SSA Online Attendance (Hajri) Gujarat 2023: Complete Guide

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The government of Gujarat has developed the SSA Gujarat Online Hajri Attendance Portal for government schools. The government has mandated the online attendance report.

Here is today’s post, we will walk you through the details of SSA Online Attendance Gujarat, its Objectives and benefits, and how to log in and use it.

We have provided the complete information with some different ways of Title.

Please read the complete post to understand the online attendance system:

Gujarat’s Govt Teacher-Students Absenteeism Problem

Gujarat Schools, Teachers and Students Report 2022
Gujarat Schools, Teachers, and Students Report 2022

According to UDISE+ Report 2021-22, there are about 13,827 government schools in Gujarat. In these, schools about 35,947 teachers are teaching students of primary, pre-primary, and higher students.

You may also hear that government teachers do not attend class. And thus many students usually do not attend class due to their absence.

These bad practices result in the learning of students and also the capital of the government on the salary of such teachers also waste.

In order to prevent this problem, the state government has started SSA Online Attendance Gujarat Portal 2022.

The government has also been implementing the latest and advanced Face Recognition Attendance System.

But for now, we will provide you with information about this online web and mobile application-based system.

SSA And Need For Online Attendance Portal

SSA’s full form is Sarva Shiksha Abhiyan.

Under Sarva Shiksha Abhiyan, the government has started a govt school that provides free and mandatory schools for children of ages 6 to 14. 

The Abhiyan has been implementing the school, learning facilities, mid-day-meal, sport, computer learning, etc under different departments.

But in many states, especially in rural, the government teachers do not attend the class for long months and use free wages from government schools.

The government has taken many steps to stop the absenteeism of primary govt teachers. And finally, the government launched the ONLINE ATTENDANCE SYSTEM FOR SCHOOLs.

The government of Gujarat became the first state with an online attendance system.

Overview SSA Gujarat Online Hajri (Attendance)

You should accept that teacher and student attendance will support one another if their presence creates a shared benefit.

Teacher attendance is the most important factor affecting student attendance. Whereas the presence of students in the class affects the presence of teachers.

There is a need for strictness in teacher attendance.

But the results suggest that an important opportunity in developing policies to reduce teacher absenteeism is to focus on increasing children’s attendance.

To solve this problem the Gujarat government launched the SSA Online Attendance Portal on 19 November 2018 for all government schools to maintain the attendance of teachers and students.

And the government also provided some guidance for schools to maintain the presence of students/teachers.

Here is a guide for teachers/schools for student’s absence:

Important Guide For School To Take Action For Absent Student

3 days of regular absenteeism of students from the schoolThe Class Teacher will talk to the student(s) who live nearby and encourage her/him/them to bring the absent student(s) along the next day.
7 days of regular absenteeism of students from the schoolThe Class Teacher will go to the home of an absent student and encourage the parents to take their child to school on a regular basis.
10 days of regular absenteeism of students from the schoolThe Head Teacher will pay a visit to the absent student’s home and encourage the parents to send their child to school on a regular basis.
15 days of regular absenteeism of students from the schoolChairman, School Management Committee (SMC) will pay a visit to the absent student’s home and encourage the parents to send their child to school on a regular basis.
21 days of regular absenteeism of students from the schoolCRC Co-Ordinator of the Cluster will pay a visit to the absent student’s home and encourage the parents to send their child to school on a regular basis.
30 days of regular absenteeism of students from the schoolSuch a student will be recognized as being “Out of School” and will have her or his name removed from the Attendance Register, but the student’s name will still be listed in the School’s General Register.

And School Leaving Certificate (SLC) will not be issued until the parents/guardians of such a student ask for it.

Features Of SSA Online Attendance Gujarat Hajari 2022

The government launched the SSA Online Attendance System for schools to maintain student/teacher attendance.

The government has developed Web Portal (, Mobile App (SSA Gujarat Devsoftzz) & integration with SMS based mechanism.

Teachers use the SSA Gujarat Web Portal OR Mobile App for students’ attendance while the principals use it for teachers’ attendance.

Here is how the school will provide an attendance report:

  • For schools with computers and internet: Roll Call based individual attendance on Portal
  • For schools with mobile connectivity only: Integration of SMS-based mechanism to the Portal
  • For Schools with no connectivity (No mobile data/voice): Uploading attendance through Mobile App with Auto-Sync support

The following tasks are involved in recording teachers’ and students’ daily online attendance.

  • Freezing Teacher Attendance by 11:30 am.
  • Follow guidelines for absent students
  • Analyze the attendance of students
  • Encourage the absent student for a regular presence

Outcomes of SSA Online Hajri Gujarat

The following are the main features and results of the implemented solution:

  • Data on the attendance of teachers and pupils is captured in real-time.
  • Understanding absence patterns, seasonality, and trends are made possible by this.
  • Finds Unusual Teachers and Students Across the State
  • Monitoring of teachers’ training, deputation, leaves, and other duties
  • Helps in triangulating attendance data, VTS data, and MDM data.

Key observations from the data analysis results:

  • The presence of the teacher and the students reinforce each other.
  • Students’ attendance rises when instructor attendance improves.
  • The attendance of teachers considerably improves as student attendance rises.
  • Focusing on increasing student attendance is necessary to lower teacher absences.

How To Use SSA Gujarat Online Hajari (For Teacher)

Teachers and the School Principal can use the portal for online attendance. You have to complete the following steps on regular basis.

Here we have provided a guide for teachers on how you (as a teacher) can use the web portal/mobile app.

Before you jump to the steps, you should know the following notes:

  • Online attendance of teachers can be filled from Monday to Friday only till 11:30 AM.
  • Second-shift school attendance can be filled up to 02:00 PM from Monday to Friday.
  • On Saturday, the attendance of all school teachers can be filled up to 12:30 PM.

Step1: Visit and Login

  • Firstly, go to the official website of the portal: SSA Gujarat Online Hajri Link
  • On the homepage, you have to Log In.
  • To login to you have to provide the following information:
    • User Name
    • Password
    • Captcha Code
  • The username and password are provided by the school/principal to each class teacher.
SSA Gujarat Online Hajri Official Website

Step2: On Dashboard Select Student Attendance

Dashboard Select Student Hajri
  • When teachers enter their Dashboard/ Student Monitoring System, they have to go on Student Attendance.
  • Here you will get the list of all students with month and date.
  • You can see the above picture: Verticle (Student) and Horizontal (Days)
  • You can take attendance of students by clicking the box, two open will appear A (Absent) and P(Present).

Step3: Check the Students Report

  • Using this you can get reports of all students by class, by name, and with other sorting methods.
  • In the above image, you can see the graph of the Attendance of students.

The government provides training under BISAG on how to best practice of SSA Online Attendance Portal.


What is SSA Gujarat Hajiri Portal?

SSA Gujarat Hajiri Portal is an online system for government schools so that government can maintain the attendance of class teachers and students.

How is this SSA Hajiri Portal helping?

The SSA Hajiri Portal helps schools understand the relationship between teachers and students. The report after analyzing the collected attendance data shows that the presence of both teachers and students are inter-connected.

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