Land Records Telangana (Dharani Portal): Pahani RoR 1B & Map

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How to check land records in Telangana | Telangana Online Land Records | Dharani Telangana | Pahani & ROR 1B Telangana Record | Dharni Land Records Online

Now you can stop visiting Tahsildar and the nearest Meeseva centre for any work regarding your Lands such as land records, Pahanai/Adangal Check or ROR 1B records.

Because the Telangana government has established Webland System /Portal for making the Lands Data available ONLINE.

Here in this post, we will cover the entire things related to Dharani Telangana, What is, the benefits, and How you can use this online platform for various Lands-related data.

Please read the Information till the end for a better understanding.

Before jumping on part How To Check Land Records In Telangana, you should understand the various terms and points related to it.

Webland Telangana Land Record Portal

Webland is a kind of software system that permits the collection of land data to make it available online for citizens.

Under the Webland system, the Telangana government has taken the initiative to make land data available online.

By allowing access to a centralized and digitally signed property records database, the government hopes to solve the issue of fraudulent land records.

The Webland system is the backbone of the government’s programme, which allows citizens to access land data via an internet portal.

Previously, citizens had to go to the tahsildar’s office and Meeseva centres to change their land. The Webland system is now processing the full mutation.

Pahani or Adangal For Telanaga Land Records

A Pahani / Adangal is a vital land-related legal document. Tahsildar issues Pahani because it provides land information.

A current-year copy can be obtained by filling out an Application Form and submitting it to the nearest Meeseva centre in Telangana.

With an old Adangal application form, you can apply for old Pahani / Adangal copies at the respective Tahsildar office.

The old copies are issued manually, which takes time and might take anywhere from a few days to weeks depending on the availability of Revenue personnel.

Now you can also check your Pahani/ Adangal online with Land Record Portal on this website if your land is related to Agriculture.

What Is Telanagana ROR Land Records

The ROR stands for Records of Rights.

The ROR is the primary land record that proves that a piece of property belongs to a specific landowner.

The right to record is where property transaction information is kept. The structure of the document, as well as the information it contains, varies per state.

The following information on the property is held by Right to Record:

  • The details of the previous owner and how they acquired some rights on the property
  • Types of Ownership
  • Rent details
  • Income generated from the land
  • Importance of the Right to Record

If someone tries to violate a person’s right, he or she can use ROR to assert their rights.

In Dharni Telangana Portal, you can check your ROR records and can also download ROR 1B form through the website.

Dharani Telangana Portal

Dharani – An integrated land records management system, was introduced by Telangana’s Revenue Department.

This web portal combines land registration and administration services, allowing for a single point of contact for land parcels and the timely and efficient completion of land-related tasks.

Users can also monitor the status of their land via the Dharani Portal.

A wide range of services has been made available on the website for the ease of citizens.

Slot booking and cancellation, as well as grievance redress for land disputes and technical concerns, confirmation of registration papers, and other services, are offered.

For the following land-related matters, applications can also be submitted online through the Dharani platform:

List of Citizens’ Services Provided by Dharani

The following are the services that Dharani provides to its citizens:

  • Succession/Mutation
  • Certificate of revenue from agriculture
  • NALA/land conversion
  • Certificate of land valuation
  • Copy that has been certified
  • Certificate of encumbrance
  • Calculator for taxes and fees
  • Data entry by the general public
  • Registration fees must be paid
  • Search for encumbrances
  • Booking and rescheduling of slots
  • Examine your receipts
  • Follow the progress of the application
  • Check out the unit rate

The portal also makes it easier to register for GPA, DAGPA, mortgages, sales, and gifts, among other things.

Statistics Of Dharani Telangana

Encumbrance certificate issued5410
Mutation completed8524
Registration completed10304
Total slot booked for registration10605
Succession/ Fouthi completed2576

Application For GPA and DGPA In Webland

If you completed a GPA, DGPA, or AGPA for agricultural lands before the Dharani portal was opened, you must apply to confirm that they are still valid on the Dharani site.

The following information is necessary for the application:

  • Applicant’s name, father’s or husband’s name, age, gender, Aadhaar number, and occupation are all required.
  • Name, father’s or husband’s name, age, gender, Aadhaar number, validity period, and type of deed for GPA holder:
  • Year of documentation, document number, and SRO office are all required for registration.
  • Name of the district, Mandal, and village, survey number, Khata number, PPB number, and extent available and claimed
  • Apart from that, a copy of the passbook must be uploaded to the Dharani portal.

How to Register/Sign Up in Dharani Telangana

If you want to get benefits from any services which have been provided on Dharni Telangana, and you don’t want to repeat the same upload details again and again you must sign up on Dharni Telangana.

Please follow the steps to know how you can easily sign up in;

sign up for dharni telangana
  • On the homepage, click on Slot Booking For Citizens and on the same openly new page you will see the Sign-UP option.
  • After clicking on it, a new page will open with Sign Up details.
  • Here you have to put your details such as Name and Mobile No.
  • Now enter the Captcha code.
  • An OTP will get on your mobile number, enter it.
  • Lastly, click on Validate and Register.

How To Check Land Records In Telangana @Dharani Portal

If you have agricultural land(s) then you can check your Land Records or Pahani/Adangal on Webland Telanagana or Dharni Telangana Portal.

For checking your lands detail, you have to follow the following steps.

  • Firstly, go to the official website of Dharni Telangana. Telangana offcial website
  • On the homepage, click on (IM10) Registered Document Details.
  • When you will click on it, a new page will open.
how to check land records in telangana
  • Here, you have to enter the following details accurately.
    • Document Number/Year
    • District
    • Tahsildar and Jt. Registrar Office
  • Now you need to enter the Captcha Code correctly.
  • Lastly, click on the Fetch button.
  • Your land records will be shown on the screen.

Land Details Search Webland Telangana

In this section of the dharani website, you can see the following things for your lands;

  • Location of Land
  • Name and Father name of the owner
  • Survey Number
  • The extent of the land
  • The market value of land
  • eKYC status ROR 1B Details

How to check ROR 1B details

To check your ROR details follow the following steps below;

  • Firstly, visit the official website of Dharani.Telangana offcial website
  • On the homepage click on the Land Details Search option.
land records in telangana
  • A new page will open where you have to fill in the following details
    • Search By
      • Survey No./Sub-division No.
      • OR Pattadar Passbook Number
    • District/ Mandal/ Village
  • Now enter the captcha code and then click on Fetch.
  • Lastly, after a bit, you will get all details.

Download ROR 1B documents on Dharani Website

To download the ROR documents you can follow the following steps;

  • Firstly, visit the official website of Dharani. Telangana official website
  • On the homepage, click on the (IM6)Downloads option.
  • Here you can download various documents such as;
    • ROR Act
    • Governments Orders(GOs)
    • NALA Act
    • Fee Details of service etc.
  • Click on ROR Act to download.

Check Land Valuation On Dharani Telangana

If you want to check a land valuation in Telangana state for your lands of the district then you will have to follow the following procedure:-

  • Firstly, visit the official website of Dharani.
  • On the homepage click on (IM2) to view the market value of lands for stamp duty.
land records in telangana
  • Now a new page will open where you need to enter the following details;
    • District
    • Mandal
    • Village/City/Town
    • Survey/sub-division No.
  • Now click enter the captcha code and then click on Fetch.
  • Data will be shown below.
  • You can download a market value assistance certificate.

Check Various Application Status on Dharani Website

Dharani Telangana Land Records Portal allows you to check various application statuses such as;

  • eChallan No.
  • Registration
  • Succession
  • Partition
  • NALA
  • Pending NALA
  • Mutation
  • Organization PPB
  • NRI – PPB
  • Aadhaar Seeding
  • Grievance related to wrong inclusion in Prohibited Property
  • Grievance related to Land matters
  • Application for NALA without Passbook
  • Application for PPB – Court cases
  • Grievance related to Acquired Lands
  • Semi-Urban Lands PPB
  • Application for GPA
  • Application for Duplicate PPB
  • Issue of PPB/NALA Conversion – House Sites
  • Application for Khata Merging

How to check Registration Application Status on Dharani Website

To check the Registration application status on the Dharani website, you have to follow the following steps.

  • Firstly, go to the official website of Dharani Telanagana land Records website.
  • On the homepage, click on (IM5)eChallan/Application Status.
land records in telangana
  • On this Application status page, select application type from the dropdown menu.
  • Enter the captcha code and then click on the Fetch Details button.
  • You will get all status of your registration for dharani.

How To Download Telangana Dharani Map

land records in telangana map

To check the cadastral Map of your land (Rural Area) on the Dharani Telangana website then you can follow these steps.

  • Firstly, go to the Dharani Official Website. Telangana Dharani website
  • On the homepage, click on the (IM8) Cadastral Maps option.
  • After clicking here select the following details;
    • District
    • Division
    • Mandal
    • Village
  • As you complete the selection the Map of your village will show on Screen.
  • Now select your Lands Number.
  • You will get the Parcel Info or Land Info.

FAQ Dharani Portal 2022

How to check land records in Telangana?

If you want to check your land records in Telangana, you can check them online using Dharani Portal. And here we have described the things.

How to download Pahani Adangal or RoR in Telangana?

You can download Pahani Adangal in Telangana on Dahani Portal.

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