NABARD’s official website, you won’t find any up-to-date information there either.

Additionally, you can learn more about this by using the NABARD website’s search bar to look for Grameen Bhandaran Yojana.

From above two proofs can provide the knowledge that the scheme is no longer for providing subsidies.

Here below you can see how Warehouse Subsidy Scheme was providing benefits, who was eligible, and how a farmer used to apply it…

Who could profit from the NABARD Warehouse Subsidy Scheme?

  • Farmers and farmer groups will be given
  • Partnership or Ownership Farms
  • Non-Governmental Organizations (NGOs)
  • Self-Help Groups (SHGs)
  • companies and corporations
  • cooperative information
  • Municipal to permanent body
  • federation
  • Agricultural Producer Marketing Societies
  • Assistance for the renovation of godowns is currently limited to rural godowns constructed by cooperative institutions only.

Farmers benefit from Gramin Bhandaran Yojana

The aim of the government for the farmers is that every farmer can get a good price for his crop/grain. This objective depends on the quality of the grain. Therefore it is necessary to store them:

  • Reversing the declining trend of investment in agriculture by encouraging private and cooperative sectors to invest in storage infrastructure in the country.
  • By having a rural storage scheme in private cooperative sectors by the government, farmers will be able to get a good price.
  • Farmers worried about keeping the crop ended.
  • The farmer will be able to store his crop as soon as it is harvested and sell it at a good price.
  • Selling agricultural products in the market will fetch good prices and control over their quality will have to be promoted.
  • Under this scheme, farmers will increase their production and prices.

What should be the capacity of the Rural Storage Scheme warehouse

Under this scheme, the entrepreneur takes all the decisions but he/she cannot increase the capacity of the godown by 100 tonnes to get the subsidy.

If you want to take the loan, then the warehouse should have a maximum of 30 thousand tons.

And if the capacity is more than 30 thousand tons and less than 100 tons, then you cannot get the benefit under it.

Let us also tell you one special thing in some special cases, the subsidy can be provided from a 50-ton capacity.

Whereas in hilly areas, the subsidy will be provided to rural godowns with a capacity of 25 tonnes.

Under the Rural Storage Scheme, you will have to repay the loan amount in the scheme in 11 years.

The following facilities should be essential in the warehouse

All of these amenities must be present in your warehouse in order to qualify for the Warehouse Subsidy.

  • Platform
  • Inside road
  • Four Walls
  • Quality checker
  • Packaging
  • Grading
  • Internally Draining System
  • Credit Resource

In addition, you must abide by these guidelines

  • A pucca road, drainage infrastructure, security system, and facility for equal transactions and fluctuations should all be there.
  • The availability of such a net window is essential for bird protection.
  • Airtight doors, windows, etc (air-barrier).
  • It’s important to keep the warehouse germ-free.
  • Storage should be built in accordance with CPWD guidelines or their requirements.
  • On your own property, you can construct any place.
  • The warehouse should not exceed a height of five meters.


What is NABARD Warehouse Subsidy Scheme?

NABARD Gramin Bhandaran Yojana This is the targeted scheme for the farmer of the Maharashtra government. Under this, Warehouse Subsidy is provided. Under the scheme, up to 25-33% subsidy is provided for making food storage.

When was the Grameen Bhandaran Yojana started?

Gramin Bhandaran Yojana was started on 1st April 2001 under NBARD. Under this scheme, the warehouse was built with the Subsidy. This scheme was discontinued in the year 2012.

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