Kalia Yojana New List 2022: Check Your Name Online [4th List]

Kalia Yojana List 2022 | Beneficiary List | Confirm Payment Transfer: Krushak Assistance for Livelihood and Income Augmentation aka “KALIA” scheme provides financial support to purchase quality farm inputs like seeds, fertilizers, and pesticides as well as expand on other investments.

In this post, we are going to see how you can check your Kalia Scheme List online. Before jumping to the beneficiaries list we will see some important knowledge regarding the scheme.

Brief Information About Kalia Scheme

why small and marginal farmers of odisha chose for kalia scheme

KALIA Yojana is a financial support scheme for Small and Marginal Farmers (SMF) including sharecroppers, tenant farmers and also Landless Agricultural Households (LAH) of the state of Odisha.

The Chief Minister of Odisha- Naveen Patnaik launched the KALIA Scheme on Friday, Dec 21, 2018, and termed the scheme as “Progressive and a Direct attack on Poverty

The scheme covers 92% of cultivators of the state including LAH.

There are about 30 Lakh SMF types of cultivators in Odisha. They all have been getting benefits through the scheme.

KALIA Yojana provides financial support to the farmers (SMF and LAH) for the Five Rabi Season.

Each rabi season the cultivators will get an amount of Rs 5000 (for SMF) and Rs 12,500 (for LAH)

But when KALIA Scheme performed well and got success in the first phase the central government of India also started an initiative.

It is PM-KISAN: Kisan Samman Nidhi Yojana that also provides financial support to Small and Marginal Farmer in 3 equal instalments in a year.

This central scheme PM-Kisan is also benefiting the SMF and thus in the 2021 financial year, the KALIA will be implemented for these farmers.

Now, these SMFs farmers get Rs 4000 from the state scheme every Rabi Season.

And Rs 6000 in 3 periods in a year from the central scheme PM-KISAN.

Total Rs 10,000.

Kalia Yojana Beneficiary List 2022

Kalia Yojana List

The Kalia Yojana List is a list of all beneficiaries who are getting a benefit of Rs 4000 every Rabi Season under the scheme through Direct Income Transfer (DIT).

You must register for the scheme to get the benefit.

The government release the beneficiary list every year in the month of mid-November to April/May on the official website. Sometimes early b/w January-March.

In the Kalia Scheme List, You Can Get The Following Information:

  • Village Name
  • Beneficiary Name
  • Father / Husband Name
  • Gender

By getting the KALIA ID and Beneficiary Name you can confirm that the instalment of this season has transferred to your Bank.

3 Steps To Check Kalia Installment

Here are the steps on how you can check the Kalia yojana money transfer list (Have You Got Your Rs 4000 this Rabi Season?):

  • By SMS: You can check the Bank SMS alert if you have registered your mobile number to the bank while submitting for the scheme.
  • By ATM: You can check the instalment amount by taking the mini-statement at the nearest ATM.
  • Passbook: Update your bank passbook, you can see all your transaction history.

Kalia Yojana 1st List

The government provided the first instalment of the amount of Rs 5000 to the beneficiary under the scheme in January 2019.

Kalia Yojana’s 1st list was launched in January 2019 on the official website of kalia.odisha.gov.in.

In the first instalment of the scheme. The first instalment covered nearly 12,45,490 farmers disbursed.

Kalia Yojana 2nd List

In November 2019, the scheme provided the second instalment to the beneficiary bank account through DIT.

In Kalia Yojana 2nd List about 47,79,381 beneficiaries disbursed an amt. of Rs 5000.

Support for Cultivators and Support for Landless Laborer Households, the first two KALIA components, have helped 51,05,290 farm families. [Before Second Instalment]

component of kalia scheme

Kalia Yojana 3rd List

In April 2020, the scheme provided the third instalment to the beneficiary bank account through DIT.

But in this third phase of the Kalia Scheme, the amount was reduced by Rs 1000. Because the central government also launched the same type of scheme (PM-KISAN) for all states of India.

And under the PM Kisan scheme, the SMF got Rs 6000 (in a year). Collectively Rs 4000 and Rs 6000 now cultivators got a total of Rs 10,000 in a year.

Kalia Yojana 4th List

As we have mentioned above that the instalment under the Kalia scheme is provided with every in the Rabi Season.

And the Rabi Season in Odisha is from October to March (about six months). During these six month, you can get the 4th list of Kalia Yojana with an instalment amount of Rs 4000.

Finally, the predicted date for the upcoming 4th list will be from 1st October 2022 to 31st March 2023.

How To Check Kalia Yojana List 2022 [kalia.co.in 4th list]

Here is the step how you can check your beneficiary list under the scheme step by step easily:

  • First, go to the official website of the Kalia Scheme: kalia.odisha.gov.in
  • On the homepage, click on Beneficiary List.
  • When you click on it, you will jump to a new page.
  • Here you have to choose the following field;
    • District for example Ganjam or Bargah
    • Block/ULB
    • Gram Panchayat (GP)
  • After selecting the above information, click on View.
  • Within a second, you will get your GPs beneficiary list.
  • You may get two lists: (1) Small and Marginal and (2) Landless Agriculture Labourers
  • You can download the list PDF.
  • When you will successfully download the list. You may see the following information in the list:
    • KALIA ID
    • Village Name
    • Beneficiary Name
    • Father / Husband Name
    • Gender
  • Once you get your name on the beneficiary list, it confirms that you are getting the benefit.

KALIA Related FAQs

What is Kalia Yojana’s eligible list?

The eligibility criteria under the Kalia scheme are the following:
->Applicant must be a permanent resident of Odisha.
->You must be a Small and Marginal farmer (2 hectares and less farmland)
->Any member of your family (including you) is not an employee in SG/ CG or PSU.
->Your age must be above 18.
->You are not a pensioner under any scheme or organization.

How can I download Kalia Yojana List PDF?

->First go to kalia.odisha.gov.in.
->On the homepage, click on Beneficiary List.
->Select District, Block and Gram Panchayat and click on Verify.
->You will get the Beneficiary list PDF.
->Click on PDF Icon and download.

When was Kalia Yojana’s 1st list launched?

Kalia Yojana’s’s 1st list was launched in January 2019 on the official website of kalia.odisha.gov.in. The government provided the first instalment in the amount of Rs 5000.

What is the date of Kalia Yojana’s 2nd list?

Kalia Yojana’s 2nd list was launched in November 2019 on the official website of kalia.odisha.gov.in. In Kalia Yojana 2nd List about 47,79,381 beneficiaries disbursed an amt. of Rs 5000.

What is Kalia Yojana 2022 instalment date?

The date is not confirmed. But as per the rule for Kalia Yojana, the instalment of Rs 4000 is provided every year during the Rabi Season. So the date can be from 1st October 2022 to 31st March 2023.


In conclusion, we have provided all the needy information about the Kalia Scheme here in this post: What is the scheme, eligibility criteria, benefits and beneficiary list.

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