Odisha Ration Card 2023: Apply and Download [Add Member]

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You must know all details about Odisha Ration Card 2022. Here are the full informative details on how can I apply for a new Odisha ration card.

After reading the information you can easily understand the Ration Card, why is necessary, what are its types, what are eligibility criteria, the method of the registration process, how can I apply online for Ration Card, and many more.

So read all the details, and you will understand all about Ration Cards easily.

Basic About Odisha Ration Card

A Ration Card is an official document distributed by the state government of India to eligible households.

And it is used in the form of Identity Proof and also for getting a fair price or subsidies for grains.

The ration Card is implemented under the National Food Security Act 2013 by the state government.

In Odisha, the Odisha Ration Card 2022 is implemented by the Food Supplies & Consumer Welfare Department.

The Ministery of Consumer Affairs, Food and Public Distribution asked all States/UT Government of India for providing the Quota of Food Grains to all eligible disabled person under the NFSA 2013.

3 Types Of Odisha Ration Cards

Types Of Ration CardColour Of CardEligibility Information
 APL Ration CardsPink CardThese cards are distributed under TPDS. Above Poverty Line are eligible for a maximum annual income of Rs 1 lakh.
BPL Ration CardsBlue CardThese cards are also included under the TPDS. Below Poverty Line families are those whose annual income is less than Rs 27 thousand.
AAY Ration CardsYellow CardAntyoday Anna Yojana Ration Cards are for unemployed, women, and old senior citizen.

Benefits Of Odisha Ration Card

Odisha Ration Card 2022 benefits in many ways but we will see the major two benefits:

Identity Proof

You can use the ration card for the document as Identity Proof. Here is the following place where you can use the Odisha Ration Card as identity proof.

  • Availing the benefits of a government scheme
  • Applying for Domicile Certificate
  • Getting the Income Certificate
  • Driving Licence
  • and PAN

Fair Price Grain

You can get the food at a fair price from the near PDS. The PDS provides you with the food grain- wheat, rice, oil, and sugar.

Food GrainsPrice (per kg)
WheatRs 3
RiceRs 2
Coarse GrainsRs 1


Odisha Aadhaar Seeded Ration Card List 2023

This is not any different kind of Ration Card. And also Aadhaar Seeded Ration Card does not provide any extra benefits of it.

Aadhaar Seeded Ration Card means any Ration Card that you have linked with your Aadhaar card.

If you use Aadhaar Seeded RC, that means you link your Aadhar card with a Ration card, then you help the government.

With this, the government can put a stop to those reasons why people get more than one ration card.

As well as being able to do a high degree of high-quality work. More income earners benefitted by linking Aadhaar with a ration card.

And in the same, You may know about Mobile Seeded Ration Card. These ration cards are linked with mobile numbers.

data of odisha ration card by the NFSA

Odisha government has 30 districts and 3.7 crores (2014) of people. According to the NFSA ration card report gathered from the Odisha Government.

The numbers are followings:

  • Total Ration Cards: total 93,18,205 ration cards combining the AAY: 12,53,614 and PHH: 80,64,591.
  • Total Beneficiaries: total 3,25,49,685 ration cards combining the AAY: 37,87,303 and PHH: 2,87,62,382.
  • Aadhaar Seeded RCs: a total of 92,62,899 combining the AAY: 12,43,297 and PHH: 80,19,602 ration cards have Aadhaar Seeded RCs.
  • Female HOF(NFSA): total 86,85,812 combining AAY: 11,40,441 and PHH: 75,45,371 ration cards. HOF stands for Head of Family.

You can see the data of Ration Cards. Odisha has achieved good numbers of ration cardholders.

How do Odisha Ration Card Holders Get The Food Grains?

pds odisha ration card

Here below are some years when this started getting benefits through Ration Cards in the country.

1960 - The Public Distribution System (PDS) originated because of food shortages.

1992 - The PDS was a general entitlement scheme for all consumers till this year.

1997 - the government launched The Targeted Public Distribution System (TPDS) with a focus on the poor.

2013 - The National Food Security Act is implemented that provides for coverage of 75% Rural and 50% Urban population.
  1. The food grains (Rice, Wheat, etc) produced by the farmers across the country are the source of allocation under PDS. You can see the allocation for the PDS Ration Card on NFSA official Dashboard.
  2. The food grains thus produced are procured by the Government of India at the notified Minimum Support Pirce (MSP) through various market yards.
  3. The procured food grains are stored in the godowns of the Food Corporation of India (FCI) and other warehouses of Central & State Governments.
  4. The Central Government is also responsible for the bulk allocation of food grains to States based on a formula and the number of poor households.
  5. Once the allocation is made, the operational responsibility of identification of eligible families, issuing of ration cards, and control of the functioning of Ration Fair Price Shops-FPS lie with the State Government.
  6. Foodgrains are then distributed to eligible families- through a network of around 5.3 lakh Ration shops in India.
  7. And with the same above process, the Food Grains are distributed to the eligible families through 12,209 FPS in Odisha State.

Eligibility Criteria For Ration Card

The eligibility for Ration Card can vary by the type of ration card and income status of the family.

These are the following necessary eligibility criteria for all:

  • You must be a citizen of India.
  • You do not have any extra ration cards.

Documents Required for Ration Card

When applying for a new ration card in Odisha, the following documents must be submitted along with the application form.

  • Proof of Name And date of birth
  • Address Proof (electricity bill, water bill, telephone bill, passport, etc.)
  • Passport-size photograph of a family group
  • Bank for Aadhaar Cards Passbook
  • Certificate of Caste
  • Certificate of Income
The order for transfer form from the Head of the Office for government employees.

Apply For A New Odisha Ration Card 2023 Online

ଅନଲାଇନରେ ଏକ ନୂତନ ରାସନ କାର୍ଡ ପାଇଁ ଆବେଦନ କରନ୍ତୁ - ଓଡିଶା

In Odisha, You can get one ration card from the NFSA or NFSS. You can apply for any one of three Ration Cards AAY, APL, and BPL.

You have to select the type of ration card according to your eligibility of it for you. So here we will see the two methods for applying for a new ration card in Odisha.

  • Apply Online For a Ration Card
  • Apply Offline For a Ration Card

How can I apply online for Odisha Ration Card 2023

home page odisha ration card website
  • On the homepage, click on Citizen Information and select Citizen Services.
  • A new page will open with many options.
  • You can see NFSA and NFSS.
  • Click on Apply for New Card from any of one NFSA and NFSS.
  • After Clicking on it another new page will open.
  • After allowing the information, you will jump on the Registration for a new ration card page.
  • In this form you have to fill in the following information:
    • Address Details (Present and Permanent Residential Address)
    • Ration Card & FPS Details
    • Details of Family Members of Applicant
    • Other Info
  • After filling in all the information, you will inform to check out all details carefully before the Final Submission of the form.

How can I apply for Odisha Ration Card 2022 [Offline]

In the procedure of applying for a new ration card, you need a ration card from Annexure-2. You can download it on the online PDS portal of Odisha or can get it from the RCMS.

  • Firstly, go to the official website of the Food Supplies & Consumer Welfare Department.
  • On the homepage, find e-Bitaran in Quick Links or direct click here e-Bitaran Odisha.
  • On this page of e-Bitaran select the NFSA 2013 Ration Card option.
  • Now you can see four options with download PDF.
  • Click on Ration Card Application Form under NFSA-2013 and download the form.
  • After downloading the form, you have to take a print of it.
  • Fill in all the necessary asked information in the form. Attach all required documents with the form.
  • Give the RCMS officials the correct name of the applicant, the address proof submitted, the details of all the family members, including their Aadhaar card numbers, and so on.
  • Submit this completed application form to the nearest Ration Card office in your area under the relevant Block/ULB, along with the prescribed fee.
  • After all, details have been verified, they will issue an application receipt that can be used to check the status of the application.

How To Download Odisha Ration Card 2023

If you want the Download the Odisha ration card 2023, please the following steps given below.

  • Firstly, go on the official website for the Odisha Ration Card pdsodisha.gov.in.
  • On the homepage, click on Citizen Information and select Citizen Services.
  • Now click on Download Ration Card.
  • After it, you will jump to a new page with a note.
  • Allow downloading the ration card. You will go to another page where submitting the mobile number.
  • Just put the registered mobile number of your HOF and click on Download Ration Card.
Download Ration Card under NFSA (National Food Security Act)
Key points to be remembered while submitting the application form. 

-To download the Ration card at least one valid Mobile number should be available in the family. 
-To add a Mobile number you have to contact your Block Marketing Inspector.

Check Odisha Ration Card List 2023

If you want to get the Odisha ration card list for 2022. Please follow the following steps given below:

citizen services on PDS odisha
  • Firstly, go on the official website for the Odisha Ration Card pdsodisha.gov.in.
  • On the homepage, click on Citizen Information and select Citizen Services.
  • Now click on Download Ration Card.
  • After it, you will jump to a new page with a notiece. On this page, you can see various options.
nfsa ration card
  • Click on NFSA Cards and Beneficiaries option.
  • Now you will go to Ration Card List Report page.
  • Choose the District, Block and FPS.
  • Finally, click on Get Report.
odisha ration card list
  • You will get the Odisha Ration Card list with the ration card, name of the head of the family, age, and realization of other family members.


Because Odisha Ration Card is a necessity for all to get the benefits. So that it is clear that people have frequently asked questions.

The goal of this FAQ is to respond to frequently asked Ration Card questions and provide suitable solutions.

How can I check the status of the Ration Card In Odisha?

You can check your ration card status on Citizen Services on the official website of the Food Supplies & Consumer Welfare Department.

How can I add members to the ration card for Odisha?

Go to the Food Supplies & Consumer Welfare Department of the Odisha government. In the civil service, you can see the Addition Of Member option. Using it you can add a family member to your ration card.

How can I delete members from the ration card in Odisha?

You can delete members from the Food Supplies & Consumer Welfare Department of the Odisha government. On this website going on the civil service, you can see the Delete Member option. Using it you can delete the family members from your ration card.

Contact Details

Food Supplies & Consumer Welfare Department, Odisha State Secretariat, Sachivalaya Marg, Unit-2, Bhubaneswar. Odisha, India.

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