Delhi Shopping Festival 2023: You should know about it

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You may hear about Amazon’s Great Republic Day Sale where you buy things online at significant discounts and give benefits to Amazon. But now you have a chance to give benefits to our local vendors visiting India’s biggest festival “Delhi Shopping Festival” this Republic Day 2023.

Here is complete information about the Dilli Shopping Festival 2023: Where is this festival going to hold, what are the date and duration, what is the benefit to consumers, vendors, and state, etc.

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An Overview Of Delhi Shopping Festival 2023

Delhi is one of the recognized states of India for historical significance and tourism, local street food, and shopping places.

The month of January of every year becomes the biggest month in Delhi states because of Republic Day.

The country will celebrate Republic day on 26th January 2023 and after two days Delhi will start a festival called Dilli Shopping Festival. Full Month Festival.

Source Hindustan Times

The first Dilli Shopping Festival will take place in Delhi, NCT, over four weeks beginning on January 28 and ending on February 26, 2023.

It will be the first “City Wide Shopping Festival” of its sort in India, with the following theme:

The Dialogue and Development Commission Of Delhi will organize and implement the complete festival.

“Mega Shopping Festival” will continue for 30 days in five zones of the state, for all ages of citizens and will hold a different concert to engage the citizens for long days.

Name of The EventDelhi Shopping Festival 2023
launched by whomArvind Kejriwal, Delhi Government
AimBoost the Economy of the state
Opening DateJanuary 28, 2023
Closing DateFebruary 26, 2023
Official WebsiteComing Soon

Features of Delhi Shopping Festival 2023

Allocation Of ₹250 Cr For the Delhi Shopping Festival

Deputy CM Manish Sisodia announced the Delhi Rojgar Budget 2022-23 on 26th March 2022 and mentioned about Important Scheme:

According To The Budget:

To encourage people from our nation and the rest of the globe to shop in Delhi and experience it as a festival, ₹250 crores has been allotted for organizing the "Delhi Shopping Festival."

The buyers will receive attractive discounts throughout the festival. Three key attractions will be featured at the festival: shopping, entertainment, and food.

By providing SGST refunds, the Delhi Government will encourage vendors (business owners, restaurateurs, and shopkeepers) to give discounts.

The 12 lakh individuals who work in these areas would be impacted.

Along with Delhi Shopping Festival, the government has also announced important schemes such as:

  • Delhi Wholesale Shopping Festival
  • Delhi Bazar Portal

Objectives Behind Delhi Shopping Festival 2023

Since the pandemic began, the business has been especially difficult for the vendors in Delhi Shopping and Food marketplaces because a sizable portion of their customers were tourists, both domestic and foreign.

Along with the hospitality and tourism industries, it has negatively impacted those who work in these markets’ livelihoods.

So the main objective of the Delhi Shopping Festival 2023 is to grab the attention of consumers of Delhi, other States, and foreigners so that they can shop for long periods in the city and give benefits to vendors.

Following are the objectives of the state regarding the Dilli Shopping Festival 2023

  • Increasing the revenues of vendors at these markets and attracting both domestic and foreign tourists
  • Accelerating the expansion of the travel and hospitality sector
  • It also emphasizes creating the brand “Delhi: A Shopping Paradise,” which will aid in the city’s expansion.

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Implementation Of Delhi Shopping Festival 2023

The Delhi Shopping Festival 2023 has 3 pillars:

  • Shopping
  • Food
  • Entertainment

To make the festival successful the government has taken several steps such as:

  • The Festival will be held in 5 zone
  • Bring all the agencies together to make it a successful brand
  • Create a design for the festival by selecting design agencies with a DESIGN COMPETITION
  • Select 40 Market for festival
  • Equal partnership with Market Associations
  • Special Portal or Mobile App for seller and buyer

How Will Government Select The Market For the Festival

The government will select the markets and malls on the basis of these 4 factors:

  • Ownership and Enthusiasm of Market
  • Associations
  • Existing State of Civic Infrastructure
  • Heritage/Popularity of the Market
  • Potential for Generation of additional jobs

One-Month Shopping Festival Glimpses

This shopping festival will continue from 28th Jan to 26th Feb. During these 30 days the schedule of the festival will continue with lots of events:

Delhi Shopping Festival will run for a month and therefore control the crowd, and make it possible to visit the majority of citizens, the government will organize this festival in 5 zones of the state: North, East, Center West, and South Delhi.

Based on consumer preferences for shopping and other elements that would draw tourists, the government will choose 15 respectable markets and 10 malls in each of these regions.

Events and activities promoting brand awareness will be planned to guarantee the participation of shoppers in each market.
Yes, as this portion is present at practically all Indian festivities, prizes typically take the form of gifts.

Tickets for movies, kid-friendly events like face painting, magic shows, art contests, decorations, an Indian college band, light and sound performances, talent showcases, street theatrical fashion presentations, and celebrity talks will also be available.

The festival has several exhibitions and concerts to engage visitors during festivals such as Health and spirituality, literature, Business, Finance and Entrepreneurship, Arts, gaming and technology, environmental awareness, etc. The event will include musicians, actors, comedians, and dancers.

Delhi Shopping Festival 2023 Location

At least 40 places throughout the city are expected to host the ambitious month-long Delhi Shopping Festival 2023 organized by the government.

As per the source, the government has chosen 15 Retail Markets and 10 Malls for the shopping festival.

The festival is for all kinds and ages of visitors. From kid to elder, poor, middle class to rich, etc.

The government will provide the SGST Refund to vendors so that they can provide discounts on their products.

Festival In Retail Market Places

Here we have provided the list of Retail Market Places where this Delhi Shopping Festival will be held.

  • Janpath and Tibetan Market
  • Dilli Haat
  • Paharganj
  • Chandni Chowk
  • Sarojini Nagar
  • Khan Market
  • Shankar Market
  • Sundar Nagar
  • Lajpat Nagar (Central Market)
  • Phool Mandi (Flower Market)
  • Sunday Second-Hand Book Market
  • Meena Bazaar
  • Gaffar Market
  • Matka Market

Festival In Malls

  • Select Citywalk
  • DLF Promenade Mall
  • Metro Walk Mall
  • Pacific Mall
  • Aerocity Central
  • The Chanakya

Festive Blockbuster Weekend & Prize

Though Republic Day will also be near the date of Shopping, the city will be cleaned up and made more attractive and this will continue for the next 30 days.

About 20 thousand people can see the festival live on the location while millions online and on TV.

On 28th January 2023, the festival will start with the opening ceremony, In this opening ceremony, there will be a large concert of singers, celebrities and dance groups, Chief guests.

Vendors and participants can get free entry to the opening ceremony.

During the festival, the complete zone will beautify with eco-friendly lighting and installations in parks, monuments, flyovers, administration buildings, metro and train stations, airports, ISBTs, Markets, and Malls.

On every weekend (Blockbuster), the government or respective zonal organization of the festival will provide the prize to market and mall vendors.

And each blockbuster weekend will host about 8-10 thousand visitors.

The festival will organize 4 mega shows (a show in each blockbuster weekend) in five festive zones.

On 26th February 2023, a grand closing ceremony will be held. In this ceremony again a mega show will be organized with cultural activities, representation, and impact of the festival.

Key Features and Benefits Of Shopping Festival 2023

Features Of Festival

Festival In Five Zone:
>The festival will be held in the five different zone of Delhi.
>It will reduce the daily crowd in state.
>It will provide opportunity to visitors to visit the festival.
>North, South, Center, West and South Delhi Zones
All Ages and Category:
> The festival is for all age of people: Kids, Eldera and Senior Citizen
> Poor, Middle Class and Rich can purchase in festival.
SGST Refund:
> Government will provide SGST Refund on product so that they can provide discounts.
> Vendors can claim the refund during the festival.
Festival In Market and Mall:
> The festival will not be held in a single place for 20 days.
>It will be held in Retail markets and mall of the five zones.
Heavy Discounts:
>Consumer can but things on heavy discounts.
>The discount amount will paid by the goverment by providing vendors SGST Refund Benefits.
Concert, Exhibition, Events and Prize:
> During the festival there will be 4 mega shows.
> Every weekend the festival will hold this shows and aknowledge the vendors with prize.
> There will be exhibition in different field such as environmental awareness, business.
> Brand awarness training

Benefits Of Festival

Benefit To Citizens
> Citizen can buy things on heavy discounts.
> Enjoy the concert, exhibition and ceremony
> Contribute the vendor growth
> Become the part of this Indias Bigget Festival
Benefit To State
> The state will grabe the attention of the other statet of India and international
> It will increase the market of vendors in state.
> It can help in increament of MSME Economy of state.
> Recognise as the innovative state.
Benefit To Vendors
> Increase the sale of vendors
> Encourage them
> Benefits of SGST Refund
> Brand Awareness Opportunity


Here we have provided all details about the Delhi Shopping Festival 2023. Source says that the vendors have to Register For The Festival but there is no website launched yet regarding this.

Do enable the notification of our website so that when we get any information regarding the Registration Portal and Update we can notify you.

Thank You.

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